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Y make of it And so far they are what you d expect from a ed blooded US Navy crew sailors heroes not untarnished with the occasional scoundrel but good men worthy of espect and admiration without the author doing a lot of jingoistic chest beatingThe technical details all seem to be authentic and well esearched from the advantages and disadvantages of the two American four stackers vs the huge ultra modern Amagi which is struggling with damage of its own and the difficulties of getting epairs and fuel from its Grik allies to the aerial duel between a salvaged seaplane and a Japanese spotting biplane to problems with American torpedoes Throw sailing ships and the Lemurians giant seagoing homes into the mix and you ve got Lemurians giant seagoing homes into the mix and you ve got blend of Horatio Hornblower Battlestar Galactica and MidwayI m giving this book 5 stars because it was exciting all the way through and I was worried about the heroes at every step of the way when the Amagi shows up you eally feel the Oh shit moment as Captain Reddy ealizes how badly they are screwed This book improved the last by adding depth to Lemurian culture including ah elations between humans and Lemurians some good some very much not and even a little bit to the Grik so far e still pretty much just a mindless horde of barely sentient monsters led by evil overlordsIt s not literary it s just the modern version of a pulp adventure but damn I like it even if I am looking at the length of the series 9 books and counting now and eviews of later books in the series that seem to indicate that the author is no hurry to wrap it up This book continues the fun of the first book It s very Edgar Rice Burroughs meets In Harm s Way the Movie Strong characters difficult complex plot with intricate details that I find facinating I m already into book three and loving it This is a fun series Highly ecommended for lovers of science fiction Fantasy and alternate eality stories It has a little Harry Turtledove in it too Fun ead I am not a big fan of eading the second book in a trilogy or series and skipping the first book but I found myself in this situation when a new Title At The Library at the library my eye Destroyermen Crusade is a novel in that famous science fictionfantasy tradition the transplanted people into a parallel universe In this case two United States destroyers are apparently in the midst of a battle with a Japanese Battle Cruiser Amiga during the Battle of the Java Sea in World War II when as a esult of a storm they are transplanted to an alternative Earth which is inhabited by two alien beings the Lemurians a group of sea dwelling tree people who befriend the Americans and the Grik a murderous canibalistic ace of ferocious lizards who kill and eat everything in their. Ve allied with the peaceful Lemurians in their struggle against the warlike eptilian Grik But the greatest threat is yet to come For I found book one in the Destroyermen series to be fun and entertaining if a bit flat and cheesy style wise Book two though actually had me wanting to stand up and cheer Not that it s any less flat and cheesy but there are some uintessential ualities that Taylor Anderson brings to this series that I ve been missing in sci fi and military fiction latelyDuty honor bravery sacrifice and heroism Men acting like men Yes the women both human and Lemurian are pretty brave too A war that feels like a warThis book is very similar to an old WWII movie the ones made before we got CYNICAL AND STOPPED PRESENTING AMERICANS AS THE GOOD GUYS and stopped presenting Americans as the good guys USS Walker and its sister ship the USS Mahan have allied with the Lemurians a civilized ace descended from lemurs in the alternate Earth in which the two destroyers find themselves They face the Grik an almost mindlessly violent ace descended from eptiles or dinosaurs In Crusade we learn that the Japanese battleship Amagi which chased the two American destroyers into the storm that brought it to this world followed them and is now allied with the GrikThis makes the two sides pretty starkly black and white Americans and friendly lemur people vs Japanese and evil crocodile peopleBut the Americans and Lemurians are not universally good and the Japanese are not universally evil There is in fighting among the various land dwelling and sea going tribes of Lemurians some of the Americans get themselves into trouble with bad behavior while in addition to Lieutenant Shinya the captured Japanese officer who has now become effectively a part of the Walker s crew Anderson also writes some scenes from the point of view of the Amagi s crew and specifically its unfortunate executive officer The Japanese are Imperial Japanese They have a duty and an enemy But while their captain is evidently going mad the est of the crew is starting to have doubts about whether they d eally ather be allied to cannibalistic lizard men than Americans Crusade is a series of battles political alliances and chases with the tension amping up as they discover that the Grik are invading the home of the Lemurians in a massive swarm and as they discover that the Grik are invading the home of the Lemurians in a massive swarm and accompanied by a Japanese battlecruiser The climax in which the Walker faces a vastly powerful ship it can t possibly defeat is worthy of the most ocking naval adventure As they are trying to evacuate thousands of Lemurians in the face of the Grik invasion and no matter what they do they must cope with the inevitable losses of thousands the tragedy and heroism of both humans and Lemurians is ousing inspiring a eal edge of your seat adventureRemoved from the geopolitical considerations of Earth the Americans in this world are a little pocket of America all their own and it s what the. Swept from the World War II Pacific into an alternate world Lietenant Commander Matthew Patrick Reddy and the crew of the USS Walker ha. .
Path In this second volume the American s of the USS Walker have already fought one battle against the Grik and have discovered their disgusting ways Now Captain Reddy and his crew comprised of Lemurians and Americans are on a mission to convince the various nation states of Lemurians to join together to defeat the Grik The first part of various nation states of Lemurians to join together to defeat the Grik The first part of plan is to go to another Lemurian island and try to save them from being overrun and eaten by the Grik Of course nothing ever goes according to plan and the people who are under siege may not help the Americans at all There are some thrilling naval action battles between the Walker and its advanced armaments and the Grik ships In a subseuent section of the novel the Grik eturn with their allies the Japanese ship Amiga and the Walker and their allies must escape from a second Armada The Walker does end up using some torpedoes and Anderson artfully interjects the problem with American torpedoes in WWII that is that they didn t work into the narrativeI liked this novel and will be on the look out for the next one but it seems to me we already know how these books will turn out but getting there is part of the fun What can I say here This is prime number 1 grade A brain candy No edeeming characteristics hereno deep literary me In Crusade we ejoin Captain Reddy and the crew of the Walker They have forged an alliance with the mammalian Lemurians against the predatorial apacious Grik After saving the sea folk the Humans and Lemurians turn to escue the land based Lemurians A captured Grik ship leads them to believe an all out assault is going to be made on the unsuspecting city states Sure enough the Walker and an armada of Lemurians arrive to lift the siege and smash a Grik fleetCrusade suffers from second book syndrome I predicted three stars before I even cracked it open In the first book everything was new and there were uestions all over the place Where was the crew of the Walker Who were the good guys How Would They Survive Especially In they survive especially in face of the Grik menace By book two these uestions are answered The Walker is in an alternate world where evolution took another path They will survive by forging an alliance with the Lemurians They will defeat the Grik by converting to a total war footing and arming the Lemurians with cannons In this book it is about watching the predicted story line unfold There is a surprise in the story that adds a bit of a spark but for the most part the story unfolds as expectedDoes this all mean that the book is bad Nope It was a fun ead It just wasn t cracking with originality It s a fun book and a fun series however the Destroyermen series just doesn t ise to that next level in my mind Good but not great brain candy Three stars out of five. He massive Japanese battleship that Walker was fleeing back in the Pacific also came through the ift and it's in the hands of the Grik.

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