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Od had already accomplished This led to a lot OF FRUSTRATION THERE WERE SOME THINGS IN THIS BOOK frustration There were some things in this book frustrated me than help me One xample was that Reese believed that the Lord gave him the sickness of another person to bear After coming out of the place of frustration in prayer I realize that it is very asy for people to be healed if we understand what Jesus has done I have also come to see the role of afflicting spirits in causing sickness Nobody needs to bear another person s sickness because Jesus has carried the pains and sicknesses of all as Isaiah 53 says I have seen that false religions try to transfer a sickness into a tree or something lse in their healing practices All of this is a deception There is no need to transfer sickness or afflicting spirits around Jesus carried it and dealt with itI am convinced that in this instance Reese was deceived by an afflicting spirit that came on him and told him he was bearing the sickness of another person This drew his attention away from gospel truth and led to great difficulty and travail in dealing with something that is asy to deal with in the gospel way The book is certainly worth reading but we must not put people like Reese Howells on a pedestal just because they prayed a lot Rather we must understand that they were growing we can learn some things from them but they also often a great lack of understanding in certain areas Sometimes the thing that can them but they also often had a great lack of understanding in certain areas Sometimes the thing that can prayer such a struggle is having a limited understanding of the gospel Just wow This was amazing It both inspired and convicted me uplifted and challenged me I learned so much about the Holy Spirit and intercessory prayer Grubb s writing style kept me ngaged and interested and I loved the inclusion of direct passages from Mr Howell s diary Highly recommended This book blew me away and stretched me spiritually like none other It s an old book that would likely not be a best seller in today s get rich uick health and wealth teachings passing as the Gospel This is a true man of God who gives the whole of his being to following and serving Jesus This is not your book if you re looking for a be happy healthy wealthy and popular by following these 7 steps kind of books If you re ready to go deep and be challenged check this book out. Th until world A Heart of Stone events were affected by his prayersHere are rich truths of the Spirit for all the Church of Christ today inherent in a story told with simplicity humanity and humornough to captivate any read. Rees Howells IntercessorRees Howells surrendered all to live out the call of God on his life This book had a powerful impact on me the call of God on his life This book had a powerful impact on me I read and learned and saw through Rees Howells life what it means to be sold out completely and to live your life for an audience of One This is a must read for those on a path of spiritual growth Earlier I shared that I found this book insightful specially about Second Birth and I njoyed reading about this remarkable man But I took issue with his distinctions between prayer warrior and intercessor I don t buy his distinction though I can t deny that his prayers bore fruit They sure did But really God did My own personal #Take On Prayer Is That The Outcomes #on prayer is that the outcomes up to God not us Sometimes in reading this book I felt that the Language and Linguistics emPHAsis was being put on the wrong syl LA ble giving perhaps credit to the instrument than to GOD who plays it This is a must read if you want God to take you to a higher level in prayer Rees Howells was an ordinary guy what we d call a blue collar worker but God used him to doxtraordinary things as he surrendered himself to the Lord s will See how the Father healed witnessed raised money and Divertimento even directed WWII though this man of faith I cried and laughed and just sat in awe times than I can count It hasnhanced my prayer life and changed my Love Is a Fairy Tale expectations of how God uses men and women of faith Norman Grubb did a great job illustrating the life of Rees Howells Choosing a life of devotion like Rees Howells is hard but it hasternal fruits and this book brings his life s testimony so near that one wishes to choose a life of surrender to If someone searches for real Promise at Dawn examples of victorious faith life 19s he sourly has to read this book I recommend it to all who are not satisfied whit their life 19s and are searching for the key of understanding Gods will This book humbled me because I realized that we are all the timexpecting great things without to surrender and pay the price needed to give birth to great things and we are not realizing that the kingdom of God has his laws and we really can live according to them a victorious life All I can say is that there are men and there are men In the vast conomy of God s kingdom on arth there are those who were poured out completely as sweet smelling offering to Christ unli. Rees Howells was a man peculiarly taught of God one who learned the Bible as the Spirit made him live it Every chapter of this biography is full of drama and light showing how he faced the implications of an. ,

Ke their numerous classmates preferring to hold back the very thing that makes God progress with a man total surrender Rees Howells strikes me so much progress with a man total surrender Rees Howells strikes me so much I wondered and marvelled at the liberty the Holy Spirit had in working with and through him I gasped repeatedly in my spirit literally sighing at such depth of selflessness knowing fully well that this was not really about Rees but about Christ Cos this is no doubt a man who stands among the masterpieces of God in that gallery of faith clearly portraying the life of Jesus to the rest of us I was moved when I read it but my prayer is to actually move to this kind of life in all it s fullness living only for Christ s glory Bangkok Wakes to Rain even at thexpense of physical convenience Rees Howells committed himself to be a follower of Jesus Christ during the great Welsh revivals in 1904 and 1905 He was given a particular gi This book left me with mixed thoughts Some of the theology seems unsound not biblically based There are several stories that don t seem to ring true with God s character in particular Rees Howell s story of total surrender to God Howell s account sounded as if God somewhat high handedly forced him into surrender While God has the power to do that it is agaist his nature He gives us free will and is never pushy with his childrenAlso the book speaks of an incident when a man refused to call a doctor for his sick child because he felt led Mildly creepy Reminds me of the televangelist scandels of doctor for his sick child because he felt led Mildly creepy Reminds me of the televangelist scandels of 60 s and 70 s in the USI would not recommend this book to a young Christian It has the potential to confuse I did love the stories of how the Howell s community in Wales started to reach out to the sick the needy and the jobless Also the many prayer victories are ncouraging to read aboutOne good uote from the BOOK I LEARNED ACCORDING TO 1 JOHN 420 THAT I learned according to 1 John 420 that don t love the Saviour one bit than you love the least one He died for This is certainly a classic and it has been uite a while since I read it As a teenager I read many books on prayer and was uite inspired by books like this Looking back a lot of what I read about prayer hurt me than helped me This was because it led me into asking God to do things which he had already accomplished through Christ instead of praying with thanksgiving because of what Entire surrender learned to love the unlovely found the key to prevailing prayer became the channel of a mighty revival in Africa was taught the principles of divine healing and progressed ver further in fai.