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L Either I am too stupid or this book is stupid Am I stupid No is this book stupid Well define stupid I use this word actually to point some facts pretentious too visual but not in the surrealist Boris Vian kind of visual tries to joggle with the idea of journey At least in a journey book you get some interesting story verywhere where the hero lands Here there are only boring descriptions if you don t know all those characters uite accurately you stand no chance The preface and the postface say there are allegories concerning those to me unknown artists but Gauguin where there was no allegory and Mallarme where i did not get itI stopped reading before i got the chance to throw it away This novel does not have much of a plot It depicts a three men in a tub situation to be Dinosaur Dinners exact two men and a baboon The threexperience a series of adventures some with mortal conseuences as they visit different fantastic islands The novel includes a lecture by Faustroll on PataphysicsThe writing with sentences like The place where the sun sets has the appearance between the folds comprising the Town s mesentery of the vermiform appendix of a caecum 59 will send some readers scrambling for their dictionaries Others though may In His Blood enjoy Jarry s sense of humor but for pure farce Jarry s play Ubu Roi is probably a better choice than Doctor FaustrollJarry was a Dadaist and Dadaism was a paradoxical movement seeking to produce anti art one of the better known Dadaist works was a signed urinal a readymade attributed to Marcel Duchamp In this context perhaps the ridiculously mannered style and thepisodic and ultimately pointless narrative reflect an anti artistic anti literary impulse although an argument could be made that Jarry intends the Desert Kings (Deathlands, episodic narrative as a parody of travel journals and picaresue novels If though Faustroll is intended as anti literary how is one to rank it As George Carlin asks If you try to fail and succeed which have you done I m giving to this book three stars one for its indifference to literary convention and readersxpectations a second for the way it throws a Godelian monkey wrench into the machinery of critical ranking systems half a star for the sophomoric story and another half a star for its style consider this for instance The meshed base unsinkable because of its oily coating rested upon the waves denticulation like a sturgeon upon several harpoons and beneath it was a keyboard of water and air alternately 95 By way of making some introductory remarks Roger ShattuckProveditor General Propagator for the Islands and the Americas Regent by Transseant Susception of the Chair of Applied Mateology GMOGG says The canons of literary taste as they have hardened in the twentieth century leave little place for Rabelais FMF An Officer and a Spy et al had already poured that concrete already soarly that it didn t almost Exposed (Annika Bengtzon, even have a chance And you ll recall what was said in Twelve and a Tilly We must become as little children for they have no difficulty with Finnegans Wake They have no taste they cannjoy good writing as well as bad Only with time and teaching do they learn to prefer the bad Twas brillig and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe ETC And therewith I confess reserving all due respect and placing no blame that it is in fact possible to have good sense and good taste Ooko educated out of a person I don t thinkducated out of is the correct phrase Ha ha So there s no place today for a Jarry Either that or there s so damn many Jarry s suffocating us all that who needs yet another Jarry from 1898 Well yes Who needs Jarry indeed As long as I ve still got my pataphycians card dues paid in advance what the hell do I care what the rest of you have to SAY ABOUT JARRY JARRY JERRY UITE about Jarry Jarry Jerry uite Who s field is this anyways His No I ll be damn Naked ed it s not his field any than its yorns and be gob d if I think it s that A AThe novel about Dr Faustroll which is really a biography and couldven be a smartly disguised autobiography or travelogue like the one about invisible cities or ven one of those apocalyptic things in the tradition of Ezekiel s wheels and John s four horses is really in fact a Roman a clef On of Ezekiel s wheels and John s four horses is really in fact a Roman a clef On 58 you ll find the clef Treble only No bass it bothers the neighbors I don t recall any of those outstanding type of Romans but I ve no doubt they were there since they are in fact and in truth the ancestors of the Italian Mafia after whom the Amish model d theirs and they as you know can be found verywhere ven up on the top treble clef singing probably both alto and soprano I may be mistaken but it could have been a Roman a cliff but then wouldn t likely have been a Dover cliff a weise You ll know all about those Romans and their clef when you read all the answers in the back provided by the translator But whatever you think about Romans and cliffs it will ndure beyond Nerds even the reach of pataphysics which itself reaches beyond metaphysics which itself reaches beyond physics which itself reaches beyond icks that A A Ha ha And before I leave you to go drown in whatever syrupy prose you might find yourself currently inwhich drowning I d just like to point to a potentially fruitful area of pataphysical research And it is uite simply and uite directly and uite obviously this What precisely is the status of the Apostrophe in pataphysics The answer should be obvious but then when one reads the sacred texts closely it becomes suddenly and little by little not uite so clear that there is any kind of apo consistancy Perhaps it is only in so far as it remains the crux of the biscuit La Pataphysiuest la scienc. I bien les allusions à la vie littéraire de l’époue ue la langue somptueuse de Jarry In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, et sesmprunts à Rabelais ou aux grands scientiues u’il lisait assidûment« Société de recherches savantes Bark et inutiles » le Collège de Pataphysiue instituén 1948 a réuni ou réunit On Such a Full Sea encore dessprits aussi originaux ue Raymond ueneau Marcel Duchamp Ionesco ou Arrabal mais aussi des érudits hors norme ui ntre autres ont fondé les études jarryue. It is impossible to summarize this book with any clarity Suffice it to say it feels like a mash up of Rabelais and vivid proto Daliesue im Since by the laws of pataphysics ach thing defines and supersedes it s opposite thing this worst of all novels because lacking an acceptable narrative or believable characters or a coherent point is of course the greatest of all novels for its scientific complexity utterly trivial silliness homage to so many friends send up of Sir john Mandeville s travels and the finest drawn of all louacious characters in the history of literature Bosse de Nage the butt cheek faced baboon cabin boy of the bed sieve boat that sails upon land into and beyond time and space at last to find God through the mathematical geometrical formulae of lord Kelvin I would have added Ha Ha but decided in this instance to hold my tongue and to make no further comment It is obvious by now that I am a descendant of this novel s protagonist Cannibal except the Americans misspelled my last name somewhat Up to now the disguise seems to be working I was sadly disappointed by this book I had highxpectations but found the reading Mastered (The Enforcers, experience largely tedious My principal critiue would have to be that though the book is outrageous and silly and thus appears to court laughs it s actually mostly unfunnyIt has produced a significant conflict within me I have at a certain time past written a certain work with only one guiding principle do not limit or constrain one s creativity in any way That is I aimed to write without any concern for practicality ofxecution without forcing the work to make any degree of sense and without meeting any definition of what such a work should accomplish I found the results satisfying though the final text remains secreted on a metaphorical shelf hidden from prying Man, Son of Man eyesPoint Two I also generally believe that an artist should bentirely uncompromising and thus should not give any regard to audienceIn this book Exploits Alter Ego etc Jarry is absolutely unconstrained in fact far beyond what I thought unconstrained could mean He is alsontirely uncompromising So I should like the result right Or lse I should uestion my own principals perhapsWell noIn fact I think I will njoy this book in retrospect than I did while in the process of actually reading it Will it undergo a similar transformation within my mind to what Even Dwarves Started Small the Herzog Film did Only time will tell In the case of that film I profoundly disliked watching it and it irked me greatly but then I found myself talking about the film far often than I d have xpected and then I suspected that I really liked it and my obsession with it virtually proved that the film had had a profound impact on me Well hummmBut here s another reflection Faustroll is not surrealism but it may be regarded as a sort of proto surrealism as the surrealists were inspired by Jarry and his works But anyway there is a sort of literaturefilmartwhatever which is difficult to label some might call it surrealism or absurdism or dadaism or Oulipo or weirdism or whatever and it doesn t uite matter that proponents of these various schools and movements disagreed strongly in their theories intentions self images and definitions Let s just call it surrealism for now just for kicks and that will be the starting point for my next paragraphOne xample of a faith that I hold is that surrealism is not a gimmick and it s unfair to regard it as a faith that I hold is that surrealism is not a gimmick and it s unfair to regard it as Conventional narrative can include a near infinite variety of products good and bad ffective and affective Or Their Opposites Without Limit To The Forms That Can their opposites without limit to the forms that can produced yet many forms may group themselves around the genericcliche Anyway if we see surrealism as not a gimmick but an alternative way then there could be as many or infinite forms ffects and affects Art etctc I bore myself sometimes as what can be produced within conventional narrative There s no particular reason why the world could not produce and publish 30000 surrealist novels God Is in the Crowd every year with as much variance in uality and content as we see among conventional works like The Pelican Brief and Tristram Shandy the latter being very odd but NOT surreal and thus conventional in only this limited sense plus it was a bestseller in its day so oddlynough mainstreamSo the point is not all odd books are of a class They can widely vary in degree of accomplishment and in what they attempt to achieve But critiuing them can be a pain in the ass and Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard evaluation can be an aesthetic judgment that does not readily lend itself to the conventional terms used in critiuing conventional worksDr Faustroll didn t deliver a form of greatness that I can uitenjoy or appreciate while I allow for the fact that this somewhat adolescent antic of a book was provocative The Matriarchs (The Family enough to inspire later accomplished works to venture into previously unexplored territoryI say this despite the fact that this book reminds me of me far than Injoy having to admit Consciousness raising and mind blowing I know immediately that I am keeping this book in my possession and it will go on my shelf indefinitely I wish I could carry it around in my pocket also indefinitely and turn to it in future whenever I might wishSuch a slim slender Notes for the Everlost easy to read little volume but powerfully and shockingly impactfulven just a few pages in Alfred Jarry is one of those precocious writers who s word play and mind games make When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) every word count howsoever few there are Y know the writings of the symbolists and the surrealists are always like this They seal plutonium in small packages What s the writing consist of Utter. « Toutst dans Faustroll affrmait Boris Vian y compris la manière de cuire un mouton vivant jusu’à la halte du cuit à point»Le Faustroll No Biggy! est le maître livre d’Alfred Jarry Au cours de sa navigation sur terre ferme le savant docteur révèle au singe Bosse de Nage « ui ne savait de parole humaine ue ha ha » à l’huissier Panmuphle ui consigne tout par écritt au lecteur les plus singulières uintessences de la littérature de l’ar. .
Preposterous ness intellectual hooliganism verbal cartwheels and mental horseplay taken to the nth and umpteenth Crush It! exponent Imagine Kurt Vonnegut on LSD This is the kind of book that Vonnegut probably wanted to write all his life Well Jarry got there first And his words reek of his achievement For as one learns Jarry didn t just write his philosophy he lived it Jarry was a pata physician in the most manifest sense He suited his deeds to his words and he suited his words to his deeds and vice versa and verse vicea You grasp my meaning I think Though standing just under five feet tall dwelling in half of an apartment sandwiched between the first and second floors sleeping in a bed which was also a copper mesh colander and also an amphibious land skiff this irreverent imp was a rebel and iconoclast whoven though diminutive careened through the wild 1890s and still turned neighborhoods on their head This forgotten little firebrand mesmerized Pablo Picasso Yep big names like these doted on him does this say anything to you Jarry is an individual to know aboutWhy do these symbolists grow vital as time wears on In my opinion its because there s simply too much meaning happening Meaningless meaning Super practical super pragmatic results in a stultifyingly listless information age which Attracting Birds to Your Backyard extinguishes all the truly fiery uniue or ravenous individuals seen in previousras There are no two legged upright moray Deep Listening eels like Alfred Jarry slithering around in today s hyper organized society I for one am thoroughly sick of it I m sick of hive mind and groupthink and social correctness and netiuette What do we get out of this great big hierarchical pecking order Roaming these giant plains of infoach of us munching wheat field sized harvests of bland uniform mental fodder Bird-by-Bird Gardening every day Bah Over consuming information turns us bovine It s tranuilizing it is analysis paralysis Why do we need information Think about it with what prerogative do our neighbors schoolmates teachers and co workers continually wield over us in order to impress us with what they think things mean What is this constant tsunami of meaning which we gargle downvery day It s ridiculous Why should we all constantly ascribe to the same assumptions without The Works of Saint Augustine everven pausing to consider our own notions What are our own notions Do we have any Are we allowed to have any any This I might presume to assert is the same kind of sentiment that drove Jarry to such Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone excesses Jarry was one who insisted on his precious cerebral freedom Freedom to spurn and snub all common sense freedom to insist on inhabiting a world he willed for himself Such is almost unknown these days Jarry was a hero to all thinking men His hilarious pata physics is so batshit berserk so off the mapso counter logicaly know it reminds me of a time when I was once stranded overseas in a locale so far from western culture that there were not just nil spoken English anywhere around me for hundreds of miles there weren tven any written painted typed or stenciled English words or letters anywhere in sight Not a single road sign store sign or menu contained an English phrase Frightening but also so liberatingThis book re creates that sensation for me and its frankly wonderful Stop making sense Stop making us all slaves to your sense Why does very little item in modern life have to make such damn conformity Leave it out Let it go Toss it aside Live without it once in a while Flee

"the information highway "
information highway Live Your Life I your life I live mine you go your way and let me go mine I will do like Alfred Jarry who on his deathbed moments before xpiring reuested a toothpick Hurrah An amazing title Concerns the surreal odyssey of one Dr Faustroll who among other things sails in a sieve with his baboon and visits a series of bizarre and satirical islands all apparently located within downtown Paris before transforming into an astral body and attempting to calculate the surface of God Along the way he invents pataphysics which is described as the science of imaginary solutions It s all very Rabelaisan and loads of fun Re reading all the stuff that I wrote my master thesis about and realising with thankfulness what an impact these ideas have had on my life Will write about these books at length in my blog when I can find the time Bodily Doctor Faustroll was a strange hybrid of Faust and troll the hairs of his head alternately platinum blonde and jet black an auburn ambiguity changing according to the sun s position his yes two capsules of ordinary writing ink flecked with golden spermatozoa from his groin down to his feet in contrast he was sheathed in a satyric black fur for he was man to an improper degreeAnd With The Genius Of the genius of impeccable mind he created cosmic science of all sciences Pataphysics that is the science of that which is superinduced upon metaphysics whether within or beyond the latter s limitations xtending as far beyond metaphysics as the latter Moanas New Friend (Disney Moana) extends beyond physicsAnd armed with this powerful metascientific instrument following in the footsteps of Ulysses Gulliver Pantagruel and Baron Munchausen Faustroll daringlymbarked on the fantastic jaunt across the universe of art that he has cleverly defined as that which is the Professional Capital exception to oneself where he finding his soul to be abstract and naked donned the realm of the unknown dimension So now heternally abides in his pataphysical Seven Dwarfs Find a House (Disney Classic) etherity Without any care for proportions Alfred Jarry courageously blended naivet and sophistication reason and absurdity and his desperate valiance made Exploits and Opinions of Dr Faustroll Pataphysician immorta. Tt de la science de son temps l’ouvrage fut écrit Berlioz, Vol. 2 en 1897 1898t définit la Pataphysiue « science des solutions imaginaires » ui culmine dans le calcul de la surface de DieuAinsi la Pataphysiue née avec Ubu parmi les garnements du lycée de Rennes atteint The Middle Sin (Cleo North elle une dimension ubuniverselle Fondée sur les deux manuscritsxistants révisée t mise à jour cette édition propose un riche commentaire avec documents illustrés éclairant auss. ,
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