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Ale with dominant tendencies filthy mouth tick A sassy clever female with an #Ability To Push His #to push his with her seductive behaviour hinted submissive side tickFraying control of both they with an ability to push his buttons with her seductive behaviour hinted submissive side tickFraying control of both they ready to snap BIG tickExplosive chemistry that goes bang BIG tickA story that s enthralling twisty you never uite know who s good bad or good at being bad TICKCan t wait for from this author I m getting my wetsuit out now ready for Riptide Is it hot in hereCuffed by Kathryn Nolan was a fast paced novella with a very interesting plot ineWill and VioletA cop and a con artistDominant and a submissiveIt s ove at first sightNotIt was funny dark and a hot as hellWill is tired of being the nice guy He is just done being the good cop and is closing in on the dark side When he Starts Tailing A Con Artist He Is Instantly Attracted To tailing a con artist he Is instantly attracted to and he also want s her in his bedWill this end wellRead to find out What a fantastic debut book Really enjoyed this novella Action packed and full of just the right amount of dirty funGreat twist in the tale I will definitely be checking out other books by this author. Ht Will watches her set her trap And every night he fights the urge to walk right into itBut the uestion is who’s tailing whoNote this is a short uick and dirty novella It’s a ittle twisted and a ot dark but still has a damn good This novella was described as uick AND DIRTY AND I D LIKE dirty and I d ike confirm that as accurate Not only was it a fast smutty read but it had an interesting plot that I personally haven t read

*much of before *
of before s a novella so it s not extensively explored but the whole con artist and the detective was very fun to readTold through the POV s of Will and Violet and wow their insta attraction is HOT The naughty bits are shocking an Hot Hot Hot Filthy dirty DetectiveI No Future for You loved this book Red hot passion between characters I suspect I shouldn tike But oh did I ever ike I suspect I shouldn t ike But oh did I ever Charming the Firefighter (In Shady Grove, like two I didn t want it to end You think you might know what should happen by the end but you aren t sure Will the good detective go bad will the con artist go straight will she evade him will he catch her will sheet herself be caught will he Making India Work let her slip away These uestionseft me breathless racing to find the answer Kathryn Nolan is my newest one click author A short uick and sexy novella Violet and Will have awesome chemistry and I enjoyed Will s pursuit of Violet the con artist uick and dirty I Everwar (Cal Leandros, liked it Not what I was exp. Detective Will Furey is a Good Cop–decorated well respected a trueeader In his ten years on the police force he’s never broken the rulesThat is until he meets Violet D’Allegra Or rather begins to tail herViolet is Will’s worst. Ecting but it was an original storyline EDIT I was discussing with a few others and decided this book is actually next evel hotness with a great plot packed into a short novella which isn t often done So FIVE STARS This is a sexy ittle novella about Detective Will Furey who is on the tail of Violet D Allegra a woman who has made a name for herself by blackmailing rich men with sex The characters are very well developed in a short space of time which takes real talent Kathryn is great at writing sexy shorts that draw you in immediately If you ike something steamy and well Written Then Look No Further Oh And By The Waydo then ook no further Oh and by the waydo your inhibitions at the door 5 stars Sharp Smart and SexyDetective Will Furey is a good man and a good cop He s on the trail of Violet a smart woman and a sexy con artistCuffed is a novella packed with action and emotion It is usty and addicting from to finish and I absolutely recommend it This is one scorching hot novella I couldn t turn the pages fast enough Kathryn s book had everything you want in a fast sexy read A deliciously hot alpha Nightmare She’s a notorious con artist who’s been seducing and blackmailing men up and down the California coast Arrogant and beautiful she’s stayed one step ahead of the seducing and blackmailing men up and down the California coast Arrogant and beautiful she’s stayed one step ahead of the her entire ife–and isn’t about to stop nowEvery nig.

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Cuffed author Kathryn Nolan

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