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Childerley lO Open the book to any PAGESTEP THREE PICK ANY LINE three Pick anyine write it down Savor it Feel the chill run up your spineStep four Repeat Repeat RepeatHow can 46 pages of poetry hold SO up your spineStep four Repeat Repeat RepeatHow can 46 pages of poetry hold SO much How can 46 pages make me feel my shame at 13 make me wanna cradle my grief at 42 and make me rage at every year of Cultural Excursions loss ofoneliness of being Cruelty and Laughter left behind in between And these healing words feels oh so good confession the want to die is not always the want not toive but sometimesthe want to Cop Knowledge live somewhere softerwhere the tall grassulls my body to sleepwhere everything promises to stay alive. Wowed audiences Autopsy propels that work onto the national stage In the words of the author the book is a spring thaw the new ife alongside the old the good cry and the release aft. .

Autopsy AUTHOR Donte Collins

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Bout racial discrimination sexuality adoption And Of Course Autopsy In of course autopsy in most intriguing manner This book has not only given a new face to contemporary poetry but has made poetry the ess important subject
all the poems almost in style of the novel and this is what I Class and Conformity loved the most about Collins writing To be able to make the reader see through theines and between them ike the poet is something only a very competent writer can do and Collins has successfully achieved that Don t you know a wooden casket can take #centuries to rotStep one Read Autopsy by Donte CollinsStep tw. # to rotStep one Read Autopsy by Donte CollinsStep tw. reader journeys alongside the author through grief and healing Named the Most Promising Young Poet in the country by the Academy of American Poets Collins's work has consistently. ,
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Donte Collins debut collection is nothing short of stunning Collins writes with biting Clarity And Beautiful Metaphors and beautiful metaphors poems are definitely Twin Cities specific but I believe are approachable to all readers Many beautiful passages from Autopsy have been haunting me ever since I finished it The first collection of poems that I have read that address adoption and foster care 425What a promising new voice Autopsy is a masterpiece Almost an autobiographical poetry collection mainly dedicated to his High Tide at Midnight late mother Collins has weaved his way easily through words and metaphors to write Written after the death of his mother Donte Collins's Autopsy establishes the poet as one of the most important voices in the next generation of American poetry As the book unfolds