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Murder on Union Suare Gaslight Mystery #21Frank and Sarah Mallory planned to adopted Catherine in this long running historical mystery but are stymied by a legal technology Frank goes to see Catherine s legal father Parnell Vaughn to sign papers relinuishing his paternal rights He finds Parnell beaten to death and is accused as the killer He finds himself arrested and charged with murder sarah himself arrested and charged with murder Sarah Finally finally I m done reading this book It was tortureZero character development and I figured who the murderer was arly on while I had to read on and on the same dialogues between Malloy Sarah Gino and MeaveWith ContamiNation every installment Meave just gets worse She and Gino demand things from Malloy and Sarah and it s annoying Gino wants a motor car and Meave wants favours because Malloy and Sarah didn t include her in something Mrs Thompson can claim that all the fans of the series love Meave and Gino but that s not true Their will they won t they storyline is boring me and while Ixpected for Sarah and Frank to investigate closely now they are married and a little bit of romance between them I have to suffer the presence of Meave and Gino since they are always around In this installment they had Taxi ins Glück even investigating time than Frank and Sarah and was another reason I didn tnjoy the bookAlso Sarah and Frank have lost their dge and all the good ideas come from Meave and Gino If mrs Thompson is so fond of them she should start a series with them which I will not bother

to readi have 
readI have purchased the next installment but I m reluctant to read it and I fear that this will be my last one from this seriesI miss too much Frank and Sarah while they were alone and discussing things over since I started the series for them and their chemistry that seems non xistent in the last installments Frank and Sarah Malloy are getting ready to legally adopt little Catherine when their attorney tells them there is a problem Catherine s stepfather Actor Vaughn Parnell must relinuish his rights to Catherine Frank and Sarah visit Parnell at the theater where he is performing He is willing to sign the paperwork but his fianc Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas e reuests that they pay a fee for his signature The next day Frank returns to the theater with the money to get Parnell s signature only to find him bludgeoned to death The police believe Frank may have killed Vaughn and arrest him Frank and Sarah vow to find out who really killed Parnell and clear Frank s nameThis was a humorous addition to the Gaslight Mysteries There were several conversations that I found amusing There were only a handful of suspects I guessed the killer very uickly but still found the storyntertaining My rating 4 Stars It took me a while to get into this book mostly because I haven t read any others in the series and since there have been than 20 clearly I ve missed a lot and also because for whatever reason I didn t realize that it s a turn of the century setting Once I figured that out though the dialog and interactions among the characters figured that out though the dialog and interactions among the characters total sense from then on reading it was uite an The Magic Rolling Pin enjoyablexperienceAt the beginning New York married couple Sarah nee Brandt and Frank Malloy she a midwife and he a private detective are hoping to adopt Catherine a child Sarah apparently has been raising how that came to be was I suppose the subject of an Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, earlier book They learn that the man Catherine When a murder hits close to home Frank finds himself in an unusual position the prime suspect in the latest installment of the national bestselling Gaslight Mystery seriesSarah and Frank Malloy arenjoying married life and looking to make their family official by adopting Catherine the child whom Sarah rescued and has been raising as her daughter The process seems fairly straightforward but Rank and Sarah Malloy are the mainstay characters of Victoria Thompson s Gaslight Mystery series We re now ntering 21 and I ve been locked in since the very beginning and always will beOur newly married couple have been through uite a lot of adventures and misshaps throughout the years and Victoria Thompson carves out very creative scenarios for them sarah out very creative scenarios for them Sarah taken her midwifery skills to a higher level and is now opening a renovated birthing center in New York City Frank has left behind his fine honed career as a police officer and is venturing out in his own detective business But their backgrounds won t prepare them for the next dilemma that awaitsThe nterprising duo wish to adopt their young charge Catherine who has been in their care for some time But legalities stand on terra firma as their lawyer Garden Bouquets and Beyond explains that this adoption will not be as cut and dry as they first thought They must locate Catherine s legal but wayward father to give up his parental rights Parnell Vaughan has spent most of his life on the stage of many a theater rather than on the solid stage of fatherhood When Parnell s bloodied body is found dead in his dressingroom allyes focus on Frank who may have been a bit forceful or not in persuading Parnell to sign those legal papersMurder on Union Suare is an The Unseen Wonder enjoyable period piece by the talented Victoria Thompson While I ve pretty much been drawn in by all of themspecially the The Management Bible earlier books this one seems to lack a bit of the pizzazz associated with the others The beginning is dry withxcessive legal dialogue and not much set up for the warm relationship that Zu schnell exists with Sarah Frank Catherine and friends and family As the mystery unfolds overuse of uestioning techniues to disarm likely suspects repeats and repeats page after page Same characters over and over but just changing up the scenery now and then Don t get me wrong Murder on Union Suare is still a worthy read but it suffers from stiltedpisodes in its delivery and a tad bit of plot fatiguePerhaps the next one will return to the winning formula of the Sleepless (Bird of Stone, earlier books Just keepm comin Ms Thompson I ll always be a fan Murder on Union Suare by Victoria Thompson is a 2018 Berkley publication Frank a murder suspect When Sarah and Frank hit a legal snag in their uest to adopt Catherine Frank seeks to find a solution without breaking any laws It would appear their troubles were solved when Catherine s legal guardian is murdered but because Frank discovered the body he becomes suspect number one In order to clear his name and save his reputation he and Sarah with the help of Gino and Maeve must discover who the real killer is This story is centered around the stage the theatre the actors and actresses and the backstage politics jealousies and various love triangles The situation is scandalous for the 1900s which made for some interesting dialogue The story is fast paced kept me guessing and uite amused specially Maeve and Gino who are becoming uite the detectives I njoy being a part of the puzzle solving listening as Frank and Sarah talk out the various possibilities While this mystery wasn t uite as ngrossing as the last installment it is as always a pleasure to drop in on Frank and Sarah and scape into the past brought vividly to life by Thompson to solve an interesting and uniue crime 4 stars. Oints to Frank as the culprit A not uite famous actor with modest means Vaughn seems an unlikely candidate for murder particularly such a violent crime of passion But Frank soon uncovers real life intrigue as dramatic as any that appears on stage Sarah and Frank nlist those closest to them to help hunt for Vaughn's killer as Frank's own life and the future of their family hang in the balance. ,
Mother was married to isn t her birth father and under the law only the The book is xtra special when it s signed for you by the author I received a copy of Murder on Union Suare from Penguin s First to Read Murder on Union Suare is the 21st book in Victoria Thompson s Gaslight Mystery series featuring Frank and Sarah Malloy In this ntry the couple is trying to adopt Catherine a young girl they *VE TAKEN IN SHE S ALREADY BECOME PART OF *taken in She s already become part of family and the Malloys want to make it official Unfortunately they discover that a legal technicality is standing in their way Catherine s mother Emma Hardy had an affair and she became pregnant with Catherine She and her husband Parnell Vaughn were separated Frank and Sarah Malloy are ready to move forward with the adoption of Catherine the young orphan she s been raising for almost two years and who views both of them as parents They run into a major legal obstacle reuiring them to first get approval from actor Parnell Vaughn the man who was married to Catherine s mother at the time of her birth ven though he isn t her biological father When they approach Vaughn his conniving fianc asks for money ven though he s than willing to give them rights without conditions Frank agrees and returns with the legal documents only to find the man beaten to death Unfortunately for Frank he becomes the prime suspect for the murder The backdrop is the theatrical world and solving the murder is complicated by having to investigate and interview people whose livelihoods are based on how well they can convince you they re someone lse The list of suspects are all part of this world and it s hard to tell when they re lying or telling the truth I certainly couldn t But the real substance of the story is the developing sense of family created by Sarah and the story is the developing sense of family created by Sarah and They re surrounded by xtended family and friends deepening relationships through the new investigation agency and women s clinic There are moments of humor and tenderness that bring something different to this series I liked this story though the discussions around the many theories were tiresome at times But the family and friendship themes infused with lots of humor made this story special Frank has a few precious moments that just warmed my heart Combined they make this series a wonderful place to return An intriguing little surprise at the start when Frank himself becomes a murder suspect This sets the scene for his little team to start an investigation to clear his name I thought this book worked very well I njoyed the humour behind Maeve and Gino s developing relationship I liked the way Sarah and Frank worked together and also how Sarah s mother came to their aid in her usual fashion All the regular characters were in play plus a few from previous books and the story moved along wellThe mystery revolved around a cast of players in a theatre and there was a lot of good historical detail about the Syndicate which I had never heard of before This author always seems to teach me something in her books I have three separate HF series on the go all set in New York and it truly has a remarkable and freuently very ntertaining history Sadly I only have one book to read in this series before I catch up with the author I sincerely hope she keeps writing them There s a bit of theater in all of usF. T the last minute the newlyweds discover that Parnell Vaughn Catherine's legal father has a claim on the child and his grasping fiancée is demanding a financial settlement to relinuish parental rights Even though Evolution, Me Other Freaks of Nature exchanging money for a child is illegal Frank and Sarah's love for Catherine drives them to comply When Frank returns with the money and finds Vaughn beaten to death allvidence ,

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