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God in the Gallery A Christian Embrace of Modern Art Cultural ExegesisGod in the Gallery is Exactly What The Subtitle Claims what the subtitle claims Christian embrace of modern art Daniel A Siedell embraces the contemporary art world and will bring the willing reader along with If I Never See You Again (Jo Birmingham himI am a layperson when it comes to contemporary art Iave no training or degrees but I love to engage with modern art and artists I am a big fan of abstract expressionism I love the aesthetic sensibilities of the Futurists and pop art With Warhol in the lead is a fascinating "And Fun World But " fun world But true art love is the paintings of Mark RothkoI love Rothko s work His later paintings speak to me deep down down to my bones To me they are unbridled raw emotion and experience Reading Siedell s book Firebird helped put that love and my whole understanding of contemporary art into a Christological contextSiedell places Rothko s work and much of contemporary art in context as modern day icons Icons to be experienced and to commune with icons that show us light the real Light As Siedell puts it as Christians we can name this real light even if tragically neither Rothko noris paintings could Siedell goes into is thinking on the subject in depth casting a Christian view of contemporary art in terms of the economy in depth casting a Christian view of contemporary art in terms of the economy the icon He is upfront about ow foreign this concept is to American Protestants including me and spends a worthwhile amount of time in the first chapters outlining The House That Jesus Built how the icon was universal in the early church and affirmed universally up through the Second Council of Nicea Using the icon as the intersection of physical an. Is contemporary art a friend or foe of Christianity Artistorian critic and curator Daniel Siedell addresses this uestion and presents a framework for interpreting art from a Christian worldview in God in the Gallery A Christian Embrace of Modern D spiritual realities Siedell invites the reader to view modern art

"As Transcendent IconographyRead On My "
transcendent iconographyRead on my I m not that interested in Radical Orthodoxy the reader to view modern art as transcendent iconographyRead on my blog I m not that interested in Radical Orthodoxy Emergent Church or other similar theologicalliturgical movements so to a certain extent some of the author s specifically Christian comments were not that interesting to me However the first two chapters as well as the chapter on Art Criticism may be the clearest discussion I Elegies Elderberries (The Herbalist have ever read on what is Modern and Contemporary Art and why it is what it is and I wouldighly recommend those chapters to anyone Christian or not who was frustrated by the language used in other academic introductions to the topic for example the prose in one of the broad introductions recommended by Siedell Art Since 1900 is execrable and the authors should be ashamed of themselves for fostering the worst stereotypes of Academic writing in general and Art History in particular Great book must read for Christians who are interested in contemporary art and feel a bit perplexed This is a challenging work to both read as well as to review As someone who is both a Christian and who appreciates modern art yes even abstract art I was looking forward to Siedell s challenge An albeit simplistic outline of this work can be summarized as follows1 Definition and meaning of modern art blend of Dickie s institutional theory and Crowther s ecology theory of art2 Christian apologetic of modern art Acts 1722233 Examples and analysis of modern artists ighlighting Enriue Mart nez Celay. Rt As such it is an excellent companion to Francis Schaeffer's classic Art and the Bible Divided into three parts Theology History and Practice God in the Gallery demonstrates that art is in conversation with and not opposed to the Christian faith ,

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