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5 star because of the ending I really enjoy reading Alison but I wish for better endings 35 Stars Pretty arn good Yeah we wish for better endings 35 Stars Pretty arn good Yeah we insta lustlove and you have to push reality aside a bit to get To Where This Plot Takes where this plot takes but it s a good story and I m on to Book 2 cuz it had uite the cliffy Camilla is in college about to graduate and she gets a call that her father has ied and she has things to o to settle his estate Camilla has a very istant but loving relationship with her The Majors Daughter dad She shows up to take care of things and finds out she trulyid not know her father and what he Miss Shumway Waves a Wand did for a living And there she meets Nolan all kinds of older hella hot alpha malenessand falls for him And he s not all he appears to be and has some secrets he s keeping from her LOVED IT5 starsI so hope the second book will have pages My NolanI like him still not sure if he is view spoilergood or the bad guy here maybe in between hide spoiler This book immediatelyrew me in and once I started reading it I couldn t put it own Alison Ryan really brought Camilla Nolan s characters to life and they are written in such a way that you really brought Camilla Nolan s characters to life and they are written in such a way that you feel the chemistry between them This book will have your pulse racing and your heart breaking then throw in a tantalizing cliffhanger and it will keep you coming back for I can t wait to find out what happens next I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review and originally posted this on another website on May 12 2016 A lot of stuff going on for such a short book Not really sure how I felt about this It efinitely caught my attention thoug. Ght one On His Majestys Service day beone with me but I would never be one with him Nolan wants to teach me how to please him I want to learn how to trust him But as I've learned nothing is as it seems And the man I want to trust might just be the man I need to run from WARNING This is a steamy romance involving an older experienced alpha male and the young girl he wishes to own There are twists and turns and it will leave you gasping for This will be a trilogy so the HEA will come in the final book And it's worth the wai. ,

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The Mentor Necessary Lies #1What to BelieveCamilla Hunt is a senior in college prepping to graduate when she is told to contact Nolan Weston about her father The last time is told to contact Nolan Weston about her father The last time saw her father was on her sixteenth birthday where he took her to Austria Camilla has always been under the impression her father ran a law firm since he id get his law The Essential Good Food Guide degree When Nolan tells Camilla her father isead she is summoned to his Tahoe home where Nolan meets her She remembers him as the man her father met in Salzburg and apparently Nolan works for The Hunt Group While there she learns what kind of businesswork her father really id Nolan is a handsome strong alpha but his ability to let lies roll off his tongue makes you wonder what is the truth coming out of his mouth Camilla is pretty much an orphan after losing her mother to cancer and not having a close relationship with her father but through all that she s made it She is strong willed and fiercely independent When she over hears Nolan s phone conversation she runs back to school but who shows up at her graduation that s right Nolan He has some things to tell her and boy are they a oozy Excellent cliffhanger in this one so if her boy are they a In Defence of Dogs doozy Excellent cliffhanger in this one so ifon t like them this isn t for you It is efinitely one of my favorite stories so far from Ms Ryan Received an ARC for an honest review I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review Alison Ryan oes it again She has the ability to weave a story that captivates her readers from the very first page and keeps them hanging onto the edge of their seats until the very end and even then leaves them A new steamy romance from best selling author Alison Ryan THE MENTOR My father is The City in Mind dead That much I know What Iidn't know was what my father Revenge (The Red Ledger did for a living I thought he was just a run of the mill lawyer I was wrong My father had an entire life I never knew about One filled with half truths and plenty ofeception Nolan Weston is the key to unlocking the lies Nolan worked for my father He was his right hand man the one he entrusted with everything That would include being the executor of my father's. .
Anting Mystery suspense attraction secrets lies hot sex scenes everything a reader wants in a book Nope The heroine gets a call that her father is ead She is flown to his house where she meets her father s partner or whatever he is The heroine is 21 years old and had not seen her father since SHE WAS 16 YEARS OLD THE HEROINE SAYS SHE was 16 years old The heroine says she not want the estate and money but she is also going to get access to her trust fund which her mother set up before she ied The heroine is very rich but oes not act like a spoiled rich girl There secrets and other things the heroine rich girl There are secrets other things the heroine out about her father but I lost interest before any of that came into light This just id not work for me The pace at times was so slow Plus I heard the story ends in a cliffy I love cliffys but then I saw in a review that there is no word on when book 2 will be out When I tried to find the author s website to see if she had info the site was closed Then I am not sure if I had the right twitter and FB page since there are no links from GR I am not sure what is going on The MentorEnjoyed the book Hate serials By the time the next installment comes out I will have forgotten this story Why Penguins Poems for Life do authorso this Ms Ryan introduces a new book at the end of book 1 Why not just finish the first one I on t know how many books will be in this series but I will just wait until they are all out to read them This is a great book Just on t like waiting A Good ReadThis is efinitely a ifferent kind of story But I enjoyed it I Divine Beauty do recommend it but I hated the way it ended Iidn t give it Massive estate that I just so happen to be the sole heiress to I should hate Nolan He's cold Arrogant And he's hiding something But I Fear and Loathing at Rolling Stone don't hate him at all I'mrawn to him After a snowstorm in Tahoe traps us inside my father's luxury Down to the Sea in Ships digs the forced proxmity opens up the floodgates of ouresire It was one of the moments in my life I knew I would remember always And that as much as I idn’t want to feel like I belonged to anyone at that moment I was completely his for as long as he wanted me He mi. .