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Et when we were growing up BUT THIS ONE WAS BY FAR this one was by far favorite Th. Ia Mulock Patsy and the leprechaun Margaret and Mary Baker Once when you were walking Annette Wynne Three legged stool Isa L Wright Elf Jane Lewis Fairy who didn't believe in children Margaret J Baker Fisherman and his wife Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Three sillies Adapted by Joseph Jacobs Little dragon Constance Savery Fairy school Marjorie Barrows Ugly duckling Hans Christian Andersen

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on the George Webbe Dasent Cinderella Retold my Jane McHenry Man with the bag Pagraic Colum Swan maiden Howard Pyle Bluebells de la Mare Piping on Christmas Eve Florence Page Jaues Great uillo. .

Marjorie Barrows è 7 Read

E story of Poppy has been lovingly handed down to the grandbabies. W James Thurber Fox ferry Ray St Clair City fairies Mildred Bowers Peter Pan and Captain Hook James Barrie Sea shell Evy O Eastwick Rumpelstiltskin Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Emperor's new clothes Hans Christian Andersen Lad who went to Wilhelm Grimm Emperor's new clothes Hans Christian Andersen Lad who went to North wind George Webbe Dasent Little Snow White Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Ballor's son goes riding Ella Young Sleeping Beauty Grimm and Perrault Story of or Wonderful lanp Illustraged Henry C Pitz Selfish giant Oscar Wilde Reformed pirage Frank R Stockton Happy prince Oscar Wilde Enchanted garde Ruth Dixon Nightingale Adapted from hans Christian Anders. Favorite Fairy Tales The Childrens Hour Vol 2These have become a cult in our family We had the whole Many moons James Last of the dragons E Nesbit Little elf John Kendrick Bangs Open road Kenneth Grahame Song for a summer evening Mildred Bowers Armstrong White blackbird Padraic Colum Bluebird Helen Coale Crew Elves and the shoemaker Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Pucks song William Shakespeare Glass hill Adapted by Jane McHenry Song for summer Elizabeth Coatsworth First Christmas tree Rose Flyeman Poppy Anne Perez Guerra If I were Thumbelina Anne Perez Guerra Ardan's pooka Ella Young Browny Nancy Clinton Dippy Edward
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Devlin Three Adapted by Pauline Rosenberg Brownie's ride Dinah Mar.
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