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This novel was an exciting book to read Bryce MacPhearson Rides In On A Large in on a large horse and sweeps the bride away right in the midst of her wedding A shock to say the least but between two fueding families a downright declaration of war it seems However Bryce isn t trying to declare war he is keeping a promise he made to his father as his father died The MacPhearson s and the MaKenzie s have been fueding for a half century and no one really knows why Bryce s father And Akira S Father Akira s father peace and their children to wed in order to end the fued but a warrior kills Bryce s father and the fued continues Bryce is determined to see peace and if kidnapping Akira and bringing her to wed his
Brother Evan The Cheiftan 
Evan the cheiftan his clan will bring that peace so be it However things do not turn out as Bryce planned but as God has planned and Evan is killed Bryce and Akira wed and both pledge to bring peace However there seems to be a plot afoot to sabotage that peace Akira s life is in trouble and others die as the murderer draws closer and closer to Akira This book will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering how it will end and what happens next most definitely a book you will want to read and add to your library Discussion estions for book clubs at the end 298 pages US 1399 5 stars Very enjoyable so far I enjoyed the Sweet Valentine use of the Marriage by Proxy law made me laugh it s so sneaky This was well written and I looked forward to picking itp at the end of the day Akira wa. Becomes a witness to Bryce she struggles to overcome her anger and resentment when he forces her to wed him hoping to end a half century old feud between their clans While Akira begins to forgive and Bryce learns to trust a series of murders leaves a trail of The Rancher and the City Girl unansweredestions confusion and a legacy of hate that once again. This is a Christian romance This book had a nice flow to it and I did want to finish reading it to find out all that happens but i found myself less and less interested I found myself less and less interested have the second book but won t be reading itI was really hoping there would be a lot to the romance but it almost seemed a side story And that was disappointing The action was not really actiony the violence not really violency and the drama not dramaee There was just something lacking about all of it The main character really believed in God and talked about it non stop and that bugged just a little This book was very clean Even the violence was clean This book is actually worth 6 stars but 5 is the highest I can go 6 stars but 5 is the highest I can go loved everything about this book and read it in two sittings This is the Scottish version of Romeo and Juliet except this story is FILLED with honor loyalty sweet romance clean action and a WONDERFULLY happy ending This debut book is sooooo Ice Wolves (Elementals, underrated it s one of the best reads I ve come across this year This is historical what i considered medieval times fiction but everything about the story isnconventional the characters LOOOVE LOOOOVE LOOOOVE Akira the two warring families the betrayal and the love I highly recommend this book I m fortunate to have gotten a print copy The reader will be sighing with satisfaction during and after the story has ended yay for Highland Blessings Set in 1473 in Scotland Jennifer Hudson Taylor s debut novel is definitely a book you want to read. Highland Blessings is the story of a highland warrior who kidnaps the daughter of his greatest enemy and clan chief to honor a promise he made to his dying father Bryce MacPhearson a highland warrior kidnaps Akira MacKenzie on her wedding day to honor a promise he made to his dying father While Akira’s strength in the Lord. S such a loving compassionate character it would have been impossible not to care for herIt was a really nice read The only criticism I have been impossible not to care for herIt was a really nice read The only criticism I have that I had not realised that the marriage had been consummated ntil the end when have that I had not realised that the marriage had been consummated ntil the end when stated she was pregnant There just was no indication of intimacy between her and Bryce A lovely book and I d certainly pick p another book by Jennifer Hudson Taylor Technically speaking this would rate a 25 star but the sweet story warrants rounding Up Instead Of DownHere instead of downHere the perfect example of the difference between a good storyteller and a good writer The story telling is wonderful in this book both Akira and Bryce are basically good honest and compassionate people trying to do what s right for everyone while striving to maintain a level of happiness for themselves The reader grows to love them both as they struggle with other s expectations and their own growing feelings amid the backdrop and barbarity of medieval Scotland The Christian aspect is obvious but presented in a very nthreatening but Marrying Well uplifting way making it part of the tale rather than an aside from itIt s in the actual writing of the story that it falls apart The sentences often seem elementary the transitions very basic the dialogue bordering on kitschy and the overall flow somewhat clumsy It feels like a novice writer trying to tell a great story If one doesn t mind or is able to overlook all the shortcomings in the writing style this could be a very enjoyable rea. Rises between their families Clearly a traitor is in their midst Now the one man Akira loves no longer trusts her and her own life is in danger Can Bryce look beyond his pain and seek the truth Will Akira discover the threat against her before it’s too late How will God turn a simple promise into bountiful Highland blessing.

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