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Sn t bark at the and she doesn t chew up the girl s toys Eventually the kid "Concludes Rocky Would Make "that Rocky would make pretty good cat without ver seeming to realize the actual species of her new petThe story is cute Evolutionary Patterns enough but the illustrations are what make this book so appealing The style is both cartoonish and detailed and both cat and child are adorable The girl actually reminds me a bit of Disney s Lilo The facialxpressions are precious and show Rocky at her mischievous bestI think kids as well as adults will Evolution As Entropy enjoy this one Books like this that tell one story with the text and another with the illustrations can be reallyffective if done well And this one isuotable moment Ha Ha Rocky s a bad dog because she s a cat Simple concept with a cute little girl a mischievous pet and art that looks like storyboards for a Disney short film Loved it Well my short partner in reading guessed right away why Rocky was considered a bed dog by his young owner it is hard to decide who is cuterRocky or his little girl. You know maybe Rocky is a catCat lovers and dog lovers alike will howl with laughter at this little girl's willful insistence that her cat is a dog The hilarious ways in which cats and dogs are this little girl's willful insistence that her cat is a dog The hilarious ways in which cats and dogs are are brilliantly illuminated with ach turn of the page and will leave young readers and their grown ups gigglin.

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Rocky is a very bad dog she doesn t do tricks or listen to her human s orders She s very good at catlike things though like clawing things up and sleeping Bad Dog has adorable seeping out of very page as Rocky s human tells you all about her Every cat owner will find their own fluffy friends in these accurate illustrations of feline mischief love The fantastic illustrations are a highlight to this introduction to Rocky the cat who makes a rather bad dog As another reviewer said that catdog mixup will probably only be hilarious to the youngest tots but the illustrations will be appreciated by all audiencesI m not going to lie the idea of a preschooler being given a pet as a birthday present wasn t my favorite part of the book "Spoiler AlertRocky Is A Cat Great Illustrations "alertRocky is a cat Great illustrations and cute What a hilarious premise and hook I just had to read this book I had to find out why the girl thought Rocky the cat was a dog and whether she would ver admit the truth The book perfectly captures the studied indifference. The differences between cats and dogs have never been funnier In this hilarious new story from the illustrator of I Don't Want to Be a Frog a little girl really really wants a dog but gets a cat insteadLook what I got for my birthday A pet dog says a little girl holding a cat Rocky doesn't listen Or Obey Like All obey like all .
Of a cat and the insistent determination of a child to believe that her one birthday wish had been granted Slowly the girl begins to acknowledge that perhaps Rocky is better behaved than a dog Throughout the bright bold xpressive illustrations continually contradict the sparse text heightening the humor and providing some xtra gags and treasures All the while comparing and contrasting the differences between cats and dogs Each spread will have the kids and their grown ups snickering and snortingOverall this is a great book on adjusting ones dreams comparing some of the differences between cats and dogs and highlighting the love between a child and a pet Delightful This
illustrated book is about a girl who asks for a dog for her birthday and gets one sort of Rocky isn t like most dogs she doesn t like to go for walks she won t obey commands and she really doesn t like water The girl concludes that Rocky s a pretty bad dog But there are some things about Rocky that aren t so bad ither she doe. He other dogs Because Rocky is a cat And Rocky hates her leash and doesn't seem to like other dogs Probably because Rocky is a "cat And rather than play fetch Rocky prefers to lick between her toes Ew Rocky is a bad dog "And rather than play fetch Rocky prefers to lick between her toes Ew Rocky is a bad dog Rocky doesn't bark and is so cute when she sleeps in sunny spots Maybe Rocky IS a good dog Or. Bad Dog author Mike Boldt