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Forced but there is a HEA and some sweetness along the way Steam moderate a couple short but sexy scenes Even StrengthCherylanne Corneille2This story begins with the MCs fighting which was weird since I didn t know them from Adam The relationship is never fleshed ut I had no idea how these guys were together before so why should I care about how they are now Even Strength is about Nate s experience as a rookie hockey player than the relationship The writing is hella clunky the story didn t hold my interest Steam nonexistent all fade to black The Brother and the Retired PlayerMary Smith 2Kian has always taken care A Mild Suicide of his younger brother Kyson but he s now looking to live for himself Kian runs into Tim a newly retired hockey player They have dinner They have dinner again They fall in insta love The end I have a feeling this author writes MF and not very well at that The dialogue is stilted and awkward no angst but no tension either Steam low mostly fade to black Going HomeHeather Lire0No rating I did not and will not read thisne as the story ends Beethoven for a Later Age: The Journey of a String Quartet on a cliffie I read the author s note which explains that the MCs had so much to say she couldn t possibly sueeze their entire story into a novella Whatthefuckever As far as I m concerned an author using a charity project as a springboard to sell a full length novel in the future goes against the spiritf the whole thing Each story should be complete Not cool A lightweight but enjoyable anthology Born to Ride: A Story About Bicycle Face of hockey MM with proceeds going to a good cause There are some good stories in here notably Next Season by Avon Gale and I also enjoyed Even Strength by Cherylanne Corneille with whom I was not previously familiar I love when an anthology gives me a new author to checkut One story is a bit shallow and another story is Origen: Scholarship in the Service of the Church of an excerpt without a real ending butver all the collection forms a pleasant couple f hours reading if you enjoy watching hockey players falling in love Which I do Wonderful collection f mm hockey novellas Even Strength 3 StarsThis was my first story by this author I really enjoyed it but it wasn t really a romance It reminded me f Mercy Celeste s Bootleg Diva It was a narrative f Nate s experiences as the first Porter Earns a Quarter (Four Basic Skills Series, Volume 2) out player in the NHL He has a boyfriend who he never sees and they seem to be fighting throughout Next Season by Avon Gale 5 Stars My favoritef the collection Nick and Everett are both traded mid season to the same team Their new team also has them as roommates both at home and Mayan, Incan, and Aztec Civilizations, Grades 5-8 on road trips They soon become friends and loversnce they it comes Tablettes Albertini Actes privés de l'époque vandale out they are both gay and attracted to eachther Nice HEA Going Home by Heather Lire 25 StarsBlake is a retired player who is now coaching for a new team in Vegas which happens to be his hometown He walks into a bar ne night and comes face to face with his high school love Micah Just when it starts getting good the story ends in a cliffhanger Supposedly there will be a longer novel coming that explores their second chance at love It was a good beginning but since it was incomplete I rated it lowerOn Broadway but V L Locey 4 StarsThis story is about Riley a player who falls in love with a Rocket who is homeless but had mad skills n the hockey rink The Brother and the Retired Player by Mary Smith 4 Stars This is the story Sexual Soulmates: The Six Essentials for Connected Sex (English Edition) of Kian Kyson s whose story was told in the Muse and the Fairytale brother and personal assistant and Tim who recently retired and is now working as a sportscaster for the team They start dating when Tim invites Kian to dinner The relationship does move a little fast but sometimes you just know when you meet the right guyTake a Shot by Samantha Wayland 5 StarsTim and Chris are teammates roommates and best friends Chris is gay but notut and Tim has always identified as straight but hasn t found the right girl When Chris is injured Tim is by his side as much as he can be With the help f teammates Mike and Alexei these guys realize they belong together This is my second favorite story in the anthology First if you like hockey and mm romance you ll want this Second it helps a great cause so buy itEach story is rated for steam with a 1 2 r 3 flaming pucks One fade to black 3 eroticEven Strength by Cherylanne Corneille1 flaming puckThis is a sweet story about an established couple who is struggling in their relationship Nate is in his first year as a professional hockey player and Tristan his boyfriend from college is in his first year f grad school They re disappointed to find they have to #struggle to make time for ne another and this puts stress Unbroken Circle: How to Take Your Family Through the End Time on their relationshipMostf # to make time for ne another and this puts stress n their relationshipMost f was about Nate s experiences as a rookie and his reality breaks meeting his fantasy f the future thoughts I found the relationship stuff to be tedious as I didn t know them as a couple before and to jump in with them fighting just felt awkward and uncomfortable Since most f the time these two were apart when they got together I d expect a lot f talking and Tajweed Rules for Qur'anic Recitation: A Beginner's Guide (Tajweed Rules, or sexy times but since this is a 1 puck there is non page sex and the two really didn t even talk muchThis just wasn t my cup Selling to VITO the Very Important Top Officer: Get to the Top. Get to the Point. Get to the Sale. of tea2f 5 starsNext Season by Avon Gale3 flaming pucksNick Is A Hockey Player Who Gets Traded a hockey player who gets traded a star player to a struggling team in Canada from New York Nick s excited because he s signed The Reformation (World History Series) on to the NHL from the farm league so this is a step up Sparrow is confused and frustrated because he was a star and he considers this a step downThe two are roomies and neither knows thether is gayWhile Sparrow came ff as kind f jerk for most Ask Me Nicely: Dark Urges Book One of this Nick is super sweet and a really kind generous soul This wasn t nearly as funnyr engaging as Avon s lengthy stories but it was really sweet the smexy times were excellent and the character development was first rateHighly enjoyable4 Date With A Dead Doctor of 5 starsGoing Home by Heather LireThis ended up being the beginning to a longer story that will be published at some point in the future according to the authorIt s an interesting story about coming home and re connecting with your first love There s no steam and I can t really rate this as it s not even a complete storyOn Broadway by VL LoceyThis story just didn t work very well for me Riley is a start hockey player in NYC who runs into a homeless guy who has mad hockey skills Keiffer the homeless guy ends up selling himself to Riley for the night then later living with Riley for months after he gets beat up by someone at a shelter I never saw a connection beyond the physical between Riley and Keiffer and I found the entire living arrangementrent boy thing to be a bit bizarre and totally unbelievable I also really wondered how this was going to playut in the long run what with Riley being in the public eye so predominatelyAll in all I just wasn t convinced to put aside my disbeliefs enough to enjoy this2 Signs in the Heavens: A Jewish Messianic Perspective of the Last Days Coming Millennium of 5 starsThe Brother and the Retired Player by Mary SmithTake a Shot by Samantha WaylandTim and Chris are best friends and professional hockey player teammates Tim 100% identifies as straight and Chris has been pining for Tim for a long timeIf you re a fanf the author Mike and Alexi are Daddy Lost Me At Poker (Eroticulture) (English Edition) on their team and have suspected that Chris and Tim are perfect for eachther so they help the relationship alongChris gets injured Orb: A Tale of Alien Pregnancy on the ice and Tim realizes that he has than friend feelings for his bestieThis was a really fun and super sexy read I love Mike and Alexi so it was great seeing them again Since it s short Tim s movement from straight to gay was a bit fast but it workedHighly enjoyable45f 5 stars Changing Witchopoly on the Fly is for a good cause I m really grateful to authors who donate their time and efforts for charity Avon Gale s story alone is worth the small price tagf this anthology This is a low angst sexy friends to lovers romance about two hockey players Dear Chandler, Dear Scarlett: A Grandfather's Thoughts on Faith, Family, and the Things That Matter Most one a star thether a benchwarmer traded at the same time to a losing team and forced together as temporary roommates Both are in the closet and neither knows the Asesinato en una Lavandería China (Fondo Editorial Tierra Adentro other is gay Until thene night Nick brings a girl home to play video games And Everett is than a little jealous The relationship evolves ver the course f a year and then some there is a bit f summarizing but that s to be expected in a short story While the ending kind f cuts Beyond Time Travel - Exploring Our Parallel Worlds: Amazing Real Life Stories in the News (Time Travel Books Book 1) off at an integral partf the story I still count this as a HEA kind Boarding House of Hunks of cutsff at an integral part f the story I still count this as a HEA Nick and Everett Steam moderate hawt Everett is insatiable On the whole I have to say that I enjoyed this anthology All the different hockey players exhibited a love for the game that I found matched my wn and each love story was well matched in tone and style And the writing was really good across the board A few low points but not for lack Bec (The Demonata, of story telling and the high points really made up for themAlso I must say I was thrilled with the inclusionf not jus. Ted to a charity that supports inclusiveness in athletics The anthology will be available starting in October 2016 for a limited time The Further Mishaps of Charlie Chumpkins only It includes the following stories Even Str. Okay straight up hockey is an amazing sport Not familiar with hockey As Brendan Shanahan three time Stanley Cup champion inducted into the Hockey Hallf Fame explains Is hockey hard I don t know you tell me We need to have the strength and power f a football player the stamina f a marathon runner and the concentration f a brain surgeon But we need to put all this together while moving at high speeds n a cold and slippery surface while 5 ther guys use clubs to try and kill us Oh yeah did I mention that this whole time we re standing n blades 18 Our Planet: Our Home of an inch thick Is ice hockey hard I don t know you tell me Next uestionEven Strength by Cherylanne Corneille Nate the first professional hockey player to comeut Kakoong, Pahlawan Pulau Awan Vol. 8 of the closet publicly is a rookie defenseman trying to balance hockey and a relationship with his boyfriend Tristan In the coursef the story Nate encounters slashed tires and pposing team goons a well as team solidarity and support There s a lot f hockey action in this story with a few Journeys of Frodo: An Atlas of J.R.R.Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings off page sex scenes Heat Level 1 Rating 3 starsNext Season by Avon Gale Defenseman Nick Miles is a uiet sweet guy thrilled to be playing professional hockey in Buffalo after being called up from the AHL when he is traded to Philly along with seasoned forward Everett Sparrow Nick know he isn t thenly gay man playing hockey but he tells himself wait for someone else to do it and then you can speak up too Over the course f the season Nick and Everett begin a relationship that is eual parts hotdirtysexy and tender with lots f bro humor eventually realizing they need to come ut so as Nick s mom says Your little niece r nephew will grow up in a world where it s always been kay to be gay r bi r whatever else and play hockey Heat Level 35 Rating 45 starsGoing Home by Heather Lire Two local boys make it big in professional hockey come home to Vegas to be part f the new franchise team and also get a chance to fix the things in ur lives that we fucked up Me Dex with my career and you with Micah Center Dex Mendenhall and assistant coach Blake Griffith run into classmate Micah Morales who is now a teacher Micah and Blake had a passionate first love back in high school and each man wants to make amends and rekindle what they nce had And then the story abruptly ends to be picked up in an upcoming book entitled Finding Home Heat level 2 Rating 3 starsOn Broadway by VL Locey Captain Riley Zeally at Rockefeller Center s famous ice rink early ne morning for a photoshoot spots a mysterious man with flowing blonde hair ancient skates and an ld wooden stick and is instantly impressed with his skill and haunted by the man s gorgeous face When they next meet Riley and former rentboy Rocket in the midst f changing career paths share a steamy night f dirty sex and Rocket is gone in the morning This story has a good share In the End of twists and turns a little bitf hockey and lotsa hot sex Heat level 35 Rating 4 stars The Brother and the Retired Player by Mary Smith After the untimely death f their mother 41 year ld Kian put his life n hold to raise his younger brother Kyson who is now a professional hockey player for the New Hampshire Bears Kian meets Tim Gibb who is retiring from the Bears and transitioning into broadcasting Their story begins with almost insta love and moves into a tender low angst relationship Heat Level 25 Rating 3 stars Take a Shot by Samanatha Wayland Tim and his best friend and roommate Chris have played minor league hockey together since they were practically just kids eighteen years ld and sure they d died and gone to the heaven where people actually paid them to do what they loved When Chris badly breaks his leg in three places Tim is by his side as he recovers and heals Chris has been in love with Tim for so long and soon Tim realizes there s probably a pretty good reason why he s never dated any woman longer than a few months I really enjoyed this ut for you story with its ff the chain sex scenes and its tender moments Heat Level 4 Rating 4 starsIf you like hot men and hockey this anthology is totally in your wheelhouse I received an ARC from the authors in exchange for an honest reviewReview also posted at Gay Book Reviews check it ut 425 Stars I sorta loved the choose your wn ending approach to this story where Gale threw it back n her readers to stand up speak ut and make change happen 3 I received an ARC The Age of Treachery of Changingn the Fly in exchange for the promise f an honest reviewIn rder The Catcher in the Rye and Philosophy of appearanceEven Strength by Cherylanne Corneille had loose ends that needs resolving characters with multiple names so that I couldn t keep them straight and a happy ending that was much too pat and cameut Seven Sisters New Quilts from an Old Favorite of nowhere but even with all those flaws it kept my interest so I would recommend it with reservationsNext Season by Avon Gale was excellent I will cheerfully admit that she s my favorite mm hockey writer and thenly Bike Mechanic: Tales from the Road and the Workshop (Rouleur) one in this anthology whose work I have previously read but damn if she can t write a compelling story with characters who comeff as real flawed people and who have hot believable sex Plus I couldn t predict what would happen next which I do love Highly recommendedGoing Home by Heather Lire certainly caught my interest "But Just When I Was Involved And "just when I was involved and to know about the characters and what would happen next with them the story ended The author disclosed that she was going to continue the story in a novel Excellent I will look to get it when it s ut but wish this story hadn t been included I do not like cliffhangers at all Recommended but beware f the cliffOn Broadway by VL Locey started well ended well but I found myself wanting detail about the characters I thought that the story skimmed When a Man Loves a Woman over some interesting chances for character development by jumping forward in time and I was confused about how the best friendf the main character turned into a raving Jerk Still RecommendedThe Brother Still recommendedThe Brother the Retired Player by Mary Smith didn t work for me I loved the premise and the two main characters even though they seemed too good to be true but much f it was boring and the dialogue was ften clunky Not recommendedThe anthology concluded with Take A Shot by Samantha Wayland and yes this is how you want to leave your readers with a lovely hot fine story about two friends and teammates falling in love Highly recommended I cannot believe that somehow I missed this story when I first read the anthology IdiotOverall I would recommend buying Changing Keep From Falling on the Fly if you like hockey and mm The proceeds do go to charity I purchased this anthology for three reasons Avon Gale Sam Wayland and hockey players Plus all proceeds from the salef Changing Catalogue the Insanity on the Fly will be donated to a charity that fosters LGBT inclusiveness in all levelsf athletics For that I m willing to pay 5 and you should too Next SeasonAvon Gale 4Avon Gale delivered This is a low angst sexy friends to lovers romance about two hockey players Blessed Homecoming one a star thether a benchwarmer traded at the same time to a losing team and forced together as temporary roommates Both are in the closet and neither knows the Shrek other is gay Until thene night Nick brings a girl home to play video games And Everett is than a little jealous The relationship evolves ver the course f a year and then some there is a bit f summarizing but that s to be expected in a short story While the ending kind f cuts ff at that s to be expected in a short story While the ending kind f cuts Architecture for the Shroud: Relic and Ritual in Turin off at integral partf the story I still count this as a HEA for Nick and Everett Steam moderate hawt Take a ShotSamanatha Wayland 4Tim and Chris are Collecting and Exhibiting Computer-Based Technology: Expert Curation at the Museums of the Smithsonian Institution on the same team as Alexei and Mike and if you don t know who Alexei and Mike are for heaven s sake go read Wayland s Crashing the Net you won t be sorry Tim is straight but his girlfriends always dump him because he s such a dude and would rather hang with Chrisver anyone else And Chris is bi He Remembers the Barren or maybe gay really he s crushing hardn Tim When Chris is injured Tim takes care The Early Girl Gets the Blood Wolf of him and realizes how possessive he isf Chris how much he cares about Chris s well being I loved the banter between the two MCs the humour was great My Diary of a Library Nerd: An Erotic Diary of One Woman's Metamorphosis only complaint is that the story ends a bit abruptly with Chris s leg still in a cast we have no idea if he ll be able to play hockey again I would love to read a full length novel about these guys Steam moderate On BroadwayVL Locey 3This is a cinderfella story A hockey golden boy picks up a homeless hustlern the streets The Stonemere Park Breast Essays: From The L.C.T.F. Archives of New York The hustler who goes by Rocket knows what to do with a stick ahem There s immediate lust followed by conflict and an expected separation followed by insta love Rocket is seriously immature and caustic when Riley first meets him but it s all an act Or so we re supposed to believe The big ideas like Riley comingut felt rushed and. Changing Let the Wolf Howl on the Fly is a celebrationf romance featuring six MM stories about hockey players falling in love The Resistible Rise Of Benito Mussolini on – andff – the ice All proceeds from the anthology will be dona. T ne but several players f color I can Blue Guide New York only hope that this is a trend that makes it into novel length stories because it is not something that we see all thatften Mores the pityI can t say I have very many reservations about recommending this anthology and since all the proceeds will be going to an charity that supports inclusivity in athletics you are not nly getting some good hockey stories but helping ut as well The individual reviews and ratings are below but I m giving this anthology 4 stars and recommending you pick it up if you ve got the chanceEven Strength by Cherylanne Corneille 4 starsNate Ward living the dream he has had ever since he was a kid has just made it into his first season Homesick of professional hockey But that doesn t mean it is all smooth sailing He rarely gets to see his boyfriend his body isne big giant mess A Criminal Affair of bruises from intense practices and games andh yeah being the first Sangue Derramado openly gay professional hockey player means he can t get away from the rabid reporters and less than complimentary suggestions about what he can go do to himself byther players With so much n the line both n and ff the ice Nate s just gonna have to keep his eye n the puck and hope that he doesn t end up n the wrong end f the boardsThis was a really good start to this anthology I liked Nate from the beginning and while we don t get a lot f page time with Tristan his boyfriend the struggles they go thru gave a needed depth to this story I was worried for a bit that it was gonna go in a direction I wouldn t be too fond f but luckily it didn t and we ended up with a very satisfying ending I am also curious how Fowler s whole story ends up so I wouldn t mind another foray into this world if the author ever decided to write ne Overall I liked it uite a bit and hope that the rest f the anthology can keep up the pace set in this first storyNext Season by Avon Gale 45 starsNick Miles and Everett Sparrow are both getting traded Everett is taking it a bit harder than Nick though what with having to leave a team that is bound for the playoffs and maybe even a cup win for a team that will be lucky to not land at the bottom Confessions of a Teenage Hollywood Star of the heap But while the Philadelphia Foxes are not the Buffalo Knights they are not bad peopler players Given enough time they might just be able to pull Precious Stones: Their Occult Power and Hidden Significance of a winning seasonnext year at least This year they ll just have to learn to play together and see what happens Much like Nick and Everett themselves whose shared living accommodations and gradually growing attraction might lead to some beautiful playingand some hotff the ice actionWell it is no surprise that I got along great with this short by Avon Gale Gale can write up some damn good hockey and some damn hot hockey players so I really wasn t expecting anything less than what I got I really loved the slow and gradual working The Proletarian Revolution and the Renegade Kautsky outf Nick and Everett s relationship in this It came ut feeling very natural and by the end f the story I had no problem buying their supposed happy ending The low key let things happen naturally thing really works for me and while I love love scenes this way always feel realThe hockey and the players were also a lot Works Days of fun I love how Gale writes her hockey players They always seem like people I would love to hangut with But they also act like serious athletes which I appreciate Also as weird as it may be I kinda love it when the story does not automatically end up in a cup win for whatever team the MCs are n Just because ur teams don t get the cup doesn t mean we fans love them any less It is nice sometimes to see that the love f the sport is not predicated n how many wins a team can pull Heart of the Wood out Not that winning is bad just not everythingGoing Home by Heather Lire 2 starsBlake Griffith is headed back home to Las Vegas Unfortunately Not that he is sad to have gotten the coaching job for the newest memberf the national hockey league but Las Vegas isn t exactly a fount The King's Commissar of happy memories Leastf all the last Bloodmage ones he hadf Micah Morales But Vegas is city full f people most f them not even staying longer than a week so what are the chances that Blake will run into his first crush Pretty good if his luck holds Thinking Through Food: A Philosophical Introduction out the way it s been goingThis was certainly short but I honestly can t say that it was muchf a story It was the beginning Making Instruments Count: Essays on Historical Scientific Instruments Presented to Gerard L'Estrange Turner of a story I ll grant you that but there was no ending It just stopped And I know the author left a note saying she planned to make Blake and Micah s tale into a full story at a later date but I don t really go into anthologies wanting excerpts I want stories Completenes even if they are short If she had instead just told the story Every Sigh, the End of how they fell apart I would have been a lot satisfied At least then I would get some kindf ending even if I didn t get closure I certainly like what was written and hell I might even pick up the complete thing at some point but I can t deny that what we got here was a bit disappointingOn Broadway by VL Locey 4 starsRiley Zeally has it all Fame fortune a job playing pro hockey The Secret Language of Competitive Intelligence the Secret Language of Competitive Intelligence onne f the best teams in the NHL Seems like he should be pretty damn satisfied with life But he s not Not that he doesn t enjoy all those really nice things but having to live in a closet and having to live alone because f that closet means that he is left feeling like something is missing from his life Little does he know that that something is a long haird homeless man who plays hockey like no Milk, Turkey, and Neurosis: Or, How Mother (Almost) Ruined My Life one Riley has ever seenDespite the fact that you should probably not actually use this story as a model for how to handle taking home random dudes fromff the street I had a lot Quest for Celestia: A Reimagining of the Pilgrim's Progress of fun reading this Rocket s prickliness was just the thing to spice up this short story And I really loved the non judgy language and tone this took about Rocket s situation His life is hardly ideal but I liked that it wasn t used to bash him further Not a lotf hockey in this ne but I can t say I minded too much The characters were interesting enough that I didn t even really noticeThe Brother and the Retired Player by Mary Smith 3 starsAfter years f taking care f his brother Kian has decided at the ripe ld age f 41 that it was about time that he start living his #life for himself His brother is an adult now and can take care f most f the things that come # for himself His brother is an adult now and can take care f most Eterlimus of the things that come being a professional hockey player and that should leave Kian plentyf time to find a job that didn t revolve around someone else s needs It also gives him the "chance to maybe find someone to fill his nighttime hours with as well And the newly "to maybe find someone to fill his nighttime hours with as well And the newly Tim Gibbs seems to be very agreeable to the fferNot bad but something about the style f storytelling in this The Guilty Feminist: From our noble goals to our worst hypocrisies one just didn t do it for me A bit too much telling for my tastes And for all that Kian was fondf telling us that he was 41 years ld there were some reactions that felt too juvenile for someone f that age I also had a hard time remembering who was who when it came to the three K named characters They were all way too similar and even though there are not very many characters in this story I kept mixing them up I did like that both these characters were either no longer playing hockey Bunless Oven: Bring Hope to Your Trying-To-Conceive Tears or werenly tangentially connected to the sport Breaking away from the traditional hockey playerhockey player pairing meant that it kept my attention even though I got frustrated with Stomp the Elephant in the Office other aspectsf the storytellingTaking a Shot by Samantha Wayland 4 starsTim Robineau and Chris Kimball have been friends roommates and teammates for a while But it isn t until Chris goes down in the middle There's a Light at the Top of the Stairs of a game with what could end up being a career ending injury that Tim starts to see something between them that he never noticed before And Chris who has been in love with his best friend for ages might just get a shot at thene thing he never dared to hope to haveEven though I The Very Busy Bee (Peek A Boo Pop Ups) only got about halfway thru this last story before I was hit with a migraine which made it hard to focusn what was going DuMont Bildband Namibia: Natur, Kultur und Lebensart (DuMont Bildband E-Book) onn page I enjoyed this last contribution to the anthology I think it was a great way to end it and I found Chris and Tim uite believable as a pair f friends fumbling their way thru an attraction that has been building for years Everything in this story well except the injury which made me seriously wince in sympathy was pretty low key but it was enjoyable none the injury which made me seriously wince in sympathy was pretty low key but it was enjoyable none less This book was provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes Go there to check ut Sordid Seduction other reviews author interviews and all those awesome giveaways Click below Review to come soon But can already say that Iverall really liked this anthology Of course there s stories I liked than thers but I expected that Rating for each story will be in the review But all in all a solid 4 stars Definitely recommende. Ength by Cherylanne CorneilleNext Season by Avon GaleGoing Home by Heather LireOn Broadway by VL LoceyThe Brother and the Retired Player by Mary SmithTake a Shot by Samantha Wayland. ,

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