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Ti u ch t c phong l l i l m vi c t trong l m vi C M T Trong m t trong ti u ch h ng u nh gi ng vi n Nh ng kh ng ph i ng. Be on the forefront of the next revolution in computation Learn uantum computing by implementing uantum programs on IBM X Key Features Learn uantum computing through programming projects Run test and debug your uantum programs with the fully integrated IBM X  Use ISKit to create uantum computing programs compile them and xecute them on one of the several backends Book Description uantum computers offer a potential sea change in computer power IBM Research has now made uantum computing available to the public for the first time providing access to a uantum computing platform IBM X from any desktop or mobile device via the cloud This book takes you through learning uantum computing by programming for a real world uantum computer It is a perfect blend of thought leadership content plus cutting Sleepless (Bird of Stone, edge practical scenarios that will keep you ondge to understand the power of uantum computingThis book will start with introducing the. Vi n n o c ng hi u r NH NG TI U CH Y C NH GI ng ti u ch y c nh gi th n o V y h y c ng ch ng t i t m hi u c th h n tro. Concept and principles of uantum computing and the areas in which they can be applied We will show how uantum computing can be used in order to improve classical methods of computer processing and convert a classical algorithm into a Uantum Algorithm We'll Then Explore algorithm We'll then xplore IBM Ecosystem which facilitates uantum development with the help of uantum Composer and ISKit and move on to implement the algorithms on the uantum processor and how uantum computations are actually performed By the nd of the book you will have successfully learned to create uantum programs of your own have understood the impact of uantum computing on your business and career and have future proofed your programming career What you will learn Implement uantum programs on the IBM X via uantum Composer and ISKit Translate classical algorithms to a uantum algorithms Design simple uantum algorithms Learn how a uantum computer performs computations Understand

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Mastering uantum Computing with IBM XNg b i vi t T c Phong L L I L M Vi l l i l m vi c nh gi theo ti u ch n o d i l i l m vi c c nh gi theo ti u ch n o d i phong le. Ore uantum computational algorithms such as Shor's algorithm and Grover's algorithm Develop the ability to analyze uantum computing potential in the your companyindustry Who This Book Is For Mastering uantum Computing with IBM X is for developers and data scientists who are interested in learning uantum computing Basic understanding of Python language is Assumed Developers Using The Developers using the need not have in depth knowledge of uantum physics About the Author Dr Christine Corbett Moran is a Researcher and Engineer at NASA JPL and a guest scientist at Caltech She has published peer reviewed papers on astrophysics astronomy artificial intelligence and uantum computing garnering thousands of citations Her open source software products have received millions of downloads She has a PhD and Master's in astrophysics from the University of Zurich and a dual BS in Computer Science and Physics from MIT She can be found on twitter corbett.