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E cultural differences of the past until they are no longer strange Puritan society appears rigid and fanatical to our modern eyes but hidden beneath the surface is a culture of

Courage Hope And Selfless 
hope and selfless This is a low ey book sympathetic to its subject matter as many books about the Puritans are not I found it useful for explanations of a number of things about the Puritans conception of the family which I had not nown it dovetailed nicely withEntertaining Satan Witchcraft and the Culture of Early New "England In Clarifying Certain "in clarifying certain of Puritan communities I am hesitant to comment too much on this book because my nowledge of this period of history is weak I still found it very fascinating The most notable thing from the history section was that reuired obedience can lead to reuited affection The Puritans were strict and hard in many places But their letters to each other demonstrate that this firm line did not generally cause disdain from their children wives or servants Instead it often produced affection and warmth It is also interesting that all segments of society business church family and government held the same standards This made discipline easier and clearerBut the most intriguing part of the book is the last chapter Morgan argues that later Puritans stopped doing evangelism Instead they intriguing part of the book is the last chapter Morgan argues that later Puritans stopped doing evangelism Instead they entirely on the children of believing parents This led to what Morgan calls Puritan Tribalism His final line in the book should make those of us who believe in covenant succession stop and think carefully about what we are doing When theology became the handmaid of genealogy Puritanism no longer deserved the name Covenant succession is biblical But if we only look to our children and fail to reach the lost we will ultimately find ourselves dying off like they di. Desire of the Puritans to be socially virtuous and their wish to force social virtue upon others. The Puritan FamilyThis was too dry to be a good read The was fascinating "To Me The Contents "me the contents not A very interesting look into another the Puritans took uite seriously the idea that the household is basic to human society This book won t suit everyone especially anyone not particularly interested in this aspect of American history which is the reason I gave it 4 rather than 5 stars But if you are interested at all this is a book to read It is a shortish book 186 pp divided into seven chapters 1 Puritanism and Society 2 Husband and Wife 3 Parents and Children 4 The Education of a Saint 5 Masters and Servants 6 The Family in the Social Order and 7 Puritan Tribalism We tend to think of the Puritans as stiff buttoned up stern folk bordering on the fanatical all part of the mythology of the foundations of America and also the use to which the word puritan has been put over the centuries But Puritans in fact based their religious and civic structures around the idea of family God the father both stern and loving and members of the church his children and then applied this to their civic social and religious organization If the wife was subservient to the husband he was also enjoined never to use bad language or violence towards her and Morgan s uotations from love letters show that many marriages were well founded and deeply loving If the children were subservient to the parents then likewise the parents were reuired to bring them up well and lovingly Servants were sort of half children and the master likewise was to treat them in a certain way and to ensure that they received education and his protection As usual the historical story presented here is complex and complicated than the myths so dispel the myth and read this history Excellent it explains so much about the modern America. The Puritans came to New England not merely to save their souls but to establish a visible ingdo.

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N community as well as what would become the "philosophical basis for America itself Rich in challenges and warnings The Puritans got a lot right and much wrong "basis for America itself Rich in historical challenges and warnings The Puritans got a lot right and much wrong last chapter Puritan Tribalism describes their loss of evangelistic zeal sobering stuff I found this book absolutely Amazing Edmund Morgan does a great job of showing the puritans and the heart behind what they did and why they lived the way they did It showed a people that endeavoured to live to the glory of God and have God reign supreme in their relations to one another I particularly liked how he Morgan showed the puritans view of Slavery This is a very touchy topic especially concerning the puritans because of how they are heralded as the gold standard of life and living in relation to GodThe two lessons I walked away with are firstly that God created life with a hierarchy not in the sense of power and domineering but in the sense of responsibility and duty This is seen throughout all creation and the puritans were very big on this It is the duty of those placed above to guide love andor protect those below because that is the exa I read this wonderful examination of what life was like for typical Puritan family in the 1600s as research for a novel I m writing Actually I reread it I read it for the first time when I was in college But it was every bit as interesting and eye opening as when I read it over thirty years ago Also I loved seeing what I had underlined then The Puritans were considerably randy than we give them credit for today This is the best text I have read about the Puritans so far Although short every page is packed with meaningful evidence and conclusions Mr Morgan shares my approach to history that one of the historian s primary duties is to investigate the uncomfortabl. M of God a society where outward conduct would be according to God's laws This book discusses the.