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Deed Snooty stuck up on the surface these people set themselves aside from the rest of the world outside their perfect homes and their aspirant model community Reminiscent of some cult if you are included you are included in all their vents Everyone knows one another If you are Melody on Loan excluded you may be ushered out of the balustrades of the communityntrance by policeThe original residents of Linden Hills had something to prove When the country was ruled by racial intolerance and segregation The original residents were seeking to create a place where the successful of their communities could come live and create their own The Toll-Gate exclusive utopia with their hardarned money A sort of community within the community for successful African Americans They had a pride for what they worked hard for and there was a process for ntry and inclusion However the current residents are a defunct shadow of what their predecessors attempted to be The originals felt since they worked hard and they could not move into better communities due to their race they d create their own The current residents are strutting their wealth upon their backs like peacock feathers and fighting amongst themselves to upgrade to the best mansion like houses on Tupelo Drive near Luther Needed These people are troubled These current residents obsessed with status competition and vanity have lost their souls to their distorted dreams of material gain For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul This is the crux of the issue concerning the current residents of Linden Hills They have xchanged their souls for matter They ve released them into the atmosphere to become a part of the mass of dying spirits that below the surface is Linden Hills The thick heavy gummy mass of something indescribable that has risen up from its inhabitants and only is noticeable to those who don t belong Like Willie Mason Willie Mason didn t grow up living inside the confines of Linden Hills but his best friend Lester Tilison had Willie never had much living in the same town but outside of Linden Hills his family was poor Lester s family lived in Linden Hills His grandmother having been one of the original residents but her refusal to kowtow to the whims of the infamous Needed family caused them to live on the rails of the Linden Hills society They had the house but had to struggle for the money Willie always wished he lived there Lester rebellious rejected Empire of the Saviours (Chronicles of a Cosmic Warlord, everything it stood forven though the ways of the community had already been ingrained into his soul Lester rejected the Ex On The Beach education his mother so desperately wanted him to have rendering him a jobless young man with pipe dreams of becoming a famous poet One year around The Christmas season a friend suggests that Willie and Lester could make some money for the holidays by soliciting odd jobs up in Linden Hills Through Willie and Lester we meet the complex inhabitants of Linden Hills With Lester as our guide and Willies unjaded perspectiveach story of this living breathing community is told If you never thought a place could have a personality you need to read this book In the book from his first Good Thinking encounter Willie had dreams and that is whatntering Linden Hills is like I imagine when you take that first step inside this Death in Mumbai exclusive community you d feel your skin prickle with anr of something you just can t put your finger on And as you move amongst the streets and the drives toward the bottom near the Needed place you d feel your heart jump up into your throat and that mysterious unnamed something we all have would tell us to Go Back Immediately Don t go there It s funny I remember watching the Women of Brewster Place movie ages ago when Cicely Tyson played MelanieKiswana Browne s mom and she mentioned they were from Linden Hills I had no idea of this book at the time but remember thinking by the way she played the roll it must be some very snooty place I was so Baccarat : La lgende du cristal ecstatic upon my reintroduction of Gloria Naylor to discover this book I loved it I give this book a 5star rating I 100% recommended it toveryone because I feel it s O Colégio de Todos os Segredos essential reading on so many levels You can look atconomically sociologically historically psychoanalytically the limits are March Violets (Bernie Gunther, endless for dissecting this book for those thatnjoy pulling apart for deeper meaning For those who just want to read some good fiction as I did when I set out this is a great book It s relative It s funny at times It s a book you can talk back to and you really can t put it down I look forward to reading of Gloria Naylor s books Gloria Naylor author of The Women of Brewster Place grants the world another chance to read why she s considered a literary champion When I began reading Naylor s Linden Hills I was not familiar with her works nor had any INCLINATION TO BE OH HOW FOOLISH to be Oh how foolish have been all these years I didn t realize until the last word that I missed her voiceWhen I first reuested Linden Hills for review it was simply because of the cover I m totally one of those people who judges books by their cover I can t help it and I know I m not alone in this matter Once I was given access to the title I realized I d stumbled upon a true literary creation access to the title I realized I d stumbled upon a true literary creation I d Zoete tranen either Back when I was in university I believe that was about 5 minutes ago I had a young professor who launched the first African American Women s Literature at Western It was a seminar course and I couldn t wait until my 4th year when I d be able to take it And then when I got there it was offered in the same semester as another one I d committed to and I couldn t take it I was devastated but the prof gave me his syllabus so I could read along and that s how I was introduced to Gloria Naylor The book was Mama Day and it was breathtaking I ve since read it two times along with Bailey s Cafe The Women of Brewster Place and the Men of Brewster Place But the one book I have on my shelf that I d never read was Linden Hills You don t have to sell your soul to live in Linden Hills says the tagline on the cover you give it away piece by piece It s the story of a housing development built overlooking the cotton fields that once were filled with African American slaves The development is occupied by African Americans who have come from all over America just to try to get a piece of this property a way of showing that they ve made it in the world and have overcome their pasts and it s owned by a man named Luther Nedeed andvery generation s Luther has a son whom he names Luther so the property always remains in the same name Just reading the introduction I thought to myself Oh Gloria how I ve missed you Every word is like poetry Water Music every hurt that someone feels is like a dagger through your own heart She knows how to scrape the absolute bottom that humanity can reach and yet show something beautiful in it From the long introduction where we read anpic tale of the Nedeed family culminating in the present day Luther making a drastic move because he believes his wife has been unfaithful to him to the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern characters Willie and Lester who are making their way through Linden Hills in the week leading up to Christmas doing odd jobs for folks in an Revived effort to save money for Christmas and thus moving in and out of all the other individual stories to the history professor who s devoted his life to studying the socialffects of living in Linden Hills to the families of Linden Hills who moved there for a better life and found themselves drowning in it this is such a sad beautiful book It s not uplifting and there s very little hope ked out of these pages but it s a book that will resonate with you long after you ve finishe. Rty on Tupelo Drive goes back on sale uickly; no one uestions why there are always vacancies at Linden HillsIn a resonant novel that takes as its model Dante's Inferno Gloria Naylor reveals the truth about the American dream that the price of success may very well be a journey down to the lowest circle of he. ,

FencesEven at the university big stone fences and why The gates are open so it s not to keep anybody out or in Why fencesTo get you used to the idea that what they have in there is different special Something to be separated from the rest of the world They get you thinking fences man don t you see it Then when they ve fenced you in from six years old till you re twenty six they can let you out because you re Come look listen and perhaps you will learn how to turn the memory of our iron chains into gold chains The cotton fields that broke your grandparents backs can cover yours in gabardineFrom LINDEN HILLS by Gloria Naylor 1985Crafting authentic dialogue is a master skill We ve all read wooden dialogue and thought people don t really talk like that in our reader mindCapturing the way people speak mphasize and lucidate It speaks to the deep and complex relationship between the fictional characters and it also speaks to the way and author understands human psyche and relational dynamicsGloria Naylor is an absolute master of these skillsI saw it in her debut coincidentally also my first read by her Women of Brewster Place 1982 There were so many take aways from that National Book Award winner but what stayed with me was the inter generational relationships mothers and daughters most specifically in that work My second read was Bailey s Cafe 1992 which had a lot of family dynamics but also friends and clienteleLinden Hills is a loose retelling of Dante Alighieri s Inferno patterned in an affluent African American neighborhood Our guides to this underworld are 2 young street poets Willie and Shit Lester The dynamics between these two friends showcases Naylor s storytelling once again but also how they relate to an older generation and in a worldneighborhood where classism and colorism rule supreme Naylor has many distinct messages here heavy in allegory but also a richness of complexity ven in a moral tale there s no binaryThere were some seeming tangents as I read along interesting but I was wondering how they tied in I learned to TRUST IN GLORIA she will bring it home often in a fantasmagoric climax much like she does in other works I m talking about but being able to do the course of human history a collective history or an individual one You can delay the inevitable set up roadblocks and detoursthat would be like trying to ward off a flood with a teacupFences The gates are open so it s not too keep anybody out of in Why fences To get you used to the idea that what they have in there is different special Something to be separated from the rest of the world And then you fence your own self in after that protecting it from Love for Imperfect Things everybodylse out there Gloriaaaaa viva la Gloriaaaaa No I m not a Green Day s fan I just love Gloria Naylor Linden Hills reads like a seuel to her debut novel The Women of Brewster Place so I would actually recommend reading the latter first for context In her debut Linden Hills is A Heart of Stone established as thestate the Black Americans living in Brewster Place aspire to From the outside it seems perfect A little paradise in which rich and hardworking Black Americans are allowed to live in In Linden Hills they could forget that the world said you spelled black with a capital nothing Well they were something and there was Taking Instruction (Taboo, everything around them to show it The world hadn t given them anything but the chance to fail and they hadn t failed because they were in Linden Hills They had a thousand years and a day to sit right there and forget what it meant to be black because it meant working yourself to death just to stand still Thestate was purchased by the first Luther Nedeed in 1820 after he had sold his octoroon wife and six children into slavery The land has remained under the proprietorship of the Nedeeds for than 150 years Luther read Lucifer as all the males in the Nedeed family are named opened a funeral parlor then developed the land and leased "sections to black families His sons and grandsons all of whom are physical copies of the original "to black families His sons and grandsons all of whom are physical copies of the original furthered his plan to stablish a showcase black community So Luther Nedeed holds the power furthered his plan to stablish a showcase black community So Luther Nedeed holds the power the large Divertimento estate he decides who gets to live there The inhabitants of Linden Hills are ruled through greed materialism and lack of morals The current Luther Nedeed for instance treats his wife and son like strangers and locks them into his basement far away from theyes of the public So Love Is a Fairy Tale everyone wants to buy a home in Linden Hills no one sees thevil that lurks inside of it The protagonists Lester and Willie read Dante And Virgil Are Two Unemployed Poets Who Virgil are two unemployed poets who happen to be best friends We discover Linden Hills through their Promise at Dawn eyes as they are doing jobs around the neighbourhood in the week leading up to Christmas What sspecially interesting about Linden Hills is how Naylor structures the novel We see the nods to Dante s Inferno in how the state is built Each level of the state corresponds to one of Dante s levels of Hell Lester lives at the very top with his mother and sister in what appears to be the least prestigious area As Lester and Willie travel down through the Bangkok Wakes to Rain estate the houses become grander and the residents unhappier At the lowest level resides Luther who happens to also be the town undertaker His home is barricaded off from the rest with a lake and a drawbridge separating him fromveryone The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery elseSo Naylor uses Dante s Inferno as a model for the American Dream Naylorxposes that dream as a nightmare The novel asks the reader to consider for a moment what the American Dream asks of its participants For one thing Naylor drives home that the community is driven apart by that uest for a better life They forget their common ancestry in suffering and with that the community loses its heritage and its union This combined with the already insidious Darkmere effects of racismspecially systemic racism cause the citizens of Linden Hill to Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? experience daily life as a kind of hell It s true I was just telling Willie this morning those are a bunch of the saddest niggers you llver wanna meet They at sleep and breathe for one thing making it And making it where So what does it mean to make it as a Black American citizen in the United States People never get off their uest for wealth power and success Once people get to Linden Hills the uest continues subtle but ually fierce the goal is a house on Tupelo Drive the pitome of achievement and visible success No one notices that the property on Tupelo Drive goes back on sale uickly no one uestions why there are always vacancies at Linden Hills Naylor s message is clear the price of success may very well be a journey down to the lowest circle of hellAmong the characters we meet are Norman who is periodically felled by a strange malady that causes him to tear at his own skin to remove the imagined slimy substance that he feels is consuming him and the Rev Michael T Hollis who has forsaken his Baptist background to adopt the staid practices of the Episcopal Church and in the process become an alcoholic Then there is Maxwell Smyth who in pursuit of perfection and an untainted image xercises so much control that The Eric Carle Gift Set even his bodilyxcretions are without odor And of course there is the tormented Luther Nedeed himself plagued by a baffling disruption of his sovereignty that threatens his kingdom but maintaining his strange dominance over the inhabitants of Linden HillsAs Willie and Lester work their way down the circular drives Naylor strips away the facade of material success to reveal a netherworld of chaos and despair Simply stated Naylor hammers home the point that Black Americans who aspire to the white world and material success will become trapped in the. A world away from Brewster Place yet intimately connected to it lies Linden Hills With its showcase homes legant lawns and other trappings of wealth Linden Hills is not unlike other affluent black communities But residence in this community is indisputable vidence of making it Although no one knows what th. American dream they will Fashion Design Course experience the torments of hell Linden Hills is an intriguing novel that will probably give you a headache the you think about it Naylor s prose highly accessible there sven some tongue in cheek humor It s not as nurturing and mind blowing of a read as her other novels but it s still really uite brilliant The reason i love this book besides the fact it is written by my favorite author is that it provides a class gender race dialogue to dante s inferno in a way that asier to understand than the classic novel The parallels between Dante s spiral into hell and the books xploration into Linden Hills are at the forefront of the novel It gives you a perspective into the mind of how African American thought mixes with the so called traditional literary canonsthe nd is sort of dull although it is chuck full of action the fire next time uick thoughts I wanted to love this book I was a bit relieved to finish it I didn t hate it I actually njoyed a fair amount of it I found this moralistic story of affluence and Blackness to be strongest when we were with the characters Willie and Lester They take us through the neighborhood of affluent Black folks Linden Hills As they descend into the neighborhood working for different families to make Cincinnati and Other Plays extra money for the holidays they introduce us to different characters who have lost touch with who they are and what they want at thexpense of making itI found the subplot of the woman in the basement to be a bore It felt like something that worked intellectually but didn t have much feeling Willie and Lester were wonderful and vibrant characters and would have loved to stay with them and stay in their perspective longer This is one I will be thinking about for uite a whileLinden Hills has a lot to say about conformity and passivity and buying into pre conceived views and standards It deconstructs the American dream of success and wealth and progress and Naylor specifically criticizes assimilation conforming to white and patriarchal standards The characters who have made it to Linden Hills have sacrificed Speak Out! everything of true value to live a lifestyle which on the outside symbolizes success and their inner lives are seeped of color and passion and true humanmotion as a result The fact that the first Luther Needed supposedly bought the land with money gained from the sale of his wife and children into slavery is an I Like You the Best extreme and very symbolicxample Another is Maxwell who is practically cyborg than human and Winston s conformity is The collectors encyclopedia of antique marbles especially tragic The women Laurel whoven after her divorce displacement and death is still referred to as Howard s wife and all the Needed wives who are literally The Philosophy of Giambattista Vico eclipsed andrased by the men in their lives are specially vulnerable in the patriarchal Linden Hills When I first read the blurb on the back cover a resonant novel that takes as its model Dante s Inferno my interest was immediately piued I love when modern novels allude to classic literature and mythology and since I went into it looking for connections they were asy to spot The two poets journeying through the circular drives meeting lost souls Luther Lucifer down by the frozen lake the literal inferno that consumes him at the Punishment Of The Cheating Wife endall pretty blatant references Blatant and awesome I was reminded a lot of Faustus too since they all sort of sold their souls when conforming to the rules of LutherLucifer Very cool book Success is one of the most popular topics of the modernra This is a world populated with self help books that will help you start your new business spend your money wiser change your mindset so that it s better than those around you at a plant based diet among other things What these books as well as images of success scattered on Social Media don t often show you is the suffering that can accompany success The traps that await you once you make it Until you read Linden HillsLinden Hills is a Black community that is ran by the Nedeed family but we are a tour this community through a brief snapshot of this community through a brief snapshot lives of Willie aka White and Lester aka Shit Through White Shit we meet all kinds of characters who are thriving suffering fronting stunting and much Through Linden we see a version of Black Power politics not often written about in African American Literature Black Financial Power We see the mindset that accompanies it The sacrifices the discipline the impact the studiousness the tragedies All while Willie Lester are just trying to hustle nough money to buy their loved ones or those they are trying to impresslove on some Christmas giftsLinden Hills is worth reading for scathing critiue Gloria Naylor gives the Black Bourgeoisie as well as the humor For the humanity offered to those who she critiues for the view into the world of making it while Black in America It makes you wonder if those who make it are doing it for themselves or are they doing it for those around themAfter all when I was reading this I did say to myself This novel reminds me of Instagram Don t forget to participate in my 10Books10Decades Challenge This is my first Decision entry and this is my book of the 1980sClick on the link for information on the 10Books10Decades Challenge If anything was the problem with Linden Hills it was that nothing seemed to be what it really was Everything was turned upside down in that place This is most definitely a book I d deem a necessary inclusion in the Essential Gloria Naylor Reads This is another amazing read I read Gloria s Mama Day when I was young and probably didn t have the capacity to appreciate such books Having read that one book I kind of put her books to the side for decades as books that I was not too fond of only to rediscover her work at this late stage and want to kick myself afterach read for not having read sooner Ms Naylor s voice is poetic always poignant and she is one of the ultimate masters of the combined short story She has this infallible art for incorporating characters who could stand alone in independent short stories and weaving them together into a beautifully written The View from Alameda Island expose or privileged glance into the cogs of the African American community Gloria Naylor tells the stories that we know but don t talk about All of her characters always have some strangely familiar personality trait You know these people You grew up with them You lived down the street from a neighbor like this She reminds me of a lady from my church I know their story You relate You can put real life faces to the stories she tells Gloria Naylor is giving you the inside story on that man you see walk his dog The uncanny resemblance to real life is astounding Her books are purely intoxicating Within our community we might say toach other Girl did you hear about old Luther down on Tupelo Drive What he did to his wifeYet here is Gloria transcending life into poetic thought There is a man in a house at the bottom of a hill And his wife has no nameThe rich The poor No matter what mask you walk the neighborhood wearing resistance is futile Gloria Naylor is taking us across the manicured lawns behind the closed doors past the draped windows into the rooms down into the bowels of basements into histories and inside souls What is ticking behind the When Fox Is a Thousand eyelids of the Linden Hills residents is astounding It s almost as if the neighborhood itself is a living breathingntity of the third spiritual kind On the surface Linden Hills is an 100 Innovations of the Industrial Revolution exclusive neighborhood filled with successful African American residents These people work hard and feel they deserve thexclusivity that can only be derived from living on the most prominent street in Linden Hills near the great great grandson of its founder Luther Ne. E precise ualifications are Taken The Anthology everyone knows that only certain people get to live there and that they want to be among themOnce people get to Linden Hills the uest continues subtle butually fierce the goal is a house on Tupelo Drive the pitome of achievement and visible success No one notices that the prope.

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