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Heart of Shadows Alice Worth #5

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The A Doctor, a Nurse, a Christmas Baby fifth installment in Lisa Edmonds Alice Worth series is absolutelyantastic Readers who have read the A Mother in the Making firstour books will not be disappointed with the continuing saga of alice malcolm and seanread continuing saga of Alice Malcolm and SeanRead review in the 2020 May issue Of InD Tale Magazine Okay I Was InD tale Magazine Okay I was until about halfway through this book I really like this series and look Her Kind Of Cowboy forward to every new release butmemory loss is NOT a trope I like so theirst half of the book was ok I was going to bitch slap Alice His Pregnant Christmas Princess for a while there but she got her shit together andinally realized what a dick the vampire isI will say I thought there would be about her grandfather as that is where imo the storyline is going This Through the Language Glass felt a bit like ailler book but enjoyed the writing and characters nonethelessREAD THIS SERIES if your into urban antasy I discovered this series at the end of last year and binge read all of the current books so imagine my delight when I got an ARCIn my opinion the previous books were some of the best new Urban Fantasy I have read in a long time and this new installment was no differentAlice is an incredibly complex well drawn character who has undergone really carefully thought out character development throughout the series That level of characterisation is rare in the paranormal genres in books that as enjoyable as many of them can be are just entertaining trashy reads This series really stands out or me because of thatThe world building is excellent and keeps growing and twill has so much potential Private Arrangements (Forged of Steele, for I love the way we keep greeting new layers in each book slowly building up our knowledge and impressionsAlice really goes through the wringer in this one It isast paced. Mage private investigator Alice Worth must solve the most difficult case of her career her ownA magic induced bloodbath during a Vampire Court gala leaves Alice and her boyfriend alpha werewolf Sean Maclin wounded Alice and her ghost sidekick Malcolm reluctantly agree to investigate the deadly supernatural attack When they vanish without a trace. Ce things got going the world building and characters grabbed me as always One thing I really liked about this addition was that we saw a different side of Alice and she continues to grow in her relationship with not only Sean and the pack but also with a ew other characters In the early books she was pretty much like a scary dangerous hedgehog In this book she is still gutsy and powerful but also not so busy pushing everyone away The action was non stop as usual and the I couldn t put the book down Sanctuary for the second half of the story The only reason I didn t give thisive stars was because the timeline Forever Faithful (Forever Faithful, format used in this book was one where it jumpsrom the present to past a Friendfluence few times and I really dislike that My analytical brain gets sidetracked on a continuous loop trying to calculate was it reallyour days ago or was it three I hope Edmonds plans to either wrap up this particular series and start another one or wrap up this story arc within the next book or two I really like the world she has built and wrap up this story arc within the next book or two I really like the world she has built and love stories set in this world view spoiler but want to see the end of the drama around Moses Murphy and the threat he poses hide spoiler 35 Better than I expectedI don t normally like books in a series where the MC One Part Woman forgets their memory so I was very pleasantly surprised to see that I really enjoyed this one yay againor AliceUnfortunately I Stranger felt like I was reading ailler book Not much happened in the main plot and I was Very Excited To See excited to see it would go onOh well still a very good series and I m still very excited to see where the story goes and what happens in the next book Only half a year left to wait until the next book is released sigh. Needs her power back before her enemies learn she’s vulnerable To ind Malcolm and her stolen magic she and Sean team up with his pack a white witch the Court and a pair of dangerous black witches Their investigation unearths an ancient vendetta and a shadowy enemy so powerful and ruthless no one involved most of all Alice will ever be the sa. .

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