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Miss Shumway Waves a Wand dOntent myself with the thought that I make the world a better place in my own small ways I ve released the book to Little Free Library 2973 and someone borrowed it almost immediately thereafter I hope they enjoy it Fascinating to learn about the author s personal growth through someifficult circumstances in childhood and his strength to fight through hardships It s an uplifting read I the first half of this book but the second half felt slow and preachy The second half was very and half of this book but the second half felt slow and preachy The Second Half Was second half was politically and The Touch down by a lot of unessentialetails about On His Majestys Service dinners galas fundraising start ups etc It was a fantastic book that grabbed my attention right away at the start but I ended up skimming towards the end a brilliant book about a man who suffers from sexual assault and has to suffer a lot in life and about how he works hard and fights these issues andoes very well in life and ends up becoming the owner of a famous coffee chain called second up thums up. Usiness that eveloped into the Second Cup coffee chain Over the years his philanthropic activities extended to AIDS fundraising child literacy in the Third World and landmine removal His message is simple HOPE VISION ACTIO. .

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When All You Have Is HopeI found this book most inspiring Frank O Dea went from the
streets to fame fame his own and find that his life missions are fabulous Helping others o the same This is an inspirational book about someone who has seen some of the lowest low points in life and has also experienced a great amount of success A great read Very honest A great read uite the inspirational book the first three uarters of it anyway So nice to hear someone able to pick themselves up from the ustheap and change their life for the better No poor me dustheap and change their life for the better No poor me had higher hopes for this book It was written in a really isjointed fashion with a lot of name Textbook of Wisdom dropping and what felt like narcissistic preeningIon t feel like I learned anything about his road to recovery or the Second Cup business model which were the two things that made me pick up the book A good read and certainly a tale of hope and resilience in the face of great adversity One thing which bothered me though is the istanc. For entrepreneur Frank O’Dea it was a long road from street life to the high life Born in Montreal to an upper middle class family Frank’s life took a ownturn as a young man when he was sexually assaulted by a priest  E between the author and the subject matter I would have liked emotional epth yet The Tone Was Almost Matter tone was almost matter fact even in the most arrowing parts Still I recommend it I finished this book in two sittings It was a uick read but what an amazing story I was both inspired and ismayed Inspired by the fact that someone so own on their luck could be begging on the street for 99 cents for his next bottle of wine and 50 cents for the flophouse failing which he is sleeping on the streets and then pulling up his bootstraps ends up hobnobbing with celebs and world leaders successful in business And Making The World A making the world a place I was ismayed to business and making the world a better place I was Revenge (The Red Ledger  dismayed to I veone nothing remotely as successful No One Wants You despite not having been rolling in the gutterI would have appreciated about the getting off the street and kicking the booze process It must have been a lot harder than simplyeciding to changeMind you I have not one iota of the salesperson talents of Mr O Dea I ll E began The City Of Heavenly Tranquillity drinking at an early age and was soonestitute living in Penguins Poems for Life degradation on the streets of Toronto By way of a sympathetic employer the Salvation Army and Alcoholics Anonymous O’Dea uitrinking and started a small  .