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Pete Rose is a simple man *who lived in a complex world Like all good books about sports Rose s narrative fills *lived in a complex world Like all good books about sports Rose s narrative fills the blanks on a history of his time Whether giving Joe DiMaggio a shower at an anti Communist Vietnamese TRAINING CAMP IN THE 60 S WRITING ABOUT BASEBALL camp in the 60 s writing about baseball or making some pretty astute analysis of baseball s modern decline Rose has been no tourist in this making some pretty astute analysis of baseball s modern decline Rose has been no tourist in this His writing about playing in the Venezuelan Winter Leagues really brought home what filthy Communists have done to that once great nation I begin to have real empathy for Venezuela which had been lacking Rose humanizes what he writes about because he is so relentlessly human himselfWhat s missing from this book is Pete Rose really He never really reveals that much about himself rhe two divorces the paternity suit the statutory rape accusation His most genuine emotion is the anger and sorrow over his son being denied a fair chance at MLB because of his father s gambling problems and over the death of his fatherAs to that unless they can prove Rose shaved points or bet against his team while he was managing the ban from the Hall of Fame is BS absolutely Rose probably had some electronic link to his bets writing checks or some such which ust shows he did not have a criminal mentality about the whole thing though neither did Jussie Smollet by that logic I suppose Rose however lives as the exact opposite of the whining Snowflake Culture of the current milieu Brother Perfect just seems to have had a gambling problemPersonal confession I tried to slide head first into 3rd base when I played Farm Team got burns all over my chest so painful I couldn t even cry got tagged out as the 3rd base coaches laughed at my discomfort and could hardly walk for three daysPut him in the Hall already I am not a big baseball fan today but I was back when the Big Red Machine played and Pete Rose was a huge part of that I remember my dad either watching on tv or hovered over the radio coveting every moment of every game The Cincinnati Reds brought excitement to millions of people and the memories of those days linger on Pete Rose brings many of those memories back to life in his book Play Hungry This is the story of how Rose came to be one of the greatest baseball players of all time It tells of his great love for the game and how though he wasn t the greatest athlete of all time he could have been in the Hall of Fame simply because he truly was Charlie Hustle No one worked harder than Pete Rose when it came to the game of baseball He studied every nuance of the game and learned from many of the greats such as Willie Pete Rose IS baseball He deserves to be in the Hall of Fame A good read I ve always wanted to meet Pete Rose and talk baseball with him This book felt like meeting him loved reading about his life and career and changes he d make now in the game He was a great player and I did get to see him play back in the day Enjoyed this book a lot Liked his stories about his father and how much of an influence he had in his life Overall a great read if you are a baseball fan The Fragrance of RoseI m glad I sidestepped the first review This book was a real eye opener for me Not knowing much about the man who I saw on the cereal box and television as a kid I wanted to hear from Pete Rose I m not a baseball fan but I have watched some games and been to the ballpark What I come away with is the sense that this man lived for baseball To this day he still comes off as passionate about the game His insights are invaluable and I would recommend that anyone who lives in the realm of slapdash haphazard and approximate effort as a wise man once called it to have a go at this book and compare yourself to Pete Rose Ask yourself what you re missing This book had me looking in the mirror about all kinds of stuff Myob my role as a father and gra. The inside story of how Pete Rose became one of the greatest and most controversial players in the history of baseballPete Rose was a legend on the field As baseball's Hit King he shattered records that were thought to be unbreakable And during the 1970s he was the leader of the Big Red Machine the Cincinnati Reds team that dominated the game But he's also the greatest player who may never enter the Hall of Fame because of his lifetime ban from the sport Perhaps no other ballplayer's story is so representative of the triumphs and tragedies of our national pastimeIn Play Hungry Rose tells us the story of how through hard work and sheer will.

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Play HungryD give it a 35 rating simply because I loved that baseball era and Rose was a big part of it *pete rose was without uestion one of baseball *Rose was without uestion one of baseball best known names during his uarter century in the Big Leagues as a player and manager His autobiography is very much focused on his career he begins with his childhood in Cincinnati and ends essentially with the end of his managerial career There are brief references to his personal life including his son s Major League debut but very few details about His Marriages Children Or marriages children or legal entanglements As such the book will likely be most appreciated by those who remember Rose s days with the Big Red Machine and are interested in getting a sense of his thoughts on the game rather than those who might be interested in Rose as a human being While not a great book the occasional interesting insights are communicated in an easily readable fashionAs one would expect from an autobiography Rose paints himself in a flattering light He continually emphasizes his competitiveness work ethic and hustle Rose is proud of his career including the fact that he holds the record for most career hits Although he states at several points that his primary concern was helping his team win and emphasizes his willingness to switch positions as needed to put the best team on the field Rose s ego is undeniably large he writes at length about his desire to win personal awards such as Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player and hints at multiple points that he would like to be inducted into the Hall of FameRose is yet another baseball success story who had the advantage of an athletic father Big Pete was a semi professional football player into his early 40s and was an inspiration to his son The most touching and heartfelt section of the book is the preface in which Pete expresses gratitude for all his father gave him It is interesting to see how completely Pete dedicated himself to sports he had to repeat a year of high school because he failed to pass his classes and as a result played semi pro baseball his senior year having exhausted his high school eligibility Like many athletes he was physically a late bloomer getting much of his height and strength in his very late teensRose addresses his lifetime ban from baseball due to the bets he made on baseball during his career at both the start and end of the book On the one hand he apologizes for doing something that he acknowledges was against the rules of baseball On the other he makes clear that he feels no real moral ualms over his actions his claim is that he bet only on his own teams to win and that his financial interests were therefore aligned with the competitive interests of his team The same sorry not sorry attitude shows up elsewhere in his accounts When discussing his controversial collision with catcher Ray Fosse during the 1970 All Star Game Rose expresses remorse over the fact that Fosse was seriously injured but defends his actions as those of a competitor giving the fans the game they deserved Awesome book Would make a great movie or TV show Great book Pete Rose describes his childhood in Cincinnati His father encouraged his focus on sports over academics Drafted after high school he played in the Bush Leagues in the Cincinnati Reds system He caught the attention of coaches who promoted him past the minor leagues to the Reds He briefly discusses his period of free agency and management He regrets betting on baseball but believes his punishment was greater than the crime I was fortunate enough to live in Cincinnati where I watched him as a player coach I remember the night he set the record Even in those years he and Johnny Bench were fun to watch It s a mediocre book which doesn t spend enough time on his career in the majors and spends time on the back story but Reds and Rose fans may enjoy this. He describes ust what it was like to hit or try to hit a Bob Gibson fastball or a Gaylord Perry spitball what happened in that infamous collision at home plate during the 1970 All Star Game and what it felt like to topple Ty Cobb's hit record And he speaks to how he let down his fans his teammates and the memory of his dad when he gambled on baseball breaking the rules of a sport that he loved than anything else Told with candor and wry humor including tales he's never told before Rose's memoir is his final word on the glories and controversies of his life and ultimately a master class in how to succeed when the odds are stacked against Ndfather my faith I mean Pete Rose was on a different level when it comes to the sheer drive to win and to play it comes to the sheer drive to win and to play excellence What are we out there for What are we doing anything for Do we have that inner drive to win at something Not that we have to be competing all the time that s not what I mean This man was driven to an excellence that bordered on Obsession Or Fanaticism People Seem To Want Pete Rose To or fanaticism People seem to want Pete Rose to in a way that they will believe him It will never happen to many peoples satisfaction Why Because everyone is looking for something different in an apology Listen Pete grew up wanting to play in the big leagues and no doubt wanted to make the MLB HOF I can feel it in every word I read But he was disualified That is a tragedy of epic proportions in sports history I have been to Canton but have no desire to go to Cooperstown Why Because Pete is not there I can t even imagine what he thinks about when he wakes up in the morning Man alive I met Pete Rose in Vegas on business in 2018 I was walking to a class at MGM for a conference I was attending He was behind a glass and I was like Wow there is Pete Rose I think I even said it out loud I bought a ball for my son who is a baseball fan got a signature and about a five minute conversation I m from KC and he knew our team and asked me about things I didn t have answers for I come away from this book understanding what drove Pete Rose to become one of the greatest ball players who ever lived He was raised to do his best to give it his all to prepare to play hard to stay focused to pay attention to every last detail of the game The man once ran to first base in a spring training game after drawing a walk Who does that He didn t care what people said about his play He was moving at a different level He played like ever year was the final year of a contract When the world continues to crush Rose because he broke the rules and bet on baseball the fragrance that I keep smelling is win compete give it your all don t give up do what ever it takes but play to win The second best thing Pete Rose was known for was his drive and determination to be the best baseball player he could be He hustled constantly even running to first when drawing a walk He played hard ala the scrappy days of Ty Cobb He is best known sadly for his lifetime banishment from the sport for betting and for his block for being admitted into the Hall of Fame In his book he briefly apologizes for his transgressions and suggests that maybe some day after he s long gone he may be allowed into the Hall He blames his betting on his father saying he s very competitive and would never bet against his own team Still he bet on the sport which is a huge no no in baseballPlay Hungry is written in various cliches and odd syntax Any book that has exclamation points gets a point knocked off the five star rating automatically and Pete uses them a lot He also resorts to cliches when writing Most of the book is about his early life and how he became Pete A section on his days with the Big Red Machine may be the most attractive for readers who knew of him and it s decent reading for bringing back those memoriesHe umps uickly to his days with Philadelphia and then as a manager with the Reds There s also brief chapters as if done uickly to fill a page count about his son s attempt into baseball and then his own opinion of today s game He actually suggests doing a split season like minor leagues or that disastrous 1981 strike shortened major league season as a way to draw fans to the game Egad He says it gives fans of teams like say San Diego or Balti a chance to have a second chance after their teams become non contenders in early July for exampleThis is a uick read and worth the time given to read it merely for the feel of the 1970s and 1980s baseball But don t expect a lot of prose He became one of the unlikeliest stars of the game Guided by the dad he idolized a local sports hero Pete learned to play hard and always focus on winning But even with his dad's guidance Pete was cut from his team as a teenager he wasn't a natural Rose was determined though and never would be satisfied with anything less than success His relentless hustle and headfirst style would help him overcome his limitations leading him to one of the most exciting and brash careers in the history of the sport Play Hungry is Pete Rose's love letter to the game and an unvarnished story of life on the diamond One of the icons of a golden age in baseball. ,

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