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Y make a relationship work What happens when the new chief of PoliceEthan Ford Falls In Love Ford alls in love the town bookieBridget DonnellyEthan has sworn to clean up the police department but will Bridget s occupation interfere with his plans Will this conflict resulthis downfallAdventure twists and turns a touch of romancewill keep you engrossed in this story You willfeel as if you are right there alongside the characters due to the Vivid Detail Drama Andwell Narrated StorylineI Volunteered To Read The detail drama andwell narrated storylineI volunteered to read The s Gamble Myopinion is my own Eve Kincaid and Lily Danes have created a wonderful town on the coast of Northern California It is a beautiful place with interesting characters that you might Journaling Prompts - Procrastination find in any small community Theact that the Chief of Police one of his detectives and at least one major business of a Alpha and Omega foundingather were corrupt and had to be dealt with is only one part of this story and has been dealt with in the earlier books of the series In this book Ethan Ford the new Chief of Police is doing a ride along with one of his deputies when he meets Bridget Donnelly outside a bar They definitely take notice of one another Bridget is not shy and lets her interest be known to Ethan who is not afraid to act on the chemistry between them As Ethan gets to know the town the townspeople and Bridget better he The Wicked King (The Folk of the Air finds that it is not the sleepy little community he thought it was and has uite a bit to process as he comes to terms with his position LCH inhabitants and his growing interest in Bridget I love this series and lookorward with eagerness to each book that is released Every new book provides a new layer to the series and in learning about Lost Coast Harbor s dynamics its people and the riendships of
those that live 
that live it I become invested and even eager to read about uture matches that the single Donnelly Professors, Politics and Pop family members Ivy Grace Bree Trevor and others mentioned in the books soar will be making as the series progresses Thank you to the authors Muskelaufbau fr Anfnger: Von der Couchpotato zum Traumkrper - egal ob im Gym oder ohne Gerte. Inklusive erstaunlich einfachen Ernhrungstipps und exklusivem 3 - Tage Trainingsplan for allowing me to be in their advanced reader s group Ieel honored to receive copies of their work to read in exchange Backyard Revolution for my honest revie. Sexy new police chief her dangerous desires put heruture dreams at riskWhen a real threat unexpectedly emerges Ethan vows to protect Bridget but he can't protect her rom herself Can Ethan look the other way while the woman he loves defies the law he's sworn to uphold or will he gamble it all to save her. Ally sad and sorry that the series is almost over This is a continuing story and as I have mentioned in my other reviews I highly recommend reading this series rom start to inish in my other reviews I highly recommend reading this series rom start to House of Night and Day finish I don t think the books would be as entertainingEthan and Bridget are two peas in a pod they both love trouble and have gotten into it times than they can count That s where the similarities end with these two Bridget comesrom a home with parents siblings and amily togetherness while Ethan
did not he 
not He a much tougher upbringing and it helped create who he is todayThe two of them struggle with inding the balance they need to make their relationship work but it was so worth it to see them come to terms with who they are how to accept who their partner is and how to make a relationship work where they are both happy it work where they are both happy It t easy but I loved reading it come to Desires Command fruitionEthan and Bridget gave each other a runor their money and just when one thought they had the other one Invisible (Invisible, fooled things got turned around Neither one could get anything past the other they are perfector each other I love that they were made Pier Head Jump for each otherI really hope that the reader will give this series a shot it s just so good This book has everything I lookor in a great read A beautifully crafted suspenseful storyline that keeps the threat of danger to our heroine Bridget Make Your Own Pixel Art front and center while they both straddle the line between law and order Complicating matters is the deliciously hot and sizzling sexual chemistry between Bridget and Ethan that builds to aever pitch TABU forcing him to choose a life with Bridget or his position as Chief of Police With dangerous characters and corruption around every corner will this couple stay andight Parinamam ennal പരിണാമം എന്നാല്‍ for their love or bend to the pressure and walk away Smart andast paced this storyline deserves 5 stars I read a complimentary copy of this book and all opinions expressed in my voluntary review are completely my own Bookie meets copShe s the local bookie he s the cop brought in to clean up the town after some local cops are indicted Mistakes (Mistakes Trilogy, for corruption Can he clean it up Will she uit being a bookie Can the. Back to his sinful waysA woman with a dreamBridget Donnelly wants to be known as than just another Donnelly Devil For years she's been working hard to save enough money to open her own winery She just needs aew years as Lost Coast Harbor's only bookie to swing it But when Bridget catches the eye of the. ,
A good book that keeps you interested till the very end Liked all the main characters and the storyline I have to backtrack to the beginning of the series to catch up on all the books The Lost Coast Harbor series always is a good Read This Book Is About This book is about town s bookie Bridgett Donnelly and the by the rules sheriff Ethan Ford They both have their uirks and pasts but can they both overlook it to make it a go I thought this was a great story and really wanted the two of them to have a story I was happy with the ending I received a copy of this book in exchange or a honest review Lost Coast Harbor is undergoing a change The corrupt police chief has been removed Enter new Police Chief Ethan Ford who is all about being honest and ethical Who knew he would The Cruel Collection fallor the town bookie Bridget Connelly and she would Got Parts? fall eually as hardor himYou get steamy romance mystery and intrigue I loved the sexy sassy dialogue between Ethan and Bridget This is definitely another Lost Coast Harbor successI received this book as an ARC in exchange Divine Grace (Divine Creek Ranch, for an honest review This was a difficult to put down book I just wanted to read it straight through with no interruptions A very good readAn awesome story Great characters and a wicked love tale The plot was well thought out and has some good twists and turns Try it Devils Gamble New PoliceChief Ethan Ford meets andallS Kept for the town bookie Bridget Donnelley Ethan discovers someone is gunningor Bridget and he doesn t like it at all In act his conflicting eelings or law and order and Bridget s side business almost makes him uit Can t wait to read the rest of the story Reviewed by Lori Book provided by Eve KincaidReview Originally Posted At Romancing The Book Who Doesn T originally posted at Romancing the Book Who doesn t a bad boy Who doesn t love a sexy hard bodied bad boy Do I have the reader s attention I thought so because there is a sexy tough hard bodied bad boy in this book and his name is Ethan I love that name not because it s my nephew s name but because it suits the character s personality and I just loved him so muchThis is the ourth in the A Lost Coast Harbor series and I have to say I m re. A cop with a code Growing up Ethan Ford used to spend time breaking laws than abiding by them Now as the new police chief of Lost Coast Harbor he's determined to redeem himself by cleaning up the troubled police department Unfortunately or Ethan his attraction to the seductive local bookie is tempting him.

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The Devils Gamble Lost Coast Harbor #4

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