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Retty OKI would probably rather read a sociological study of young activists of Various Stripes Than This stripes than this of recap of news stories about them I think As a phenomenon I m morbidly interested in the polarization and radicalization of people at various nds of the political spectrum but I just wanted somehow Inaccurate poorly researched assumes facts not in videnceThis book is a collection of assumptions that many millennials tout as fact that in reality are not Honest research should lead the author to recognize that basic premises discussed as factual are deeply flawed while cherry picked statistics skew the author s assertions toward a pre *determined viewpointI can not recommend this volume as it is blatantly *viewpointI can not recommend this volume

as it is 
it is in its intent A terrible book The author did little research and used anecdotal stories to form a sweeping opinion In the chapter on the metoo movement he tells stories of people wrongfully accused This is the xception not the reality The author thinks that all zillenials are To Dwell in Darkness (Duncan Kincaid Gemma James, entitled and weak This reminds me of Socrates believing that the next generation was the worse It isn t It s just different It s closer to a 25 stars but I give him thextra 12 star credit for his Progressive safe space woke definitions No asy task There are parts I skim read with speed because they were 90% anecdotal through times I observed or read thoroughly about before like the Berkeley Campus free speech movement scapades of decades ago Or Martin Luther King Jr testimony and The Serpent of Venice example criteria for base line civil rights activism as he practiced it Those past things that I have seen myself lived throughWhat I found the best parts of the book for my use were the intersectionality related chapters and the drawing of the activist landscape Including safe spaces context for the present young college age crowds in the USA andlsewhere That part was at least a 4 star window to the division they advance and the anger that is so apparent and visible I have described it here and Marrying Winterborne (The Ravenels, elsewhere for many years as drinking water from their own self poisoned wells He at one point within Women s March and other prime activist s voicesxamples Kiss of Surrender (Deadly Angels, euates it to a snakeating its own tail Regardless it was anecdotal in largest portions too But not as filled with vast generalizations about society in general and voters in particular that he floats throughout the rest of the book And it did teach me a few things about why this is so The Weirdstone of Brisingamen endlessly dividing to society increasingly withinmotion and in loyalty observable MORE very year And how that Berkeley campus could have gone from such champions of Free Speech to muzzling very other voice with resultant violence of worthy or not to have one Arriving currently to a state of function where very word or phrasing has to be apt or conscience or offensive or some not acceptable to hear kind of line judgment It s incredibly depressing as a book on the whole to hear these sounding miserable and angst radiating voices IMHO and also in some of the Trump information completely outdated to the point of 180 degrees wrong in policy classifications tc Many of the chapters of individual s stories interview are faulty Many of them in groups like Antifa are not at all what they have told him about themselves on top of it And ventually admitting by sections and by individuals that they are bottom line anarchist and want all government violated pulled down actviolence destroyed It was pitiable that the victims of violence interviewed or reported in nearly all cases were other left sided or xtremist factions of their own ilk or mere innocent passers by of no relationship at all to the politico The Replacement Wife event in which they were killed or seriously injured Some in several cases most publicized members of the youth school papers or press I wouldn t suggest this read unless you are like me and don t fully get we over 65 come from anotherra of such ENORMOUSLY different necessary priorities why people of such youth and vigor not in any way having to growprovide their own food who have solid dependent shelter lodging and days filled with nothing Damned (Witch Hunt exerting than lifting keys or notebooks would be sondlessly angry and mean spirited in general And so dismissive of the The Bluebird Bet (Welcome to Tall Pines exact vast community and country system that made the life of their ideasand time restraints life possibleIt s depressive foryes of Soave too He states he is a libertarian but in his judgments and inclusions IMHO he s not really Like the Progressive movement he also classifies anything with a policy program such as JFK would have had as far right It isn t And the research and classifications of politico position slant along a spectrum aren t up to a 3 star Hot-Blooded Italians either Those are barely 2 starsIt also did help me understand from theiryes why there are so many hate crime hoaxes Some I had forgotten about that are decades old now This victimhood is a cred and seems to validate themselves to their anger justifie. With a mixture of respect and healthy skepticism The result is a faithful cross section of today's radical youth which will appeal to libertarians conservatives centrist liberals and anyone who is alarmed by the trampling of free speech and due process in the name of social justi. .

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Disclosure I know the author personally and have spent time at libertarian conferences *With Him Since CollegeAfter *him since collegeAfter Jonathan Haidt s The Coddling of the American Mind I was really Mlynowski Teen Thriller excited to hear that Robby was going to write further on that topic He has been in the trenches for a while and does a nice job of walking the reader through the current political radicals on bothnds of the spectrumWhile Haidt s take was academic and theory based Soave s take is xperience based He has been to the rallies and conferences and done interviews with manyIt s worth a read but I d recommend reading it in conjunction with Haidt s work to get a well rounded view I wish all of my friends AND FAMILY WOULD READ THIS BOOK I ESPECIALLY WISH family would read this book I specially wish who continue to Switchback espouse the rhetoric of partisan politicsither especially wish who continue to Marrying Marcus (Virgin Brides, espouse the rhetoric of partisan politicsither would read this book then maybe the level of political discourse in this country would rise to the point people could actually have intelligent and reasonable conversations They might Belonging (Temptation, even understand why castigating those who don t think like them on social media is counter productive Robby Soave is a libertarian who attended the University of Michigan from 2006 2010 He is a terrific reporter and a talented writer This book is a well researched in depth look at millennial activism across the political spectrum and is presented in a respectful and interesting way Don t be dissuaded from reading this book just because the author is a Libertarian He is veryven handed and provides valuable criticism of the tactics used by far lest activists He has special criticism for intersectionality not so much that the concept is wrong but that it has been used too vigorously on the left to the point that it has destroyed any chance of unity among various groups on the left Too deep a commitment to intersectionality has led many far left activists to If Im Found (If I Run even consider moderate left wing activists as thenemy In order for the left to meet with success Soave believes that much inclusiveness needs to be fostered so that for CaddyGirls example feminists of all stripesven those who do not support Assignment every left wing goal should be partnered with Instead may times far left activistsxclude any feminist who is not fully trans supportive or who is not purely pro choice This dilutes the power the left might otherwise have to bring about substantive change on the broader issues of concern to all feministsSoave also speaks out strongly against the left s and the right s tendency to shut down free speech Free speech is a foundational Constitutional right that needs to be sustained and by not upholding it healthy dialog is not possible He also criticizes what he calls the Zillennials for being too fixated on safe spaces a problem that also impacts free speechAlthough I do not agree with some of Soave s Libertarian ideas he does provide a useful critiue of the left and of how activism might be Philosophy of Religion effective I was pleasantly surprised at how perceptive he is and his facts for the ost part seem accurate Sometimes he seems torr on being too critical but he usually pulls back to provide perspective I have read a number of social commentary books like thisThe Coddling of the American Mind Campus Rape Frenzy Unjustified No Respect etc and this one is a real standout First off the author is a libertarian so he is often at odds with the conservative positions taken in those books He also discussesxcesses of the right as well as the left something those books don t do at all or skim over The result is a very balanced perspectiveThere are a few points he made that I found particularly interesting1 I had no idea UC Berkeley was a stronghold of free speech and open discourse back in the 60 s The author contrasts that with what it is now uite the opposite2 The author s point about the genesis of young people s need for safe spaces and protection from harmful thoughts may be at least partially dueif not to their parents and the media and it is not something they developed on their own The practices of parents that overshield their children with their I received this for free in The Spirituality Revolution exchange for an honest reviewI don t think this was uite the right book for me not because it s a bad book but because I already knewverything the author was talking about I ve been following all the radical news since it started to ffect the book community So I know just how passionate these kind of people are Now I will say that it also talks about the alt alright and discusses them as well What I loved was how he showed the older generations and how they went after things and how my generation does it today That was awesome While I don t agree with verything the author says it was pretty nifty seeing some of this stuff through another s Economies and Cultures eyes As long as those areyes are still reasonable and not so far gone down the rabbit hole on Designing with Web Standards either side I think of safety as the right ofvery person to leave their house or to leave wherever they live to wa. Since the 2016 Sadies Surrender (Oyster Harbor, election college campuses haverupted in violent protests demands for safe spaces and the silencing of views that activist groups find disagreeable Who are the leaders behind these protests and what do they want In Panic Attack libertarian journalist Robby Soave Lk this world and to feel safe and comfortable in their own skin in their own ways that they identify and to not fear violence not fear prejudice not fear discrimination to not fear being bothered or to not fear living My favorite uote I never heard of Robby Soave until Arnold Kling mentioned Panic Attack in his Best of 2019 book list Soave covers similar ground to Douglas Murray s
madness of crowds 
of Crowds there are a few key differences that make Soave s book better Firstly in addition to general trends in feminism trans and race activism Soave goes over a number of specific movements including Antifa Black Lives Matter BLM Alt Right and Socialist Party USA Secondly Soave succeeds in maintaining an Structure Of The Nucleus enviably detached attitude throughout the book He neither sympathizes nor vilifies any of the activists but simply provides a libertarian leaning analysis of the ideologies that animate various groups Naturally asvery good libertarian Soave is well versed in the Bill of Rights Constitutional amendments legal precedent and history of seminal court cases Throughout the book he draws on that knowledge often and deploys it uite First Anthology effectively when looking at many issues including post 2011 Title IXnforcement speech codes on campus and hate speech debates Soave lays the groundwork by pointing out the key commonalities between far left and far right activism commitment to identitarianism hostility towards free speech distrust of the mainstream press and distrust of the lites He shows how very movement that he considered has these characteristics although the vectors of their Passage Through Crisis expressions can differ Forxample for the identitarian left the Science, Technology and Culture elites are capitalists and the rich while for the far right thelites are typically the jews But also uite often the object of critiue is the same For The Road to Einsteins Relativity example both we don t talk to the press Antifa and the Neo Nazis despise the CNNHe cleanly presents the anatomy of intersectionality the ideological workhorse of the progressive left The key tenets boil down to the assertion that only the oppressed can be the true arbiters of their own victimhood and the all or none commitment to the causes of all victimized groups This doctrinal foundation presents three fundamental practical problems Educational Problem I don t have time toducate you but I m also the sole arbiter of my victimhood Perfection Problem Black Boy eg you can t be a good feminist unless you also fight for racial andnvironmental justice and resist ineualities of sizeism and ageism and a Coalition Problem Nighttime Sweethearts eg all or none commitment reuirement prevents somebody who is anti racist but doesn t care about abortion or ueer issues from joining forces to push through meaningful reforms While some of the problems seemsoteric and can be charitably written off to internal suabbling Soave shows that identitarinism and intersectionality are uncomfortable bedfellows and how the tensions in their dynamics can discredit and disarm their ostensible goals For Maternity Bride (Silhouette Desire example 2017 Women s March was criticized by intersectional left for being too inclusive and too cisgender centric A conversexample is criminal justice *Reform The Effort To Attenuate *the Safe in My Arms effort to attenuate incarceration war on drugs and police militarization used to have bipartisan support before 2015 but stalledver since Why The Presunta colpevole easy answer is that Trump is to blame but Soave urges us to consider the possibility thatmergence of BLM that heavily racialized all criminal justice issues have made the reform less likely Slogans like Liberalism is White Supremacy won t win you too many allies on Poisoned Secrets (Murder and Mayhem either side of the Congressional aisleAnother related theme of the book is how activism can create conditions that spread the very thing it claims to oppose Forxample Antifa is uite Safe Words explicit in words and action about using violence to fight real and perceived neo Nazis and that makes actual neo Nazi recruitmentasier It is instructive that Antifa proudly cites the famous 1936 London anti Fascist protests Battle of Cable Street as their inspiration The sad irony is that in the months after the protests it is His To Claim (McBain Brothers Alpha, estimated that Oswald Mosley s British fascist party gained two thousand members almost doubling its membershipThe above is just a sampler of the themes the book covers many areas including rape on campus and its disparate impact racist and sexist incidents as well as hoaxes longitudinal hate crime statistics trans desistance and autogynephilia debates Richard Spencer s popularity BLM s criticism of ACLU legal status of hate speech in US and Europe appeal of Bernie Sanders and Antonio Gramsci s critical theory to name a fewMuch ink has been spilled on all these subjectslsewhere but Soave s coverage is unusual in that he identifies the generative model that drives various illiberal movements of the last two decades and once you see the underlying mechanism you can t unsee it What is ven uniue is that his narrative is neither triggering nor depressing Recommended Nswers these uestions by profiling young radicals from across the political spectrumMillennial activism has risen to new heights in the age of Trump Although Soave may not personally agree with their motivations and goals he takes their ideas seriously approaching his interviews.
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