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None of the magical features of Charlie N Holmberg s Smoke and Summons overwhelm you and that s a good thing We become aware of the illegal magic practiced and are also informed that there are are magical artifacts We are not allowed to see than that at least not at this timeWhich is okay because it allows the story to evolve around Sandis who is a vessel capable of becoming a temporary home of a demon Her life is about to abruptly change which is where the story begins Her attempts #to escape from her former captor ensnares Rone who has enough problems # escape from her former captor ensnares Rone who has enough problems adding Sandis to the LIST BOTH ARE SEEKING ANSWERS TO THEIR TROUBLES WHILE Both are seeking answers to their troubles while the uthless people looking for them Ms Holmberg slowly builds his world allowing us only to see whatever Sandis and Rone are experiencing This works well eliminating the possibility of information dumps and keeping the book action oriented Tension is another underlying aspect of the plot as the danger of capture lurks around every cornerThough they are scantily fleshed out there is enough description to cause us to care about Rone and Sandis The villains in the story both major and minor are fairly one dimensional We can feel the essence of evil but not much else As the story focus is not on the villains this tends not to be too much of a factorOverall this is a decent enough tale that I am considering taking the plunge and moving on to the second book The author almost lost me as I believed the book would end with a cliffhanger Thankfully although the end was abrupt the story did not finish with someone s life on the line Lighthearted at times a slight breath of potential omance and pages of action make this a solid four star effort Release day and I just eceived an eARC Fun Really looking forward to this one being a bit odd and very magical This entire series is out The Numina trilogy is the biggest and IMO the best story I ve ever written I hope you guys enjoy eading it as much as I loved writing it Order the ebook hardcover paperback and audiobook on on Barnes Noble No one s going to ead this why do I write book eviews None of my friends are on this site and I doubt people who are on the site look for other people s eviews Oh wellI think Charlie builds a decent fantasy world but this one is a lot weaker than her Paper Magician series I think this is an attempt to make a darker series but keep her super wholesome eligious characters It s not that this is a hopepunk or whatever people are calling it but you can definitely tell that the author is very devout and has particular ideas on how people should be and that s what she writes about The main character is pure trusting and constantly being degraded by the world literally dropped in the sewers multiple times and enslaved but never violated and yet never loses her faith in a thinly veiled god She is betrayed by the last person she trusts but is obviously going to forgive this person because she just wants to cook for him or something I don t know Honestly the budding omance is the worst I d ather she escue herself thanksReading Charlie s books you. As a human vessel for an ancient spirit Sandis lives no ordinary life At the command of her master she can be transformed against her will into his weapon a aging monster summoned to do his bidding Unlike other vessels Sandis can host extremely powerful spirits but hosting such creatu. .
Can guess what part of the US she s from and that s fine She s obviously very devout and it shows because her characters are a very particular sort of wholesome In the Magicians series it works because it s set in Victorian England anyway so it fits well for the time and the heroine was mostly working out her own shit It just felt organic The Numina series feels forced like she set out to write about her faith and how it interacts with the world through a bunch of metaphors around slavery and demonic possession and endless bouncing between sewers and ooftops get it highs and lows and endless bouncing between sewers and ooftops get it highs and lows girl is possessed of awesome power but never wields it herself she is only a vessel for some otherworldly force to act through her She literally has no agency of her own she s called a vessel like 100 times and most of the book is her being backed into a corner before her fire horse demon or her boyfriend betrayer can save them probably by descending into a sewer It seems like the only things she does of her own free will her contribution to trying to get away is cleaning up and making sure the boyfriend betrayer gets something to eatThis is Twilight level wish fulfillment fantasy Which is fine if that s your thing but it isn t mine 199 Kindle sale May 5 2019 Pretty good YA fantasy the start of a new series the second book has just been published 325 stars Final eview first posted on Fantasy Literature Smoke Summons is the start of a new YA fantasy trilogy by Charlie N Holmberg with an interesting ather dark occult concept underlying it Demons and spirits called
#numina from the #
from the plane are able to be summoned and controlled by those who know the necessary ituals which include painfully branding a person s back with golden script and tattooing the demon s name in blood above it Kazen an evil man in his sixties seriously he has no edeeming ualities whatsoever has figured out a system to use these ancient powers for his own ambitions he finds teens and children who have no family to protect them and who have the ualities necessary to be a vessel for a demon good health no piercings virginity and a cryptically described but vital uality called an open spirit and enslaves them Then he can trot out the demon at will to terrorize and injure people so they ll do what he wants like sign over certain assets to him What Kazen is doing is also highly illegal so if any of his young vessels gets caught by the police it s an immediate death sentence for them despite their innocenceOne of Kazen s slaves is our 18 year old heroine Sandis who s been chafing under Kazen s control and cruelties Though she s supposed to have total amnesia when Ireth a fiery horse numina possesses her she has some vague ecollections of events and feels a connection with Ireth When Kazen does something particularly horrifying Sandis finally musters up her courage and uns away Her family is When Kazen does something particularly horrifying Sandis finally musters up her courage and uns away Her family is but during her last outing with Kazen she saw the name of a person sharing her unusual last name Sandis pins her hope on finding this Talbur Gwenwig hoping he s a long lost elative who will protect herWhat San. Res can be fatal To stay alive she must un And in a city fueled by smoke and corruption she finds a surprising allyA cunning thief for hire Rone owns a are device that grants him immortality for one minute every day a uniue advantage that will come in handy in Sandis’s fight for fr. Dis finds instead is Rone a twenty something thief who has an ancient magical artifact called an amarinth that he can spin once every 24 hours giving him protection for sixty seconds against any mortal wounds and conveniently healing any that he s already gotten When sandis swipes the amarinth while one is protecting swipes the amarinth while Rone is protecting against Kazen s henchmen who are chasing her down Rone s and Sandis s fates become tied together Sandis also knows that Kazen is bent on summoning a far dangerous demon Kolosos who might destroy their city of Dresberg She s not sure how to prevent him from doing this but she wants to try even if it means keeping her connection to IrethI thought Smoke Summons was an engaging novel easy to ead and get lost in and teen eaders who like dark magical fantasies with a omance subplot are likely to enjoy it The plot has several weaknesses though the type that start to bother you once the excitement of eading the novel starts to wear off I freuently wanted to shake Sandis and Rone who occasionally make blindingly imprudent decisions One that Sandis makes at the very end of the novel was the final straw makes at the very end of the novel was the final straw me though Holmberg offers justification for her choice that may satisfy other eaders And once you cut through all the chasing mostly by Kazen and his goons and unning around which takes up most of the story this novel feels like it s mostly a long set up for the next novels in the NUMINA TRILOGYDresberg and the entire country of Kolingrad are a dirty corrupt place one that most people except the wealthy and powerful would love to escape from were it not that the borders are so strictly controlled Sandis and Rone are a fairly typical YA fiction couple dancing around their attraction and having their elationship nearly torpedoed with misunderstandings and external pressures Kazen and his grafter henchmen are entirely villainous without nuances to make them sympathetic or at least understandable I m of the opinion that Kazen isn t the only numina summoner in Kolingrad Perhaps that would an interesting way for the plot to develop in next booksWhat I appreciated most in Smoke Summons were some of the secondary characters and subplots especially those involving Rone s long lost father this was a memorable episode fraught with emotion and a hard message about self serving choices and his former mentor Arnae Kurtz Rone s elationship with and devotion to his ather saintly and definitely long suffering mother also ends up playing a key ole in the plot Smoke Summons is a darker novel than I would have expected from Holmberg though not as dark as some YA fantasies I ve un across and Holmberg does pull her punches with the sexual content if not with violence and death This novel has a killer cliffhanger at the end the One With The Aforementioned with the aforementioned to swallow choice by Sandis Overall it s an interesting story and world and despite some shortcomings in the plot and characterizations I m interested in seeing what happens in the next book in this series I eceived a free eview copy of this book from the publisher 47North and the publicist Thank you. Eedom But Sandis’s master knows how powerful she is He’s determined to get her back and he has the manpower to find her wherever she unsNow to outwit her pursuers Sandis must put all her trust in Rone and his immortal device For her master has summoned than mere men to hunt her do.

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