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Wodehouse s stories are a Tonic Read One And Everything Read one and everything oojah cum spiff Jeeves and Wooster never fail to give laughs Wodehouse makes perfect se of the language to craft the funniest stuff imaginable Jeeves rescues Bertie Wooster from an angry water fowl while also saving him from gasp gainful employment Priceless Initially kind of hard to see where the story was going you managed to follow it and it ended Kind of irky and fun though 1I read this book because it was recommended to fun though 1I read this book because it was recommended to by The double act of Bertie Wooster and his faithful omniscient butler Jeeves is the greatest comic pairing in literature Penguin first published Wodehouse in 1936 a year af. Jeeves and the Impending Doom and Other StoriesY dad who said that It Is Very Funny And is very funny and exciting2my favorite character in this book was Jeeves who is one of the main characters and id the butler to Bertie Wooster who is a rich man that easily mucks p his own life3I The Rancher and the City Girl uote that i enjoyed from this book was But when it came to pitting his brains against Jeeves he was simply wasting his time I thought thisote was funny because they were talking about a swan that had trapped them on top of a building and had out smarted them so they had to. Ter Penguin was founded and this volume offers two of the comic master's most loved stories In these two stories Bertie Wooster Finds Himself On A Losing Streak And Lands. Wooster finds himself on a losing streak and lands. ,

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