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Blood WarGood read for 2nd Ed WoD fans The whole trilogy spit in the face the Game System and still gives inside some of the historical backround Weinberg creates uber characters in any possible ways They run faster jump historical backround Weinberg creates uber characters in any possible ways They run faster jump and have feelings than a brasilian soap oprah If you are interested in the story it s a good choise if you want believable characters go and read something lse A good book I like the story and the history given I am positively prejudiced in its favor though since it is based on Vampire The MasueradeWhat is bad is that the Not sure how many times I have read this book but Uncommon Wisdom every time I have thoroughlynjoyed it While the book and its seuels are based upon a role playing game you do not have be a participant in it to read and Unseen City enjoy The beginning of the book containsnough information to bring you up to speed on what you need to know and also serves as an interesting introduction to one of the or less main charactersBloodwar can be considered to be Art either a mystery or a horror novel as it haslements of both Of course we are left with myriad uestions at the God Is in the Crowd end of it but then there are two books to read so that is not really surprising All in all a pretty good read and one of my favourites I ve never tried to read a book set in a prexisting role playing world before so I apologise to this author if there is a uota of game stuff he had to include and this is normal but my main problem with this book was the barely disguised info dumps The book started with one character telling another the introduction to Vampire The Masuerade I guess if you d never role played the game this would be necessary but it nearly stopped me reading further it was BORINGTo be fair the book improved after that but there were still moments where the plot and characterisation stopped while the author Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard explained something about the World of Darkness or wh. For ten thousand years a race of immortal vampires has waged a secret war to control mankind Beings of incredible supernatural powers they are driven by a lust for power and human bloodThey are the KindredThough mortal thenigmatic detectiv.

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O do a Fan Film of it The characters are fun fantastic and ven though I have read through the trilogy once already I love coming back to it for a SECOND TIME IT HAS BEEN A time It has been a time since I found a story and wanted to read the rest of the series This is a hard core vampire lover s wet dream Taking place in the 90 s this tale is packed with suspense action intrigues well defined characters xcellent historical and current vents and a lot of globe trotting St Louis Washington DC Russia Bulgaria Italy Paris and This is a Tom Clancy novel on serious steroids Unknown to mankind since the days of Caine vampires have walked and ruled the world They control wealth than The Rockefeller The Rothschilds Warren Buffet and Bill Gates combined They are the world order that at the wave of a hand can send a country s conomy into the tank and never know what happened The main characters right now are Dire McCann a detective his body guard not by choice Flavia Vargoss the Prince of St Louis Madelline Giovannia Phantasmas Alicia Varney and the Red Death There are a few others but at times it s like reading a JRR Martin story too many to remember Without going into great detail and a boring review Russia has become closed off No one going in to investigate When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) ever comes back Washington DC is burning as rival clans fight for power and to top it off the Red Death is playing all sides for its own gain Unlike Midas when he touches you you don t turn to gold you go up in a pyrotechnic of flames Fascinating Cons Sadly there are grammaticalrrors than I d to count If I can Find Them A Competent them a competent with the published could do the same I had a problem with the final scene and its believability Despite the flaws I found I have already started the second one Unholy Allies Who will like this Are you kidding me Anyone who claims to be a true vampire fan A smashing four star. Ray Known only as the Red Death he controls forces that make ven the Kindred tremble Who is this mysterious avatar of blood And is his appearance the first sign that Gehenna the dread apocalypse for both humans and vampires is about to begi. At a Clan was The balance is obviously tricky and overall the book scraped 3 stars because I liked the characters and it was uite fun plus it reminded me of role playing but I m not sure I d recommend it Book 1 of the Masuerade of the Red Death trilogyThis book was lent to me years ago and I finished all three in two days if trilogyThis book was lent to me years ago and I finished all three in two days if says anything These books are set in White Wolf s world of Vampire the Masuerade which is a terribly interesting place to begin with and which is probably why I found these so delicious to read They were a great introduction to the World of Darkness for me with a nice view of many clans all at once I think a couple clans didn t make it in here like the Salburi but with so many clans I think Weinberg did a great job with what he didLikable characters compelling storyline Maybe not the best vampire trilogy ver but it caught and held my Attention Definitely Entertaining If Definitely Crush It! entertaining ifnjoys VtMThese books are out of print so if you are interested in reading and happen to find them best snatch them up asap This is not really a novel but a role playing game narrative and not a great one at that There s a funny undercurrent of social criticism however for which the points Not really sure why I like these books as much as I do But I think it is becuse it feels like you dip your toes into something much bigger which you are as the Vampire rpg has a LOAD of books on background And I also really like the vampire history in this world and its realism If you have the possibility to live forever and is a greedy son of a bitch you plan very far ahead You do not spend your time like some vampires I can talk to you about Its a shame that Weinberg basically copypaste this plot on his books in the Mage universe But that is no fault on these books I absolutely love this Trilogy First I would love to do an audio of it and second I would love E Dire McCann knows a great deal about these undead So does Alicia Varney one of the world's wealthiest women They are two wild cards in a global game of chess that has lasted for over a hundred centuresBut now a new player has ntered the ,

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