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Scandals and Secrets (Hearts Of Fire, dAneda s works now I think I obviously missed some things Having never read anything written by Carlos Castaneda Iidn t uite know what to expect of this book when a "FRIEND SUGGESTED THAT WE READ IT "suggested that we read it And after browsing through it and reading some of the techniues I was a bit skeptical I m so glad I set skepticism aside and read this Book With My Friend We Worked Through The Book Chapter with my friend We worked through the book chapter chapter participating in some of the techniues and not others as each of us saw fit What appealed was Shooting for a Century different for each of us This book gave me an excellent insight into what Carlos Castaneda s works are all about and how they could be of use to me Victor Sanchez is an excellent guide Without givingetails I can say that this book has shaped parts of my present life The techniue of strongest impact for me was something called Death as an Advisor I got so much out of this It helped me put my own near I, Partridge death experiences in perspective and helped me see ways in which I sabotage myself in trying to live in the present moment I recommend this book Addendum 132013 The further away from completing this book I get the I am aware of the knowledge and value it has imparted to me It s aifficult and rewarding "rea. F stopping the internal Shadow of the Templar dialogue the magic of attention setting upreaming the warrior's greatest " F stopping the internal Unforgiven (Warriors for the Light dialogue the magic of attention setting upreaming the warrior's greatest and you can apply these teachings to your everyday life.

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review Las enseñanzas Buried Sins (The Three Sisters Inn, de Don Carlos Aplicaciones prácticase la obra e Carlos Castaneda

Las enseñanzas e Don Carlos Aplicaciones prácticas <a href=The Darkness de la obrae Carlos Castaneda" title="Las enseñanzas Flyboy de Don Carlos Aplicaciones prácticase la obra e Carlos Castaneda"/>Essentially a practical tool to test the of "DON JUAN GOOD TECHNIUES BUT VERBOSE P I "Juan Good techniues but overly verbose P i mi e je srozumiteln #J A P STUPN J NE #a p stupn j ne echny knihy od Castanedy Fantastic book I can t wait to read the teachings of Don Juan as well Absolutely spectacular The author briefly explains cosmology of Don Juan as constructed in Carlos Castanedas seuence of books I am afraid for me it is somewhat superficial It must be said that the author is very honest and himself stresses that the book is his practical understanding of the teaching narrated across 12 books I can clearly see how a person can use these exercises to move self somewhat away from ordinary states and explore other realms Some would absolutely love it Its just not for me and not in this particular period of my life when I seek thorough teachings and long for epth Very good summary of Carlos Castaneda s work with Don Juan There were some interpretations here that I actually idn t get from reading the books themsleves which i found interesting For example I already knew that the alternative reality that Don Juan was leading Castaneda to was a reframing of the perceptual field in the best way a person can o it Because everything tha. Millions of readers of Carlos Castañeda books have long enjoyed the fantastic teachings of on Juan Matus the Yaui shaman from northern México Now thanks to. .
T we see is "Filtered Or In Some "or in some created by everything we ve already seen and think we know we can t think our way out of the box of seeing the world that way The only way to o it is to radically reframe through action and reflection This book took that a step further and At the Italians Command drew airect line of comparison between this indigenous tradition and the oriental teachings and spiritual practices Talking about Oh Baby! doings as a comparison for the state of no mind was fascinating Talking about breaking through these barriers erected by the psyche byoing things completely out of the ordinary such as running in the ark walking backwards "Cross Dressing Sitting Within The "dressing sitting within the sphere of a tree and becoming the tree etc I also thoughtthe iscussion on the fact that the body sees with all of its senses and that many of us have become blind to the full abilities of the body to perceive because we rely so heavily on sight I ve alwayus thought that to be the case as exemplified by humans who can The Maid of Lorne do astounding things with their other senses wheneprived of sight like echolocation but seeing it echoed here and referenced in stories I thought I understood about Castaneda was an eye opener I may have to revisit Cast. The practical techniues based on Castañeda's writings offered "here by author Víctor Sánchez the body as a field of energy the not oings of the personal sel. "by author Víctor Sánchez the body as a field of energy the not oings of the personal sel. ,