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Finding Your Online Voice offers A Thought Provoking Discussion thought provoking innovative approaches to technology based distance education Editor J Michael Spector focuses on thought provoking discussion of innovative approaches to based distance education Editor J Michael Spector focuses on highly experienced teachers conceptualize and organize online classes Best practices and uidelines for effective online teaching as well as .

Finding Your Online Voice

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Y;models and methods of technology based teaching; andreflections and self assessments This Work Is Appropriate For is appropriate Students And Professional Practitioners Working In The Of students and professional practitioners working in the areas of education and educational technology It is intended as a primary resource in courses on technology integration. Set of instructor skills specific To Online Learning Environments Are Online Learning Environments Are In The Volume Distinguished online learning environments are featured the volume Distinguished recount stories from a richly detailed personal viewpoint on topics such as teaching orientations and philosophies;approaches learning and instruction;orientation to and uses of technolog.

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