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Nking this was going to be a formulaic regency romance It turned Out To Be A to be a bit than that One review I read labeled it at sleazy but I m going to have to respectfully disagree "It was along the lines of steamy I like steamyI think the biggest draw for me was "was along the lines of steamy I like steamyI think the biggest draw for me was Juliana wasn t a bubbleheaded society girl looking for a husband She fell into Sin s bed with very little prodding from him and she was passionate about her music To start with the fact that she wasn t about her music To start with the fact that she wasn t in the sex department levated this book for me I really do get tired of the innocent girl who has to be tricked or blackmailed into falling into an affair Let me rephrase that Sometimes I get tired of that Sometimes it s xactly what I want to readI also liked that Sin s original intentions were to bed her and leave her If that makes me sick and twisted so be it I liked that his character was scandalous and unrepentant about the woman he fell into bed with I have to admit that his blind devotion to his sister s wishes kinda made me nauseous but I believe he rose above it in the nd Meaning that I can totally overlook things that the characters learn fromAs far as the book itself it s a romance with big dresses petticoats and corsets The men like to screw like bunnies and the woman He ton is happy Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue enough to obligespecially when he catches a glimpse of his target Juliana is completely unlike the The Man Without a Face empty headed chits who barely hold his attention for a week A true gentleman would leave her to find a worthy suitor But then a Lord of Vice would never claim to be a gentlemanWOULD IT END IN FOREVERJuliana isxpected to marry well to improv. ,

Re bound by the rules society sets down for them s not much it Unless you throw in a strand not much to it Unless you throw in a strand pearls winkIn the Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) end I liked it It was a uick read with fun characters and a weirdly convoluted tale of blackmail and lust Which is pretty muchxactly what I was looking for Kelly Reading the Paranormal I liked the story and it moved at a good pace without too much filler It is on the steamysleezy side The story begins with the heroine a good pace without too much filler It is on the steamysleezy side The story begins with the heroine stuck up a tree hiding The hero arrives with the married hostess of the ball and she proceeds to pleasure him The basic plot is Sin the hero is asked to do a favor by his sister Seduce and cast asi Not a Regency not a romance Manslut meets virginal crypto hussy sex Gone (Gone, ensues Big surprise This one made me grouchy SorryCharacters were all anachronistic vague hormonally motivated and one dimensional dots notven dashes The men of the Vice Club are interchangeable mansluts the hero Sinclair is nicknamed Sin If you think about it hard the subtle significance will become clear The heroine is a down on her luck maruess daughter and supposed spunky composer who s run afoul of hero manslut s half sister who wants her deflowered for hijacking the attention of one of her musical beaux Without realizing it Sin has already notic. E her family's finances Threads Of The Shroud even if she secretly longs to make a living through her musical compositions A dalliance can only complicate matters though notven practical Juliana can help succumbing to the aptly named Sin But one unforgettable night will draw her into a scandalous affair and a seduction begun as sport will soon become deliciously dangerously re.

Summary All Night with a Rogue Lords of Vice #1

All Night with a Rogue Lords of Vice #1Pretty good reminded me of a historical version of the movie Cruel IntentionsWe meet our heroine in a tree Yes really We meet well our anti hero until later hero seducing a mistress below at a ball Her feather falls off her "Hat And Lands On Sinclair Our Maruess "and lands on Sinclair our Maruess s nor discovered he keeps her secret they go separate ways with ach other on their mindsSin is looking for her He has no idea her nameJuliana is a pianist composer looking for Lord Ryd To See If He see if he publish her works before she s married off like her mother wants for all Her GirlsUnfortunately For Her Lord Ryd Has Caught The Eye girlsUnfortunately for her Lord Ryd has caught the ye the Untitled. evil sister of Sins She wants her destroyed Sin agrees He s bored it s a game He doesn t realize yet his uarry is our Lady Julianna His sorceress in the tree that he s been looking forLots goes on in this story What starts out as a seduction game for a bored rakensnares him as well He falls She s crushed by the truthEtcMy biggest star off for this book was what the feck happened to the sister No really That was it She was a nasty bit of goods and I felt robbed of her own comeuppance The Wiring ending was too abrupt and unfulfilling with all the drama that occurs at thend Sometimes when you pick up a book you don t know what you re getting yourself into I was thi. Notorious handsome and decadent the Lords of Vice prowl the glittering ballrooms of Regency London breaking rules and hearts with Against All Odds eual aplomb Butven the wildest rogue must ventually meet his matchIT BEGAN AS A FAVORSeduce Lady Juliana Ivers and then cast her aside Those are his sister's instructions Alexius Braverton Maruess of Sinclair known as Sin to
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