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R but also a beautiful story of loss love and redemption At nine Alice Hart is a little girl battered and bruised by her controlling violent father kept isolated from the world and home schooled Her only joy is escaping into the world of books and working in the gar Hard to review a is escaping into the world of books and working in the gar Hard to review a too long after reading so this is just a tiny thought This was an audio read one that I enjoyed not ite as much as The language of flowers The flower theme is a lovely one and they seem to be a redeeming feature in this story of flowers The flower theme is a lovely one and they seem to be a redeeming feature in this story of and loss I loved the imagery and the character of Alice who was a beautiful strong and courageous soul I don t take notes on audio reads and must review closer to reading time A worthy four star book Oh and of course it goes without saying that the cover is divine 3 The days when her father wasn t home were the best of all for young Alice Hart She and her mother would tend the garden together finding a calm and peace that was never around when he was there Alice adored her mother and was terrified of Her Father But At Nine father But at nine of age a tragedy meant Alice had to live with her grandmother a woman she had never met on a flower farm a long way from the seaside that was the only home Alice had knownGradually Alice came to love the flowers and their meanings The way they spoke when words were too hard Learning the language of flowers created a peace within Alice Programming in Objective C until her peace was shattered With her heart broken she fled the farm and all it had meant to her driving without knowing where she was headed Alice snexpected destination was deep in the Australian desert where the Sturt s desert pea was prolific and filled with meaningHaunting and dangerous that was her time in the middle of Australia But would Alice ever find solace Could she make peace with her past and finally look forward to the future Enchanting heartbreaking divine Stunning spectacular poignant What a debut The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart is all that and by an Australian author I ll be keeping an eye out for from now on Holly Ringland s debut novel is full of depth and emotion the story of a young girl who had to find the strength Of Australian native flowers a way to say the things that are too hard to speak But Alice also learns that there are secrets within secrets about her past Under the watchful eye of June and The Flowers women who run the farm Alice grows Beyond Band of Brothers up But annexpected betrayal sends her reeling and she flees to the dramatically beautiful central Australian desert Alice thinks she has found solace The Water Of Life until she falls in love with Dylan a charismatic andltimately dangerous manThe Lost Flowe. The Lost Flowers of Alice HartO live a life which was so different from the one she Envisioned The Cover Of The cover of book is beautiful I drawn to it the beginning of each chapter with the type of Australian native flower and its meaning adds to the story Holly Ringland has captured the essence of Australia and I have no hesitation in recommending The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart highlyWith thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for my digital ARC to read and review Lost Flowers of Alice Hart is a rare beauty It is one of those novels that The Year of Living Biblically uietly sneaksp on you and nleashes its power I have a feeling that The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart is destined to remain by my side for some time yet It is a fierce and assured piece of writing that makes a solid commentary on family dynamics domestic drama and self discovery It is a mighty feat for a new writer but Holly Ringland demonstrates she is a force to be reckoned withThe Lost Flowers of Alice Hart revolves around the haunting but nforgettable tale of a beautiful soul named Alice We are first introduced to a vulnerable Alice when she is nine years old At this point in her life Alice lives on the coast cut off from society at the beck and call of her overly controlling father and suppressed mother When a tragedy strikes at the heart of Alice s existence she is taken into the care of her grandmother a woman she did not know existed Alice s Grandmother Junewhisks Alice away to her prospering flower farm At this native flower farm Alice meets a group of women who are also trying to heal from their own traumatic experiences Alice eventually finds a connection and a sense of solace from the women as well as the work on the farm As the years go by Alice develops a one of a kind aptitude for the native flowers she works with this special gift highlights Alice s niue ability to speak the special language of flowers What Alice cannot shake from her system as she comes into her own are the lies and secrets that are linked to her family legacy It all comes to a head when Alice is betrayed by someone close to her and she ends of fleeing the farm In time Alice comes to the realisation that she cannot hide Rs of Alice Hart is a story about stories those we inherit those we select to define s and those we decide to hide It is a novel about the secrets we keep and how they haunt s and the stories we tell ourselves in order to survive Spanning twenty years set between the lush sugar cane fields by the sea a native Australian flower farm and a celestial crater in the central desert Alice must go on a journey to discover that the most powerful story she will ever possess is her ow. The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart is Holly Ringland s debut novel It s been marketed ite heavily in Australia there was a lot of excitement about it so I had to read it to see if the hype was deservedIt s a beautifully crafted book with not only a gorgeous cover but also each chapter has the drawing of an Australian native flower and a bit of Information About It It Was Very Well Done So Kudos about it It was very well done so kudos the book designersThis was a coming of age story Alice Hart s father is a violent volatile man When Alice was nine years old something horrific occurs which will see Alice sent to live on a wildflower farm with her paternal grandmother she didn t know existed I loved the description of Thornton and the way it was run exclusively by women for whom Thornton was a sanctuary and a refuge I was looking forward to getting to know of the women on the farm But midway through the novel takes a different turn and sort of loses its way pretty much like Alice A well written credible coming of age story with elements of loses its way pretty much like Alice A well written credible coming of age story with elements of abuse its conseuences and surviving it turns into a melodramatic mess I can t stand it when characterspeople create nnecessary dramas by not talking to each other and in this case it was completely over the top inexplicable and incredulous I realise it was necessary to create conflict but I didn t buy it and I found it frustratingThere were also things that an editor should have picked It s a contemporary novel there s Google still there is letter writing happening and going to the post office to mail a letter or get the mail Those old tropes I wrote you so many letters over the years here s a novel idea insert sarcasm if you really want to find someone if you know the address drivefly there or it s not my story to tell Honestly the second part of the novel is a rushed jumble which I found even irritating since I was so taken with the first two hundred pagesI shouldn t be so harsh as this is a debut novel Holly Ringland s potential is apparent so I m interested to read her second novel This will go towards my Aussie Authors Challenge on wwwbookloverbookreviewscom This book not only has the most gorgeous cove. The most enchanting debut novel of 2018 this is an irresistible deeply moving and romantic story of a young girl daughter of an abusive father who has to learn the hard way that she can break the patterns of the past live on her own terms and find her own strengthAfter her family suffers a tragedy when she is nine years old Alice Hart is forced to leave her idyllic seaside home She is taken in by her estranged grandmother June a flower farmer who raises Alice on the language. ,

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