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Wes Murphy is not uite what he seems On the outside he looks like every other student at the Academy of Culinary Arts if a little bit older but inside is a constant struggle He was raised by a con man to be a con man and he does his best to avoid that fate and make a better life for himself But when Dr Rosemary Wilkins takes the temporary teaching position in his Food Chemistry 101 class Wes first instinct is to manipulate her somehow in order to ensure a ood Taken By the Sheriff the Deputy Too! grade As she fumbles with her speech on that first day Wes comes to her aid Thus begins his plan Later that day Wes and trusty companion Lucilleo to visit the doctor To begin the seduction Upon being discovered with the dog Rosemary and Wes come up with uite the elaborate explanation Lucille is Rosemary s and Wes watches her and the two of them would be working together on his I absolutely love this series However I ve been so invested in the characters at Market that I cared less about Wes and Rosie s relationship than I did Jess and Frankie s There were parallel s in both relationships but the HEA for Jess and Frankie was far emotional for me than Wes and Rosie And is it me or did that fact that Jess and Frankie were Kentucky Grandmothers gay seem to come up so much than in the other books Part of why I had enjoyed them as secondary characters in Can t Stand The Heat and On the Steamy Side was that it was obvious they wereay but the characters weren t thinking about it every five minutes like Wes towards the end of the book As for Wes and Rosie I loved that she was a supernerd and he tried to show her how he felt through his actions instead of telling her He understood how her mind worked and that made their relationship feel natural than some of the books I ve read Wes Murphy has turned his back on his life as a former con artist and wants nothing than to become a chef He just has to et through one final semester at the Academy of Culinary Arts His final class causes him rief even though he The Blackmailed Secretary getsood If the Magic Fits (100 Dresses, grades and is at the top of his rotation Hisoal is to do his externship for Executive Chef Adam Temple who owns the upscale Market restaurant in Manhattan What he doesn t count on is his teacher Dr Rosemary Wilkins Now Wes has another Improve Your Communication Skills goal on his mind one where he would love to have a few one on one tutoring sessions with the stiff professorRosemary is a self proclaimedeek with too many PhD s to count She isn t too thrilled about teaching but makes do because she has access to the school s lab Rosemary doesn t know what to make of her student Wes He interrupts her experiments by bringing along his adorable pooch Lucille to sweeten her up in the hopes he can Decadent (Wicked Lovers get to know her better When the president of the academy catches Wes with Lucille on schoolrounds Rosemary claims the dog as her own Wes returns the favor by stating that Rosemary will help him with research on his final project Now Rosemary has no choice but to work closely with Wes After one too many tastings together one thing leads to another and Wes and Rosemary have a passionate encounter in her lab Wes is forced to reconsider things when an opportunity falls in his lap He s then off and running leaving Rosemary behind to pick up the pieces of her newly broken heartAs Wes navigates the kitchen and interacts with the staff at Market he still trying to Figure Out How To out how to over Rosemary and move on with his life He loves his work but missed Rosemary and his Lucille thinking He loves his work but missed Rosemary and his Lucille thinking and his former teacher can never have a future together Rosemary is than hurt that Wes would walked away from her like he did especially since their passion for one another was so like he did especially since their passion for one another was so She throws caution to the wind and will confront Wes who has stolen her heart along with her When Digital Becomes Human good senseJust One Taste is another adorable installment in Louisa Edwards Recipe for Love series Wes is a very down to earthuy who is trying to escape his unfortunate past from a father who always comes around looking for hand out Everything is Intermix Nation going according to plan that is until the very straight laced and book smart Rosemary enters his life These two are total opposites in every way and it seems unlikely that Wes would be interested in a woman like Rosemary But something about Rosemary appeals to Wes where he wants to find the passionate woman deep down inside that she hides Wes talents in the kitchen breaks down her defenses and soon these two are having a hot and heavy love affairRosemary is a hard nut to crack She has closed herself off from the world because she too has issues with her parents Her nature and opinions on herself and life ineneral seems hollow as if she is just De-cluttering Your Closet going through the motions of life I couldn tet a ood handle on her and although her nerd like musings may seem cute they became a hindrance in regards to my emotional attachment to her Wes and Rosemary s interactions at first seem forced Not until Wes oes to work at Market is where Just One Taste really picks upEven though I found Wes and Rosemary s relationship a bit stilted at times I did enjoy how Wes makes Rosemary come out of her shell both socially and sexually The tension between them is thick and there is than enough passion acted between them to appease readers Louisa s secondary characters really round out Just One Taste The Market crew is so much fun to read about I can t Humanizing Big Data get enough of Market s manager Grant Holloway And I m totally hooked on the romance between waiter Jes Wake and his former flame the bad boy Brit sous chef Frankie Boyd who has it bad for Jes but for reasons that are his ownave the young waiter up Watching these two dance around one another Bad boy chef Wes Murphy is dreading his final semester cooking class Food Chemistry 101 until he meets the new substitute teacher Dr Rosemary Wilkins is a feast for the eyes though her approach to food is strictly

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Just One Taste Recipe for Love #3

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The other lacks This was a fun idea but the author doesn t do enough with it I wanted scenes showing Wes knack for reading people I loved the early scene where his fast thinking saved the day with Cornell I wanted of that and to see Rosemary admire itI had a problem with two major relationship conflicts This is book 3 At the end of book 2 Frankie broke up with Jess for Jess own Bonds of Need (Wicked Play, good That story continues in this book with both Jess and Frankie miserable I was disappointed that not happened with their story It was a fun story in book 1 but it was just touched upon in books 2 and 3 It wasn t rewarding enoughThe second conflict was Wes leaving Rosemary for her ownood and not telling her why Later when she came to him he still didn t tell her at least not for a while Both of these conflicts bothered me A loves B A breaks up with B and doesn t tell B why A s actions don t fit A s motivations which is a problemI was annoyed with the big misunderstanding Wes kept another secret from Rosemary She overheard him say he was lying to her When she confronted him instead of telling her the truth he said nothing So she left him I didn t believe it His secret was no big deal She would have been sympathetic and supportive Instead he s Scoring Points going to allow a break up Not interestingCAUTION SPOILERSI was unhappy with Wes stupidity He wanted to confess to Rosemary that his dad was a con man He felt his dad should be there in case Rosemary didn t believe him and wanted to do a DNA test So his dad said he would not meet Rosemary unless Wes paid him 5000 He also said he would stay away from Wes for the rest of his life if Wes paid him the money Wes stupidly borrowed money to pay him The dad has been coming to Wes for years always asking for money Wes should have known better than to believe this This won t keep the dad away It s not even an interesting con It s just stupidity on Wes part which did not fit with his people smart skills If you reoing to have a story about con men I d like to see an interesting con But there were noneI was also unhappy with Wes actions when he left Rosemary the first time He claims Cornell forced him to write a dishonest letter to Rosemary It would have been easy for Wes to call her afterwards and tell her the truth and how Cornell forced him He could have asked her to keep it a secret or whatever he was worried about He claims he did it for her own Life Is Unfair (Malcolm in the Middle, good I didn t buy it This was no fun I want believable conflicts I m ok with a smart person doing something stupid if there s a reason Everyone does something stupid sometimes Butive me a believable reason DATAStory length 331 pages Swearing language strong including religious swear words Sexual language strong Number of sex scenes 2 Approximate number of sex scene pages 25 Setting current day New York City and upstate New York Copyright 2010 Genre contemporary romanceOTHER BOOKSI ve read two other books in the Recipe for Love series and ave them both 3 stars Can t Stand the Heat Book 1 and On the Steamy Side Book 2 This was really ood i enjoyed it about as much good I enjoyed it about as much I did the first book in this trilogy much than the second It is set in the same world and we encounter the same characters so that was satisfying however this book definitely Had Its Own Plot its own plot I think the best thing about it was the uirky heroine Rosemary is something of an outsider to the The Billionaires New Assistant (The New Dominators, group we have been following the last two books whereas Wes the male lead is a part of Adam Temple s kitchen staff But her uirkyenius bumbling dorky romantic persona was just Witch, Cat, and Cobb great I mean she wears Star Wars T Shirts she speaks directly she s honest and open and I just loved that about her Not to mention a Browncoats shirt Really Gold Star Ms Edwards Myushing aside the love story here has depth intensity connection really everything I want in a love story Not only that but we et to follow through to the conclusion of Jess and Frankie s story and I was uite interested to see that work out after the mess it was left in in book 2 So happy endings all around Sorry if that is a spoiler but what do you expect from a romance novel Really the overridingly interesting dimension these books had for me besides interesting well rounded characters I could care about was how all the main characters are obsessed with food In this book even than the others the preparation and enjoyment of food was a pivotal aspect of the romantic relationship This fundamental connection rings true to me can t wait for of these books Another entertaining book from Louisa Edwards I especially liked of these books Another entertaining book from Louisa Edwards I especially liked socially inept heroine of this one and thought she and the hero were a reat match I appreciate strong settings and Edwards has The Princes Bride given professional kitchens a vibrancy and vitality that I ve loved in all three books I haven t read the others in this series but I definitely want to now I enjoyed this story Wes has reformed his ways from his youth and is seeking to make a new life for himself He encounters the lovely and brainy Rosemary a substitute professor and insinuates himself into her well ordered life I loved that he was so taken by her logical intellectual outlook and found himself captivated by that just her beauty The romance is slow to build and that seems right as well I was also thrilled that she was the sci fieek with all the Star Wars and Star Trek references and even a uote about my favorite UF hero Dresden I ve sworn off fictionScience journals only for me from now on She frowned Not counting Jim Butcher obviously But the Dresden files transcend petty mortal issues of truth and lie Is that A Cinderella Christmas Carol (Suddenly Cinderella, great or what This book rates a 4550. Ey begin testing the love enhancing power of chocolate oysters and strawberries it becomes scientifically evident that the brainy science nerd and the boyish chef have some major chemistry together and it's delicio. S they try to move on with their lives separately will have you anxious in the hopes of a possible reunion between the twoI really felt Frankie and Jes had enough of a story to beiven their own full length novel I wanted these two men to have screen time rather than to be delegated to secondary status At one point they took my interest away from Wes and Rosemary and with two such amazing characters such as Frankie and Jes I can t help but wonder why the next book in this series can t be theirs Louisa has a knack at writing all types of romance both straight and My Fair Temptress (Governess Brides, gay and Frankie and Jes have become two very beloved characters for me that I hope stay around as the Recipe for Love series moves alongJust One Taste is light and fluffy much like a tasty souffl that should be savored and enjoyed Louisa Edwards did areat job of blending humor and deeply emotional characters to make this story so real Despite being brainy and seeming to have everything Rosemary is like most of us looking for Oh my My heart broke for both Wes and Rosemary But they are wonderful together My overall impression of this book is the author was trying too hard I think it s a classic example of a relatively new writer with a successful book or two and who then feels the strain of living up to expectations The humor was often forced and the character of Rosemary too over the top But first I ll The Magic Talisman (A Rick Brant Science Adventure Series, go through what I did like about the bookProsLouisa Edwards can still write well when she relaxes andoes with the story Parts of this book are wonderful poignant and engrossing Also and perhaps most importantly for fans her handling of the JessFrankie situation continues to be excellent For those who are invested in that relationship this book is a must read The too few passages that deal with this storyline are extremely well done emotional and satisfying Lastly the other characters mainly from the restaurant are all there and it s fun to visit them again including the hero of this book WesConsFirst I ll say the main conflict between Hh is weak Perhaps if the author had helped us et invested in the anxiety Wes felt about his past and I mean making the reader feel his shame and understand his inability to deal with it head on then perhaps this conflict with his dad would have held some emotional impact As it was the conflict felt forced It could have been easily dealt with by a 10 minute truthful conversation between Rosemary and Wes Here s the truth here s how to protect yourself Massive drama never needed to be part of the euation and the way things were left with Wes s dad really put me off There is also the silly prop of the aphrodisiac experiment Too cornyBut the most disappointing aspect of the novel was Rosemary She was a strange and unbelievable amalgam of childishness not endearing child likenessand socially awkward braininess all wrapped in an obviously orgeous outside that no one else ever seemed to appreciate before The author bludgeons the gorgeous outside that no one else ever seemed to appreciate before The author bludgeons the over and over with Rosemary s Splitting Seconds (Songbird Series genius often spouting it from Rosemary s own mouth in an off putting braggy way And the character s constant references to sci fi characters was so forced and awkward that it made me cringe The whole what would Buffy do syndrome was completely out of place with Rosemary s characterRosemary s character didrow and develop some toward the end of the book but never enough that I understood Wes s instant and overwhelming attraction to her Nor enough to make me at All Sure Of The HEA sure of the HEA re suppose to believe inI ive this book 3 s for parts of the story that didn t include Rosemary and for the wonderful potential this author has to write really moving storylines and endearing characters If you love Frankie and Jessread the book Great character definition but the author didn t show enough action using the characters talents and weaknessesSTORY BRIEFWes was raised by his con artist dad who scammed people for a living As a result Wes has A Knack For Reading People knack for reading people see their weaknesses and desires He never went to college and wishes he had been a better student They traveled a lot and he was pulled out of school to help his dad with scams At one point Wes was placed in a halfway house for juvenile offenders This was the catalyst for Wes to stand up to his dad and refuse to be part of any future scamsDr Rosemary Wilkins was a high I child prodigy She obtained her degrees at an early age and does scientific research Her weakness is people She has difficulty reading facial clues and doesn t understand why they do what they do She had a lonely childhood with high achieving parents who were too busy to spend time with herWes is now a student at the Academy of Culinary Arts Rosemary was recently brought to the Academy to do research Wes is immediately drawn to her He takes his dog to Rosemary s office thinking to charm her Cornell the President of the Academy walks in He is furious and threatens to punish Wes for breaking the rules by having a dog Rosemary sticks up for the dog so Wes tells Cornell that the dog is Rosemary s and that he is helping her with a research project Cornell asks what they are researching and Wes on the spot comes up with aphrodisiacs Rosemary is a little shocked but agrees Then Wes begins wooing her with sensual foods A few weeks later something bad happens and Wes has to leave school and stop seeing Rosemary He doesn t tell her why Since then he has been doing his externship working as a chef at Market restaurant the scene of the previous two booksREVIEWER S OPINIONThere is a lot of potential with these two fascinating characters each having skills. Cademic So Wes decides to rattle her Bunsen burner by asking for her hands on advice on aphrodisiacsRosemary is a little wary about working with Wes whose casual flirtations make her hot under the collar But once th.