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Men or amejo There s a giant amount of topics talked about like Okinawan history soldiers wanting to marry Japanese women to gain visas assault kidnapping and rape women traveling to Okinawa for work to escape an angry homeland or family sex work from the 1950s 1990s and the treatment of children of mixed race parentage The only real thing preventing this book from a confident 5 star rating is the slight redundancy and carryover of historical facts from one chapter to another which dulls the individual woman s story 45 Multi dimensional view of the US bases in Okinawa through women s relationships with themJohnson weaves these women s stories with wide ranging historical background from the Ryukyu kingdom colonialism World War II reconstruction reversion the Cold War and the thread of positive negative and worse interactions between the bases local residents and foreign workers There were times when some history became repetitive as though these narratives had been assembled from separate work published independently and the acknowledgments suggest as much but overall the book is terrifically educational at least for someone with little awareness of Okinawa than that offered by The Karate KidMost impressive is how comprehensive her scope is on this issue having lived This is a memorable book Akemi Johnson lays out all the factors affecting the Japanese island of Okinawa as it hosts a dense concentration of US military bases the historical economic legal social and sexual patterns that have changed Okinawa into a hybrid Japanese American culture Johnson is uite even handed as she looks clear eyed at some of the atrocities Americans have perpetrated on Okinawans as far back as WWII and at many of the benefits that have been exchanged Her story is bookended by the case of Rina Shimabukuro a young woman who was murdered by an ex GI in 2016 The crime opens the books and the sentencing closes it In between there are mentions of dozens American crimes and interviews with a myriad of locals who love or hate or sometimes both the American presenceWhile reading the book I thought often of Mark Twain s uote on travel It is fatal to prejudice bigotry and narrow mindedness and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts Broad wholesome charitable views of men and things cannot be acuired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one s lifetime Unfortunately USmilitary members and their families stationed on overseas bases usually miss out on this liberation the isolation of the base social structure instead can widen the cultural gap Johnson s book is packed with intimate accounts from both sides of this culture clash Full disclosure I was a military wife who lived for years on and off base in a NATO country The American Village referenced in the title is a theme park style tourist trap that attracts off duty soldiers and Marines as well as avidly curious locals It felt like yet another example of our tendency to export the worst of AmericaI liked the structure Johnson used with each chapter headed by the name of a different woman whose story introduced of Okinawa s complex issues I liked her throughness right down to the footnotes to establish the credibility of her observations Her style is very readableI hope many readers discover this book Thanks to NetGalley for an advance reader s copy Thank you NetGalley for the ARCLet me start by saying that I have not only studied at University and lived Japan but have

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served in the military have been stationed in Japan and been to Okinawa many times I was leery at first to see what agenda the author had torn between my love for the people and culture of Japan and Okinawa and for my fellow service members and America I knew this book could go a number of ways I was very happy that the author not only conducted extensive research on both the Okinawan side but the American side as well as I feel that she was able to offer a uniue perspective to a difficult and volatile situation without taking sidesIn her novel Ms Johnson looks at the troubled yet co dependent relationship between Okinawa and the United States since WWII through the lives of women on the island In each chapter she tells the story of a particular woman revealing her life on this tropical island and how society around her both Okinawan and American react and accept her She also draws parallels to women on the mainland of Japan In the book she shows us the amejo the girls who only date American guys the war survivor the base protestor the wife of an American who relies on the base the abandoned hafu child of an American father and Okinawa mother the Filipina bar hostess and the rape victim Each one gives us a glimpse into this complicated relationship between the US and Okinawa the bases and the island the military and the Okinawa people This relationship this story this history is different than the rest of Japan and needs to be understood as a separate entityIf you have ever wondered why the people of Okinawa protest the bases or if you wonder why each incident that happens involving a US service member gets elevated to the level it does why it s on their National radar if you are in the military and are stationed there or will be stationed there or have been stationed therethis is a must have been stationed therethis is a MUST Brava Ms Johnson You did a brilliant ob with a very difficult topic I m currently a military spouse living on one of the bases in Okinawa and I think this book should be reuired reading for everyone associated with the military hereThis book gave me important lessons in history sociology and Okinawan culture It took me longer than usual to read because I had to take time between chapters to emotionally process The Okinawan people especially the women presented have endured some very difficult traumas I loved that the author did her best to show all different perspectives and leaves it to the reader to form their own opinions about American forces in Okinawa and whether or not they should stay or goI m so glad that Ms Johnson shared these women s stories and I hope she comes to Okinawa for a readingI received an ARC Advance Reader Copy of this book courtesy of The New Press NetGalley in exchange for an honest review All thoughts and opinions are my ow. By an ex–US serviceman in 2016 and speaks to protesters to women who date and marry American men and groups that help them when problems arise and to Okinawans whose family members survived World War IIThought provoking and timely Night in the American Village is a vivid look at the enduring wounds of US Japanese history and the cultural and sexual politics of the American military empir.

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Night in the American VillageThis is an excellent book on so many levels It would make a great textbook for a college course on Okinawa But it s also very readable as Johnson tells the stories of different women in Okinawa It is rich in detail and description and the political controversies are covered uite astutely I knew of Okinawa s history and culture before reading this book so I had some context but I was surprised at how deep the author went explaining not Transnasal Endoscopic Skull Base and Brain Surgery just what happened but how and why it happened If you have a connection to military bases andor if you have any interest in Japan and Okinawa you should read this book Or if youust want to be challenged into thinking about the world in a different way you should read this book It is a smooth read but not an easy one as you need to take time to consider what is being said But so worth it I didn t know much about Okinawa and it s history going into this book I had ust finished a historical fiction story w a character who died in the Battle of Okinawa so the timing on receiving this book was perfect I couldn t have even told you that Okinawa was it s own island and not a city in Japan proper funny that this book refers to Japan as the mainland when it is an island itselfWhat the US and Japanese military have done to Okinawa in the past is bad enough but what they continue to do to this island is abhorrent No place should have to be a huge military outpost for a foreign government s military especially when they had no say in what would happen on their own land I know that this has affected both men and women but it seems that in this situation it is the women who have had to suffer the larger conseuence At least this book certainly makes it seem that way No community should have to live in fear of being raped or killed any time they leave the safety of their own homes and in fact some women have been accosted in their own homes tooI have never been a fan of how many service members the US has stationed all over the world especially since our military is for OUR defense not the police for the rest of the world This book simply reinforces the fact that I am correct in my feelings on this matter I waited a few days after finishing to let it simmerHaving lived in Okinawa in a non military setting I was always an outsider looking in on relations between the OkinawansJapanese and the US military One native Okinawan man I met shook my hand and thanked me I asked why He said because without the United States the Okinawan people would be slaves to the Japanese That being said the occupation hasn t been all positive far from itI moved to Okinawa a few months after the former marine killed Rina Shimabukuro and tensions were high to say the least I was also there when an Osprey aircraft had to crash land along a beach after they found their aircraft to be faulty and they attempted to fly around the island instead of over the towns and cities in the southern part of the island A noble maneuver that ultimately still fired up many of the anti base protestors Anyone who has been is currently on or will go to Okinawa should read this book to understand the history of relations between the US and the island as well as between the military and the women as the author emphasizes There are horrifying accounts of rape depicted one being of a 12 year old girl buying a notebook who was picked up taped over the mouth and eyes and raped by three marines who all served less than ten years each The murder of rina shimabukuro by a former marine who was Shimabukuro by a former marine who was for a victim claimed he attacked her when he saw she was the one This only scratches the surface of rape and murders committed by serviceman on the island This troublesome history is a large part of the animosity against the United States There are also depictions of why native women fall in love with the servicemen and have families There are stories of failed love and native women being cheated on by the servicemen who have wives and children of their own already There are also success storiesThere are depictions of the struggle in closing the bases as well as the stories of native women who work on the bases and of those who rely on the bases for their livelihoods There are depictions of the protests taking place to prevent beautiful scenery and ocean ecosystems from being destroyed to build new bases Begging is shameful to be sure but taking land by military force and causing us to beg is especially shameful The Okinawa islands are Japan s most southern islands a 2 hour and 45 minute flight from Tokyo During World War II a horrible ground battle was fought on Okinawa island which killed 95 000 Japanese and 12000 American soldiers About one uarter of the civilian population approximately 150 000 people were killed during the battle and the Pacific war After the war the US kept full control of the Ryukyu islands of which Okinawa is a part First in 1972 the islands were returned to Japan Today there are 32 US military bases on Okinawa with 27000 soldiers and other military personnel Akemi Johnson has done meticulous research and led a huge number of interviews and focuses on the story of women affected by the base She has put women in the center of this book she says because women are most affected by the presence of the American bases They date and marry American service personnel they work in the entertainment industry surrounding the bases and they are the victims of sexual assaults by Americans In 1995 a 12 year old Okinawan school girl was kidnapped and raped of sexual assaults by Americans In 1995 a 12 year old Okinawan school girl was kidnapped and raped US soldiers and in 2016 a young Okinawan women was raped and murdered by a former US soldier These two cases have led to a lot up protests among the Okinawan population and strengthened the movement to get rid of the bases The government in Tokyo led by the national conservative prime minister Shinzo Abe has ignored a referendum of Okinawans last year where 717% of the people voted against an expansion of the base in Henoko US troops have used the base in Okinawa over the decades for military operations In Afghanistan And Irak Akemi Afghanistan and Irak Akemi describes the cultural clashes of Americans and Japanese the large entertainment industry with erotic dancers and the attitude of many Americans towards Asian women regarding them often as easy to get and. At the southern end of the Japanese archipelago lies Okinawa host to a vast complex of US military bases A legacy of World War II these bases have been a fraught issue in Japan for decades with tensions exacerbated by the often volatile relationship between islanders and the military especially after the brutal rape of a twelve year old girl by three servicemen in the 1990sBut the situatio. Just asking How much do you cost Johnson has talked to husbands and wives of mixed families and presents their stories sometimes good sometimes sad She has said that she was a little surprised that many Okinawans have come to terms with the bases in a way that they gotten used to consume American popular culture despite the many negative effects the base has had with a large number of crimes being committed by military staff since 1972 The population of the islands 13 million today Akemi Johnson concludes has suffered so much during World War II and afterwards that the burden the bases still represent should at least be reduced by minimizing if not completely moving the bases to the Japanese mainland This book gave me insights in an aspect of post World War II history that I was not aware of Akemi Johnson takes a look at Okinawa and analyzes its history as a contact zone a place where cultures intersect through trade and conflict by focusing the narrative via the perspectives of eleven women from the island in The American Village Women in the Shadow of the US Military Bases in Okinawa 2019 The first chapter Rina is named after 20 year old Rina Shimabukuro who was raped and murdered by an ex marine working as a civilian contractor on a base in 2016 Johnson states that she starts with this story because it represents the larger story of Okinawa and shows what many people get wrong about it there is a long history of military sexual violence but only big stories like this get reported These personal stories allow Johnson look at them in context of the history since occupation after WWII The second chapter Eve is named after a 29 year old receptionist who is obsessed with finding a black husband before she is too old to marry This chapter gives Johnson an opportunity to look at some subcultures among women on the island They are given the derogatory names such as ame o and koku Mes recettes veggie au robot-cuiseur - 150 ides faciles et rapides ! jo I had assumed theo meant women who like Americans or blacks But it turns out that it comes from the Okinawan word ogu which means appetite for something with sexual connotations In the third section Ashely the focus is a wife of a Marines officer describes her life as being like an extension of college with parties and outings on the island The fourth chapter is about Sachiko a WWII survivor who worked as a nurse in the caves on the island during the war Johnson analyzes the last days of the war where many Japanese chose to kill themselves rather than be raped and tortured by the American devils Arisa the subject of chapter five grew up near a base and ended up marrying a soldier from the base Thus in this chapter Johnson looks at history of international marriages between Okinawan women and the soldiers on the base and how they evolved over time It is clear that Arisa s stable marriage is something of an exception when you hear the stories of the support group that she volunteered with The sixth chapter focuses on women s rights advocate Suzuyo Takazato and allows Johnson to delve into the other sensational military rape case that took place in 1995 when three marines abducted a 12 year old girl raped her and then dumped her in a trash can The following chapter Daisy is about a Philippine who came to the island as a hostess and managed to find a decent life outside of the red light district but this is an opportunity for Johnston to analyze trafficking in Japan Chapter eight focuses on Miyo daughter of an African American and Okinawan woman Johnston explains that the term applied to Miyo hafu derived from the English word half is a neutral or positive identifier for most mixed race Japanese people Kiki the subject of chapter nine happily works on Futenma base the most dangerous base in the world given its proximity to a densely populated town where crashes have narrowly avoided killing or injuring local people Other factors such as pollution and prospects of what the spaces would be used for once a base closes are discussed in this section Chie the main subject of chapter ten was introduced in chapter four when Johnston focused on her mother Sachiko Chie is a lively free spirit and English teacher by trade but she is a leading base protester who devotes most of her free time to protesting the building of the new base Henko north of Nago on the island This was one of the most interesting chapter for me since it focuses on the main issue of the day in Okinawa moving Futenma to Henko The last chapter focuses on the youngest generation by focusing on recent protester Ai who due to her family s urging has stopped protesting after she was outraged by the rape and murder of Rina There are few young people involved in the protest which suggests that the bases will probably live on in Okinawa as they have in the past Despite the fact that Okinawa is uniue in that the US military presence creates social spaces and opportunities otherwise hard to find in Japan Johnson has arrived at a personal conclusion She says But the I learned about the situation and history the I felt the bases in Okinawa Need To Close need to close how Okinawans suffered through World War II how the United States snatched their land how mainlanders relegate bases to Okinawa to keep them out of their own backyards how there s no tragic reason for such a heavy military concentration #on one small island how pervasive sexual assault is and how # one small island how pervasive sexual assault is and how have demonstrated their opposition time and time again through democratic means I know it s an injustice to have so many US bases continue to exist in Okinawa Night in the American Village by Akemi Johnson is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in late JuneIts chapters named for 11 women each with their own experiences that Johnson covers of disappearances and deaths of women after last being seen at a military base and local women wanting to date and marry soldiers As you might guess there s an uncomfortable confusing mix of emotions between the Japanese forces after their defeat in WWII mainly Japanese civilian families wanting to commit suicide than be captured by an enemy soldier and their present day affection for 1950s Americana coupled with overt race discrimination in the bars catered toward soldiers of different branches of the military due to Japanese women favoring American. N is complex than it seems In Night in the American Village ournalist Akemi Johnson takes readers deep into the “border towns” surrounding the bases a world where cultural and political fault lines compel individuals both Japanese and American to continually renegotiate their own identities Focusing on the women there she follows the complex fallout of the murder of an Okinawan woman.