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Everything Conceivable How Assisted Reproduction Is Changing Men Women and the World

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Ir naturally conceived counterparts and culture medium is the most likely cause As The Author the author points the term effects of IVF and high dose fertility drugs on children have not been explored can t be explored because of the ban on embryo esearch Then there s the effect on a woman s body of carrying multiples even twins are a are phenomenon in non ART pregnancy but with ART pregnancies multiples become and common Aside from developmental problems experienced by children as a esult which escalate wildly with three and babies there s the cost to the mother whose womb is evolutionarily designed to carry about 10lbs no Mundy does not suggest that any of this should outweigh the joy that a much wanted child brings to a family She does persuasively argue however that we have given sufficient thought to the long term conseuences of ART Her prescription is not that ART should cease but that we should step up to the plate with better egulation of the ART industry better public health information about the causes of infertility of which the most common in women is age and a comprehensive support and counseling system for would be parents She also challenges the
s movement to figure out to better support women as they navigate the challenge of infertility The most sophisticated assisted eproductive technologies are available to those who can pay or whose jobs have liberal enough insurance policies to cover most costs Where does that leave poor women Non white women whose nearest infertility specialist is acist Lesbian women in places where no doctor supports their vision of family Women with incomplete medical information who believe the doctor who tells them it s necessary to implant four five six embryos The women s movement Mundy charges has a esponsibility not only toward women seeking to control their eproduction by choosing not to have children at a given moment in time but also to women who want kids and need help to make it happenI can t help but think of the proverb that cautions may you live in interesting time. Nology Mundy explores the impact of assisted eproduction on individuals as well as the ethical issues aised and the potentially vast social conseuences The unforgettable personal stories in Everything Conceivable un the gamut from joyous to tragic; all of them aise uestions we dare not ignore From the Trade Paperback edition. ,
Ted eproductive technology and all the associated social conseuences without losing compassion for those seeking to have children or minimizing the elated scientific social and individual isksThere s a great deal here to give heart to those trying to deal with infertility male sterility is all but vanuished in the United States for example thanks to new ways of introducing sperm to the NUCLEUS OF AN EGG AND MUNDY EMPHASIZES JUST HOW of an egg and Mundy emphasizes JUST HOW THE CHILDREN BORN OF PARENTS UTILIZING REPRODUCTIVE how the children born of parents utilizing eproductive are loved and cherished There are no shortage of incredible stories about the lengths parents go to to conceive and the deep satisfaction they feel when they meet their child stories about families being woven of whole new cloth of gay and lesbian parents of half siblings who have become kin to one another despite being born a thousand miles apart linked by the a biological donation of an egg or spermYet Mundy is also exacting in detailing how unprepared we are societally and evolutionarily to deal with the conseuences of ART Infertility for example often has a purpose preventing a parent who is a carrier of disease from passing that on to another generation Rates of cystic fibrosis for example have significantly increased since the use of ART Men are now passing genetic infertility on to their sons and women the idiosyncrasy of their womb s shape size or capability to carry a child to term Without egistries to provide medical information about sperm and egg donors most are completely anonymous there is no way for a child to know his or her complete genetic medical history and there is the possibility of half siblings unknowingly dating marrying and having children with one another The United States also maintains a ban on embryo esearch meaning that we have no idea if the culture medium in which embryos are grown has any effect on the child who grows from their cells Very early esearch abroad suggests yes it s possible children conceived through IVF are for example likely as embryos to spontaneously split and become twins than the. Cal advances are evolutionizing American families and changing the way we think about parenthood childbirth and life itself Using in depth eporting and iveting anecdotal material from doctors families surrogates sperm and egg donors infertile men and women single and gay and lesbian parents and children conceived through tech. I chose this book as one of my pregnancy birth eadings for my certification because assisted Birth eadings for my certification because assisted is just something I don t know about from personal experience and I m sure I ve already worked with families using assisted eproduction as a doula and childbirth educator whether I already worked with families using assisted eproduction as a doula and childbirth educator whether I it or notActually I know I ve worked with families using assisted eproduction since I was a young teenager one of the families I babysat for then was a single lesbian mom who eventually had 6 children 4 or 5 by birth and 1 or 2 by adoption The ART she used was pretty low tech as far as I knowI learned a lot about how modern ART works what the options and possibilities are and what some of the pitfalls and challenges may beFavorite uote Urologists have efined microsurgery to the point where if a man has a pocket of motile sperm anywhere if for example the majority of his sperm are dead but there is live sperm in one tubule they can etrieve it and use it They e like the SWAT team of eproductive surgeons trained to get the hostage out safely In military hospitals these are actually called commando extractions p 74 The most thorough and exhaustive book I have ead on this topic to date This is an interesting book and is very well written but I feel like Liza Mundy and I are fascinated by different things I love poetic science writing and uestions about humanity while Mundy likes to consider a different type of humanity that of personhood and ethics and legal matters The first chapter and the last chapter are definitely the best ones The desire to eproduce is out "of control Women and their partners are paying billions of dollars annually with the hopes of creating new " control Women and their partners are paying billions of dollars annually with the hopes of creating new as if there isn t enough life for this planet to support Well esearched and non judgemental Everything Conceivable challenges eproductive technologies today as well as the concepts of mother and fatherhood brother and sister and what it means to be pregnant Everything Conceivable does what I would not have imagined possible examines the complicated ins and outs of assis. Award winning journalist Liza Mundy captures the human narratives as well as the science behind the controversial multibillion dollar fertility industry and examines how this huge social experiment is transforming our most basic elationships and even our destiny as a speciesSkyrocketing infertility ates and dizzying technologi. .

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