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Burn Out (Burn ffor Me Book 1)

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While they act on it fairly uickly it is not right away The sex is xplicit and it fits the story I loved the interactions between all of the characters and Mac s dog I really really njoyed this story and am really looking forward to the rest of this series I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book What a great story This is my first book from this author and I already started her second book that she added to this Kindle worldShe has packed so much action into this short started her second book that she added to this Kindle worldShe has packed so much action into this short What a great addition
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this group of books author I look forward to reading much of her writing LOVED this I m so glad I picked up this trilogy The background on the author is she s a protector in real life and I m happy I got to meet her at a reader vent Her background proves strong in this first of the series Mac and Riley are meant for A Heart of Stone each other You can feel it invery word you devour First they are going to have to solve the mystery of why Mac has someone is out to get him After a day on the job fighting a fire and saving a baby firefighter Bryce Mac Macallister is meeting an old army buddy Liam Cannan in a local Dallas bar But the first person who greets him is a bombshell blonde with an attitude Investigator Abigail Riley Cannan s partner in the Knoxville Police Department Major Crimes Division They re in town for a conference so Mac will see Cannan again and most likely his knockout partner Mac is not looking for a relationship not ven a fling but a woman in the bar has been yeing him all vening and when Cannan and Riley go out the brunette makes her move The next day Mac wakes up in a motel room the bed covered in bloodWhat a terrific book and what a joy it is to discover such a talented author It s almost unbelievable that BURN OUT is a novella it reads like a full. Walks in that trouble doubles Riley’s strict code of honor is uestioned when she finds herself falling for a suspect When it becomes obvious someone is out to ruin Mac’s life Riley is drawn deeper into a treacherous web only to find herself the target of ,
Novel only with fewer pages Ms Rivers is a fabulous writer her prose is clear concise and her descriptions are so vivid I nearly felt like taking a hot shower after Riley investigates at the motel And I just love Riley she takes no prisoner but she s not arrogant she s self assured and she doesn t ven care if she comes across as a real witch it goes with the territory Mac is your perfect alpha hero and he s not daunted by a woman like Riley he admires her and he likes her gumption woman like Riley he admires her and he likes her gumption so do I I hope Ms Rivers intends to write books with Riley as the hero because she is fabulous All the characters are Divertimento exceptionally well drawn James Hurley Mac s partner is so fun I hope to see of him as well the same goes for Camila Martinez andverybody really BURN OUT is a perfectly balanced romantic suspense the romance happens organically the chemistry between Mac and Riley is so strong it had to lead somewhere it was inevitable and not in a fabricated way those two belong together The story is complex and Love Is a Fairy Tale exciting there are thrills and chills from beginning tond Rachel Rivers knows how to build up tension It s amazing how rich and complete BURN OUT is for a novella of around 100 pages it s worth very penny because you really have a condensed novel in there not one word is wasted but neither are details omitted There are great firefighting scenes passionate and sweet at the same time the dialogues are impeccable all around and the banter between Mac and Hurley is Priceless BURN OUT Is Just BURN OUT is just I need of this right now I need the story of very character in that book specially of Riley My Musings I thoroughly njoyed this Bangkok Wakes to Rain exciting read from the first page to the lastGreat characters and a fantastic plot Definitely want to read books from this talented author Happy reading. Twisted rage that won’t stop until she’s dead There’s a killer to be found victims to avenge and as Mac and Riley race against an unknown clockveryone around them is at risk – for ven the smallest mistake could lead the killer right to their doorstep. If you love firefighters and cops you will love this story Well written perfectly paced strong characters it has it all Love the twists perfectly paced strong characters it has it all Love the twists the story and the witty banter Pulls you in from the start and you fall in love with the important characters ven the dog Tate Riveted to the story you do not want to put it down First book by this author It had suspense which I njoyedWhen Bryce Macallister Mac woke up unaware in a strange hotel things got interesting The first thing he does is call his buddy Cannan He brings his partner Abigail Riley Who he met at the bar the night before Mac isn t sure why she s helping She is really good at her job and he starts to like her Good idea or not But glad she s on the caseThey find out something isn t right and someone is after Mac It has to do with his old Army days It becomes dangerous As Riley Cannan and Mac try to figure the next move of the mystery women what will happenRead and see Dallas Fire Rescue Burnout by Rachel Rivers is a phenomenal read Ms Rivers has delivered a well written book She has crafted amazing lovable character and combined them with a great story full of drama suspense action humor and sizzle Mac and Abby s story is a fast paced read that will keep readers glued to their kindles This is a fairly short read perfect for those with limited time for reading This is my second book by this author and I m already a fan I lov This was a great story I loved the characters Mac and Riley are well written and draw you into the Story From The Beginning It from the beginning It a uick read and once I started reading I didn t want to put the story down I had to figure out what was going to happen to Mac I loved the way that the story developed both the action and the relationship There is an immediate connection between Riley and Mac and. In Burn Out Dallas Firefighter Bryce Macallister needs a savior As a man ntrenched in the criminal world he knows that waking up alone in a motel room covered in blood and nothing lse lands him in a firestorm of trouble When bombshell Investigator Abby Riley. ,

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