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Livstid (Annika Bengtzon,
25 Good writing and historically informed but the author oesn t construct her characters in a way that allows readers to connect emotionally to them Linden has half of the character construction piece Neutered by the vet (The League of Dominant Women down creating plot events that shape the characters but is missing the vital other half creating individualized uniue characters with emotional lives You Only Love Once was prettyarn good Set in London it featured a French expatriate female assassin spy awesome and an American government agent in England to retrieve a thief The actual tracking own of the thief was almost laughably easy if you tracking own of the thief was almost laughably easy if you about it basically Angeliue assassin spy and Nate government agent only had to talk to two people and search one house to find him The 4 stars are earned in the chemistry between Nate and Angeliue Two people with pasts they aren t proud of and a pile of secrets to keep they are Alipio drawn to each other but have a hard time lettingown their inner walls so to speak It was obvious that their professions force them to be lonely people and in each other they find the one safe person to relax their guard around It s fortunate I suppose that they both also found each other attractive and compatible I like Ms Linden s writing style it is smooth and moves the plot along so easily that you hardly even notice any plot holes I would have liked things to have been a little Seducing Ingrid Bergman difficult for the main characters but overall i enjoyed the story so much Iidn t really mindTwo small uibbles view spoiler A what ended up happening to Dixon and B how is Stafford really going to see Selwyn brought to justice What will happen to Selwyn s current wife and unborn child I would have liked to have found out Oh well hide spoiler From the moment she was born Angeliue Martrand s life has be. Devilishly handsome and absolutely fearless Nate Avery is in London on an important mission and paired with an English spy who is meant to watch him as much as aid him But much to his surprise that spy turns out to be an alluring and enigmatic temptressAngeliue Martand may be a beauty but she's also the most angerous agent in Eng. .
You Only Love OnceEn one of anger Before being sentenced To The Guillotine Angeliue S the guillotine Angeliue s entrusted her to the care of their most trusted servant to flee to England to save her life Through bribes and lies Angeliue made it to safety and has based her entire life on making those pay who seek to harm others To that end she has become a master spy with a A Secret Place deadly reputation She s smart strong and always in controluntil theay she meets her latest assignmentHis name is Nathaniel Avery and he s come to England from America to find an embezzler who tarnished the reputation of his godfather To recover his government s money he must partner with Angeliue to act as a bored married couple while searching for his prey Her connections and womanly wiles are the perfect bait not only to find the embezzler but to set Nate s heart racing Angeliue has her own orders when it comes to Scandalous (Playing with Fire dealing with the embezzler orders that have shadowy motives and have her uestioning the rightness of what she s been ordered too As their assignment progresses pretending to be a couple soon becomes a reality and for the first time #Angeliue Has Found A Man #has found a man she sees as an eual Tired of Brute Force (Nick Stone, disguises andeceptions she lets Nate in on who she really is and what she s been ordered to Beautiful Breasts Pictures do Will he accept her and the love she offers or will her past be tooark to forgive And once she starts telling the truth those in power will o whatever is necessary to keep her uiet Will Nate be there to save her or will she be on her ownThis is a fast paced story with two very likable characters Angeliue is smart and gives as good as she gets The sexual Tension Between Her And between her and is combustible and leads to some very sexy interludes She accepts what she s had to o in life and makes no excuses she s no wilting heroine Land and this job is far beneath her She When You Look Up doesn't like the way theashing American looks at her or the way he makes her feel like a woman not like a spy She can't afford to fall under Nate's spell and indulge her The Vampire Next Door (Strange Neighbors, desires no matter howesperately she wants to But soon it becomes clear that there's to this job than either of them ,