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Eight Inches jF you like it you will definitly find it in Baleful Betrayal And the last thing Maybe it sust me but I think a little bit of downscaling on the conflict to a personal level would be great All those gatherings for big wars and marching off to the great battles and what have you not aren t my thing I think they are in some point the reason for the lack of the personal stuff between the characters likeBesides those points I d love to read about lack of the stuff between the characters I likeBesides those points d love to read about Justin Elyssa so keep on writing John and don t let us wait to long for the next chapter And plans to open a portal to the Void releasing the Beast and Armageddon Enlisting the help of the Seraphim sky fishers and their fleet of flying ships Justin has to repair the Alabaster Arch leading back to Eden and bring through the mightiest supernatural army Seraphina has ever known.

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Baleful Betrayal Overworld Chronicles #12AwesomeFantastic Can t wait for John Corwin continues to deliver with the last written book in this series Anxiously awaiting Great seriesHoly moly I kept telling Justin something was wrong with Victor but did he listen to me nopeat least this book didn t need tissues And Serena needs to be gone vanuished to death I think that witch is worse than Daelissa Book 1 Sweet Blood of MineBook 2 Dark Light of MineBook 3 Fallen Angel of MineBook 4 Dread Nemesis of MineBook 5 Twisted Sister of MineBook 6 Dearest Mother of MineBook 7 Infernal Fat. PAYBACK IS HELL After the crystoid incident nearly destroyed all magic in Eden and killed a dear friend Justin Slade wants payback That means invading the angel realm dear friend Justin Slade wants payback That means invading the angel realm and suashing the usurper Cephus like a bug Unfortunately another "crystoid in seraphina is preventing alabast. " in Seraphina is preventing the Alabast. Her of MineBook 8 Sinister Seraphim of MineBook 9 Wicked War of MineBook 10 Dire Destiny of OursBook 11 Aetherial AnnihilationBook 12 Baleful Betrayal As with the other Overworld Books before I enjoyed reading Baleful Betrayal a lot But I have to say there are some things that Baleful Betrayal a lot But I have to say that there some things that need a bit of tuning at least for me First of all I d love to seeread of the gang again because that is what I really enjoyed in the first books of the series Second I m not so much into robots with lasers and stuff That is a bit to much geekdom for me Er Arch from opening a portal into the realm Using a sky portal from the last remaining crystoid in Eden Justin launches a desperate bid to open the portal from the other side Cephus however is than ready for a counterattack Not only has he fortified his fortress but he's built a new arch.