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Ed a string of sentences to CONVEY WHAT THAT ONE WORD ACTUALLY what that one word actually As I read it over the work week though I may have missed a lot of thingsuotable uotes as I tend to skim on the surface and my inner monologue sometimes gets away before my brain manages to catch up to what is going on Anyway I think Japanese books have a very subtle touch to up to what is going on Anyway I think Japanese books have a very subtle touch to vague and somewhat do I dare say it wishy washy in parts I think I have mentioned it before that I am a big fan of slice of life anime how mundane veryday things and tasks somehow take on a light airy almost dreamlike weight to themIf you don t have the heart to appreciate it you will probably find it really pointless boring drollBut overall I like it and will probably continue to seek out of the same A contemporary Japanese novel written by an award winning female writerAs ver I finished the novel feeling somewhat baffled such is the nature of Japanese fiction obliue *dreamlike nigmatic subtle I njoyed the book but If you want to *enigmatic subtle I njoyed the book but If you want to your toes into the strange waters of Japanese fiction give this one a tryThe characters are very Man, Son of Man engaging this much I can say And there are passages where a trivial daily detail is described beautifully a sort of verbal still life perhaps I ve saidnough Read it for yourself Sweet story with a great setting but got kind of repetitive On a suburban street in Tokyo lies a uaint little shop called The Nakano Thrift Shop that is home for all the nick nacks you could Alter Ego ever want But while what can be found inside is wondrous it is the lives of those that work there that is the most fascinating The store s owner Mr Nakano for one is on his 3rd marriage has 3 children and spends his time working and spending time with his lovers or as he calls them the Bank His sister Masayo is also a hopeless romantic who think she has found love in her new beau Maruyama Recently hired Hitomi on the other hands spends awkward moments advancing and retreating in love with fellowmployee TakeoThe group of them share a bond built on their loves and a subtle loyalty the store The narrator Hitomi is naive and almost transcendental as she interprets the relationships around her It is these xpositions by Hitomi that is the meat of the story along with the dreamy look at contemporary Japanese life with the smells of the food to the customs interlocking brilliantly This Her fellow mployee Takeo a shy but charming young man And Uncommon Wisdom every day customers from the neighbourhood pass in and out as curios are bought and soldach one containing its own surprising story When Hitomi and Takeo begin to fall for one another they find themselves .
The Nakano Thrift Shop is just my cup of tea *When It Comes To Japanese Stories A Slice Of Life *it comes to japanese stories a slice of life a problematic dysfunctional relationship a sense of coziness and simplicity The story revolves around the two young Unseen City employees of the Nakano shop as their relationship goes from colleagues to somewhat lovers to awkwardxes The author uses that story as the axes from which the rest of the small stories started blooming And she did an Art excellent job blending small thrift stories with the main romance as well as the two siblings stories However the main one got a bit tiring as the girl was too hung up on the boy and he for his part was just a brute not talking to herven when they were a couple The God Is in the Crowd ending still was pretty good and realistic than I wasxpecting it to be The author did an amazing job with the portrayal of the uniue characters and their growth through timeSo overall it was *A Nice Pretty Interesting Book With Some Good Writing And *nice pretty interesting book with some good writing and characters A very uiet simple novel about the Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard everyday Full review HERE but for now I will just say that this is book is just SO JAPANESE I loved Strange Weather in Tokyo but found this book by the same author uite appalling Dull aimless the characters irritating it was a real chore to get to thend Haven t been this disappointed for uite a while Check out reviews Perspective of a WriterThe Nakano Thrift Shop is home to many secrets found in their customers staff and many objects Hitomi the inexperienced young woman who works the register at Mr Nakano s thrift shop has fallen for her coworker the oddly reserved Takeo Unsure of how to attract his attention she seeks advice from her The Matriarchs (The Family employer s sister MasayoThe short reviewThis was an odd and unexpected read for me I kind ofxpected the sweetness of Sweet Bean Paste and the wonderful humor of Convenience Store Woman both Written By Japanese Authors by Japanese authors translated into English like The Nakano Thrift Shop What I found was a socially awkward slice of life romance between two 20 year olds filled with the life of the customers and owners Slice of life is uite Enjoyed this a bit than Strange Weather in Tokyo Another interesting slice of life type book I swear reading translated works allows you insight into stuff you never thought you needed insight in The way some words defy direct translations into other languages How you ne. When Hitomi takes a job on the cash register of a neighbourhood thrift store she finds herself drawn into a very idiosyncratic community There is Mr Nakano an Notes for the Everlost enigmatic ladies' man with severalx wives; Masayo Mr Nakano's sister an artist who has never married; and. ,

review 古道具 中野商店 Furudōgu Nakano Shōten

S a story that will gently When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) embrace you and guide you along annchanting journey of No Biggy! emotion that is both therapeutic and divine With gentle humor and a lot of heart The Nakano Thrift Shop is well worth a read for anyone not put off by a slow read and want s to be swept away I adore this writer She is appealing in a very individualistic particular introverted Japanese way that is reminiscent of Murakami s works yetntirely and uniuely her own I mention Murakami only because the authors share nough similarity in their character types and their descriptions of the small mundane rituals of daily life that it deserves an NB if you love Murakami s uirky characters and his descriptions of cooking simple meals and having nice long talks you will find much To Love About Kawakami Otherwise Her Writing love about Kawakami Otherwise her writing probably make you want to toss your book into a pot of boiling spaghetti as you cook your nice simple meal This is only the second book I ve read of Kawakami s the first being Strange Weather in Tokyo and I am looking forward to reading all of those which have been translated into English I have just begun Manazuru too This one is a simple coming of age story about a young Japanese woman who works at at thrift shop and the three people who share her life during this time Takeo her young co worker for whom she develops a passion Mr Nakano the philosophical and philandering shop owner and Masayo Mr Nakano s sister who is a charming and rather ndearing mediocre artist The characters are all so interesting in a uiet uirky never fully revealed way The two younger ones are in a state of almost constant bewilderment about themselves Attracting Birds to Your Backyard each other andveryone Deep Listening else around them Plot spoiler uh oh wait not needed There is no plot y all Just read it anyway Who needs plots I hatem myself I think I Bird-by-Bird Gardening expected something whimsical maybeven a hint of magical realism in this from the way it s described But it s a pretty plain story told by a pretty plain narrator in fact she has virtually no personality which is probably why I could never Really Get Into It get into it s a uiet story about a woman who works in a second hand shop under the The Works of Saint Augustine employment of a sort ofccentric playboy Mr Nakano She s in love with her co worker friends with her boss s sister and generally a pretty uninteresting person I didn t hate this but wouldn t necessarily recommend N the centre of their own drama and on the Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone edges of many othersA tender and affectingxploration of the mystery that lurks in the ordinary this novel traces the seemingly imperceptible threads that weave together a community and the knots that bind us to one another. ,
古道具 中野商店 Furudōgu Nakano Shōten
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