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A Wedding in Cornwall (Cornwall lIg reward she decides to play amateur detective chasing downeads and thinking she can solve a crime and make some money But her snooping could get her in big trouble Her adventur First comes the review and then if you keep reading you Japan-Ness in Architecture ll get the funny story of how I crossed paths with the author of this one How s that for a teaserDayna Anderson had 15 minutes of fame thanks to starring in a string of TV commercials for a fast food chicken place However afterosing that gig she s now struggling to get by and she s desperate to make some uick cash to prevent the bank from foreclosing on her parents house Inspiration prevent the bank from foreclosing on her parents house Inspiration after Dayna sees a billboard offering a arge cash reward for tips on the hit and run death of a young woman and Dayna realizes that she and some friends had almost been struck by a reckless car that was most ikely the same one that killed the girl At first Dayna is just hoping that finding out the details of the crime will help jog her memory so that she can give the cops a clue and claim the reward but soon she finds herself drawn into the mystery Once Dayna sets out to find the killer not even the uickly dwindling minutes on her phone plan can stop her investigationAmateur sleuths usually aren t my favorite sub genre of mysteries but I had a really good time with this one Kellye Garrett has a great sense of *comedic timing in her writing and there was many a Theoretical Anxiety and Design Strategies in the Work of Eight Contemporary Architects laugh outoud moment I istened to the audio *timing in her writing and there was many a augh out The Psychopharmacology of Herbal Medicine loud moment Iistened to the audio and narrator Bahni Turpin helped the jokes Psychopharmacology of Herbal Medicine land as well The celebrity obsessed culture of Hollywood is used to great effect with Dayna s humorous observations about it It s also a nice touch that Dayna isn t just pointing and mocking She is part of that world so while she may poke gentle fun at her best friend s relentless seeking of fame it s done with affectionI also enjoyed Dayna because after reading about a ton of super macho tough guy detectives it was refreshing to have someone who doesn t really know what they re doing as aead character Not that Dayna comes across as stupid just inexperienced and enthusiasm often gets the better of her common sense That helps add to the comedic elements but her pure determination and a wealth of knowledge from watching true crime shows keep Dayna hot on the trail of the killer even as she s clueless about her own Six loveife She s a classic underdog that you can t help but root forOverall it s a funny and entertaining mystery with a great ead character that has some very witty observations about Hollywood And now for the bonus storyI was at Bouchercon in Dallas ast fall and in addition to seeing some of my favorite writers I watched several interesting people I in Dallas Lady Janes Nemesis last fall and in addition to seeing some of my favorite writers I watched several interesting people I never read before on panels so I made a point out of buying a copy of their books and trying to meet them at some point That s already paid off with in my recent reading of books by authorsike Eryk Pruitt Jennifer Hillier and SA Shawn CosbyUnfortunately none of those authors was Kellye GarrettIn fact I had never heard of her or seen her on any panels So I probably sounded completely rude and ignorant when I happened to meet her in the hotel bar one night and asked her what kind of stuff she wrote The extra embarrassing thing for me is that although I didn t know it at the time she had just come from the Anthony Awards where she had been nominated for Best Novel She politely told me about this series and game me a promotional card for one of the booksAfterwards I started following several of the other authors on Twitter and Kellye s name kept coming up That s where I saw that her books were about to be released on Audible so I had this on deck when I read My Darkest Prayer I noted in in my review that that Shawn Cosby had been a huge presence at BoucherconAnd who should just so happen to comment on that review That s right Kellye Garrett She was shocked to hear that we had met at that Bouchercon I was relived that she didn t say Oh you were TH. Ywood actress has done for some cashBut what starts as simply trying to remember a speeding car soon blossoms into a full on investigation As Dayna digs deeper into the victim’s ife she wants than just reward money She’s determined to find the poor woman.

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AT asshole Then it was my turn to be shocked when she complimented me on some of the reviews I d done on the Spenser series she d read beforeAfter all that I felt ike I was destined to read this book and I m glad I did In this first book in the Detective by Day series former actress Dayna Anderson is on the trail of a hit and run driverLike Racialization, Crime, and Criminal Justice in Canada lots of gals in Hollywood Dayna Anderson wanted to be famous and she wasfor a while The pretty black actress was the face of Chubby s Chickencommercials for two years until they went in a different direction Since then Dayna has retired from acting and supports herself with temp positions as best she can This makes it tough for Dayna to buy gas for her Pepto Bismol pink car or minutes for her pay as you go phone To save money Dayna has even moved into a combination bedroomshoe closet bloset in her friend s apartment When Dayna hears that her parents can t pay their mortgage and are about toose their house she has to find a way to come up with extra cashfast So Dayna decides she l try *To Collect The 15000 Reward *collect the 15000 reward information on the hit and run murder of a young woman named Haley Joseph Dayna realizes that she and her friends were in the Vicinity Of The Incident of the incident actually got a glimpse of a speeding car This is the start of Dayna s convoluted and hilarious investigationDayna s friends Sienna Emme and Omari help with her inuiries Sienna is a fashionista who s adept at hovering near celebrities when paparazzi are around so she can get into the pictures Sienna hopes to have a reality show some day Emme ikes to stay home in her roomful of computers where she shops plays online games IMs people and hacks into accounts she s an identical twin to Toni Abrams an Oscar nominated actress who was People s most beautiful woman And Omari is a handsome budding television star that Dayna has crushed on since high school when the actor makes a mini pass at Dayna she inadvertently freaks outmuch to her regret Dayna also partners up with Aubrey S Adams Parker a bicycle riding ex copprivate detective who wears a bright orange reflector suit While Dayna is trying to track down the hit and run driver who struck Haley the cops are on the trail of a team of robbers nicknamed The Rack Pack who break into celebrities homes and steal clothes jewelry and cash Recently The Rack Pack targeted singerrapper Kandy Wrapper and her basketball player boyfriend Could their next target be Toni AbramsDayna s uest to find the killer and maybe romance takes her all around Hollywood including a consignment store Clothes Encounters where Haley worked an auto mechanic shop a movie premiere a Before You luxurious mansion and the set of a TV show Dayna also engages in break ins stake outs car chases and foot pursuits often in her Pink Panther stilettos To get the 15000 reward Dayna has to give her information to the police tipine and her calls to the gum snapping woman who monitors the ine are very funny especially since dayna accuses one person after another since Dayna accuses one person after another being Haley s killer Important secondary characters in the story include Haley s boyfriend Victory her co workers Betty Natalie and Marina a Hollywood talent manager Montgomery Rose and Sienna s black gay male counterpart Fab The book has a refreshing angle on the cozy mystery genre because Dayna isn t trying to outsmart and outmaneuver the cops She just wants the reward money and maybe to get a killer off the streets I ike this approach and Blackfrost (Wytch Kings, look forward to of Dayna s adventures To use one of Dayna s favorite words I smiled a kajillion times while I was reading this book Highly recommended to fans of cozy mysteries Thanks to Netgalley the author Kellye Garrett and the publisher Midnight Ink for a copy of the book You can follow my reviews at Best book everwritten by me Also only book written by me soSeriously I ve wanted to write a book since I was 5 and still can t believe it is happening Thank you everyone for reading it. ’s killer too When she connects the accident to a notorious Hollywood crime spree Dayna chases downeads at paparazzi hot spots celeb homes and movie premieres She Stupid men jokes loves every second until someone tries to kill herAnd there are no second takes in realife. Hollywood HomicideTHIS BOOK I had a smile on my face the entire time I read HOLLYWOOD HOMICIDE Dayna s voice Workbook for Emergency Care leaps off the page her humor and wit a breath of fresh air The mystery keeps the pages flipping and oh my Godthe romance It s subtle and perfect Omari is mine Called dibs This was a blast of a read that shouldn t be missed I wasucky enough to get an ARC of this fresh funny twisty turny mystery I m The Benn Diaries Vol. 2 looking forward to the next Detective by Day mystery After one moderately successful commercial campaign Dayna Anderson Day to her friends has given up on becoming an actress The problem is she still has bills that need to be paid and parents who are in danger ofosing their home So when she sees a billboard offering a reward f Humour is a particularly individual reader taste and this wasn t really my style I found the characters superficial but I think others would find them fun Superficial in their interests and in their thin characterization there wasn t a Macroeconomics lot of backstory for some and they didn t seem plausible Some had particular vocal tics but then the narrator commented on themike I wouldn t notice That seems Out like a debut author kind of flaw The heroine Dayna goes charging into situations without thinking maybe because she s desperate to earn a reward save her parents home from foreclosure but she comes off as not too bright The plot drags at timesong after a particular clue becomes obvious but there s also some well paced action and dialogue It s uneven The plot advances by means of endless red herrings and Dayna accuses every one of them It gets old But I did ike some things about Dayna who cares about her friends and family I iked the romance subplot and found about her friends and family I Longarm and the Dynamite Damsel (Longarm, liked the romance subplot and found entirely plausible that she d freak out when the old friend she s had a crush on forever makes a move on her Iiked that mostly it was the female friends who worked together to solve the crime and rescued each other Dayna is or was a wannabe friends who worked together to solve the crime and rescued each other Dayna is or was a wannabe and she s unapologetic about her boob job And it s a cozy comic mystery by and about a Black woman in a argely ily white subgenre Finally Hollywood Homicide was able to absorb me during a bout of anxiety insomnia and for that I am very grateful A The Eight Human Talents lot of first book flaws but also some charm and potential This one wasoads of fun Finally a cozy mystery with a person of colour in this case an African American woman as the amateur smart detective I A Vacation with the Lord learnedots of interesting The Internet and Democratic Citizenship little nuggets about the Hollywood industry too The author poked fun at Hollywood but it was allight hearted jest and it never got too much for me Get ready for uite a few twists I didn t see most of them coming and they kept me guessing The next book in the series is *Coming Out Soon And I *out soon and I excited to get back into the world of Day and her friends again 35 stars Light and amusing with a protagonist who falls into investigating a hit and run for the reward money so she can prevent the bank from taking her parents house Though Dayna has no experience in investigating and actually makes several mistakes along the way her calls to the tip Mr. Wuffles! line had me chuckling she is determined and takes advantage of her personal connections and her ability to connect with others to find clues the police could not necessarily have uncovered as easily She has help from her girlfriends and a strange ex cop what s with the jumpsuit and even an old friend and crush as she blunders and charges through interviews all while desperately concerned about her parents situation Iiked the author s breezy writing style and Dayna s initial self interest which is soon paired with persistence to find the truth The story is a fun diversion I Cool Women liked Dayna and will check out book 2 I was fortunate enough to read an advance copy of this book I was sucked in from the opening scene of this fun cozy mystery The main character Dayna is so cool and fun to hang out with When she happens upon the trail of a mystery that could earn her a Dayna Anderson doesn’t set out to solve a murder All the semi famous mega broke black actress wants is to help her parents keep their house After witnessing a deadly hit and run she figures pursuing the fifteen grand reward isn’t the craziest thing a Holl.