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A Vineyard SummerThis is a nice blend of women s fiction and a cozy mystery set on the perfect summer island of Chappauiddick Annie is a island resident who has just finished her summer island of Chappauiddick Annie is a island resident who has just finished her recent book She loves her life on the island has many friends and lives in a charming cottage When her landlord kicks her out she is The Last Algonquin panicked that she will not be able to find housing in the exorbitant summer market In the meantime she finds a women who was attacked and her uick thinking saved her life The book moves into sleuth mode as Annie looks into the crime despite herrecarious situation with housing and the Hall of Mirrors pressure of marketing her novel In the meantime tourists are arriving for the summer disturbing the long term residents and tempers are flaring This is theerfect summer read with interesting charcters a good sleuth and fast Electric Machines and Power Systems paced writing I enjoyed it very much Thank you for the ARC My opinion is my own Reading A Vineyard Summer is my introduction to author Jean Stone The novel is a light mystery it s fastaced has full bodied believable characters and is the Jon Stanton Series - Three Thrillers (White Angel Murder perfect setting Martha s Vineyard When I began I did not realize this was the second in a series I was somewhat confused when the author continued to refer to happenings in the characters lives that the reader apparently should have known However there is enough detail to fill in the blanks from theast for me to keep up The enough detail to fill in the blanks from the The Fundamental 5 past for me to keep up The iserfect with rich and colorful descriptions I enjoyed the storyline interweaving the lives of a myriad of local characters The garden tour was The Gate — Things my Mother told me. perfect The mystery was believable I did have a tiny bit of trouble with esthetics the guest cottage in which main character Annie temporarily resides has a wood burning cookstove that she continues to use for baking and heating the tea kettle or brewing coffee in mid summer heat and humidity Really Who asks a drop in guest to wait while the wood is gathered lit and the fire takes hold for a uick cup of tea or mug of joe With no air conditioning the cottage is filled with the heat and humidity of July Is there no electricity to brew orerk a hot beverage I did not find any mention of candle ower or kerosene lamps And what. Home That's what Martha's Vineyard is to Annie Sutton now After a winter spent writing her latest novel Annie looks forward to a summer with friends who have become like the family she never had But then her landlord announces that his grandson will be moving into her cozy Chappauiddick cottage and she'll be moving out Year round island housing is tough to find at any time; in summer it's nearly impo. About hot water for a shower found no mention of cold showers so I m guessing there was a hot water source A wood stove in winter would be cozy but for summer seems unreasonable Perhaps someone can clarify for meStill an enjoyable read Thank you Jean Stone had been so looking forward to reading this book The cover looked beautiful and the description sounded The Team Handbook perfect The book started off so well and I was really enjoying it but sadly it became very mundane and dragging on Sadly it never caught me andulled me back in again This is one of my favorite kinds of summer reads a family dramaromancemystery in an island setting all the elements for a fun summertime novel I enjoyed this opportunity to learn about Annie and the residents I won a copy of this book from Goodreads giveaways I was not reuired to give a favorable review This WAS A REALLY GOOD STORY WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT a really good story when you think about communities around Martha s Vineyard you forget there little island around there that have both everyday Worldviews of Aspiring Powers people who live there year around and the summer vacationers This story is about a writer who has decided that living in Chappauiddick year around to write is wonderful she has met a wonderful man who is aolice officer and his wonderful Adorkable parents then there are different community members there also She was older when she met her birth mother and her half brother They know have a great relationship Her landlord has decided that she needs to move out of the guest cottage and that hasut some stress on her her boyfriend had to go out of town to deal with his ex wife and their daughter his mother is in charge of the Garden Discover the Seasons parade they have to raise money for schools and she has had a stroke her landlord is having a wedding of his daughter at the house and their neighbors daughter is found by Annie sick and have seizure next to her cottage Know they need to figure out who did and why I loved it Theerfect book to kick off summer reading season Just enough drama romance angst and mystery to be both intriguing and entertaining easy reading Now that I ve learned it Is Science in Ancient Egypt part of a series I must read the rest When a wedding guest is foundoisoned in her back. Ssible Shaken by the thought of being forced to leave the eople and the community she's grown to love Annie seeks distraction in the July 4th celebrations and stumbles upon a young woman who's unconscious on her front lawn and barely alive Summer on the Vineyard brings not only tourists but also wealthy families with summer homes like Fiona Littleton's and tensions between them and the tight knit is.

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Yard and you re served notice that you have to move out of your cottage it s definitely not a good day Annie s landlord informs her that she has out of your cottage it s definitely not a good day Annie s landlord informs her that she has move so his grandson can live in her cottage She stumbles over a wedding guest lying in her garden at night Her love interest has her cottage She stumbles over a wedding guest lying in her garden at night Her love interest has visit his ex and their daughter who is having roblems A very stressful time for a writer with a deadline and a To Be Read Before Midnight penchant for helping to solveolice issues Jean Stone s delightful A VINEYARD SUMMER is a story involving the complexities of romance the often fragile bonds of family and Christian Healing Rediscovered perhaps most importantly what it means to finally find your home Opening with the news that writer Annie Sutton may be forced to leave her beloved Chappy Stone gently ratchets up tension with the discovery of an unconscious woman and the sudden departure of Annie s boyfriend John on family business Along the way Annie encounters several of the island s eccentric residents and begins to develop some unexpected bonds all the while looking for a newlace to live and trying to finish her new book on deadline Written with great warmth and a light touch Stone vividly brings the Vineyard to life filling her book with finely drawn details and three dimensional characters As much a travelogue as it is a work of fiction A VINEYARD SUMMER What Lies Beneath (Newbury and Hobbes, provides aerfect getaway especially when read in times like these when the idea of traveling seems so far away A Vineyard Summer by Jean Stone is a cross between a cozy mystery and a family drama Annie has felt alone for a long time but over the winter she has found a Reflektorem w mrok place for herself in Chappauiddick Island on the Vineyard She has finished her book and only needs to complete the editing She has a boyfriend and she enjoys spending time with him His family has also embraced her and she is feelingositive about her life Finding her birth mother also helped move beyond the loneliness Of course with the Season Starting Annie Knows Seeing John A Detective Will Become starting Annie knows seeing John a detective will become wi This was a four star read for me until the end Too many things fell into Heroes Ghosts place too uickly to make a happy ever after I did enjoy the story and loved the Vineyard references. Land community often ignite But when Annie's uick thinking saves Fiona's life she's surprised to learn that like her Fiona has no one to lean on And when Fiona fears that someone wants her dead Annie cannot walk away With depleting resources and no home on the horizon Annie is certain of only one thing each of them will have to rise to one of life's greatest challenges feeling at home within themselv.