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Scenario and actually playing the gameToo much emphasis on combat in the rule book tends to indicate that the game designers aren t really interested in role playing and aren t likely to create materials which support the style of play I prefer True a talented GM DMStorytellerwhatever can run a game with a different slant than the game is designed to but it s still discouraging to read a book which devotes three paragraphs to character development and background and dozens of pages to bullet weights and impact ratiosThe World of Darkness rule book to my mind is too heavy on fiction #But Very Reasonable In #very reasonable in of amount of space devoted to combat I m looking forward to getting a chance to play in it Possibly the best role playing game system I ve ever seen a core rulebook allowing one to tell almost any ind of horror or ghost story imaginable incredibly customizable the use of Vampire Werewolf Mage Promethean Changeling Hunter and Geist is only the barest edge of possibility with this system This is another somewhat dishonest review since I don t now that I actually read this whole book Well I think I did but I did so in two parts I read the setting stuff fluff a while back and thought it was well written but basically just standard White Wolf World of Darkness stuff Not BAD mind just standard Didn t make me say damn I want to run this game This time however I was looking at the systems because I was considering using this game to run some sort of Dark Ages fantasy game of unknown content or setting and wanted to see if this seemed workable Also I was just impelled by curiosity because White Wolf tends to put out stuff that I really like conceptually but then falls apart when I start rolling diceTo my pleasant surprise the new Storytelling system seems pretty robust on the surface Granted my pleasant surprise the new Storytelling system seems pretty robust on the surface Granted book deals primarily with playing normal people but for that function it seems like the system works pretty well It s straightforward seems reasonable easy to remember combat looks like it should be really fast and there aren t too many weird exceptions I m sure once you start piling powers and shit onto that it gets much complicated and Confusing Real Fast But Fortunately real fast but fortunately I m running a low fantasy game that shouldn t be a huge issue And I m not uite up for trying to run a modern nWOD game yet though I suppose the upcoming Hunter The Vigil could change that I think I m going to look over a couple options and then start to try and make some ind of decisionIn any case it seems like a neat system and could be fun to runplay at some point I m sure there s broken stuff in it that I ve missed but no system seems completely free of that sort of shi. Tales of mystery and horror where theme mood and plot are important to a character s experiences than his weapons or euipment Inside are rules for character creation task resolution combat and any activity your character attempts as he delves into the shado. It tries to pull away from crunchy systems but in doing so removes easy to decipher rules in favor of obfuscated systems It could learn a lot from OSR and PbtA systems It of obfuscated systems It could learn a lot from OSR and PbtA systems It a little hard to review this since I read it in two parts with a fair bit of time between them so I can speak to the latter half of the book than the former The game fiction was generally nice and I found myself especially intrigued by the piece on the God Machine so I ll definitely be reading the God Machine Chronicle at some point The mechanics overall seem fairly good I ve encountered dice pool systems BEFORE IN SHADOWRUN AND I APPRECIATE in Shadowrun and I appreciate way that it seems like WoD especially in combat reuires fewer rolls the way attributes is set up is The way attributes is set up is intuitive which is nice There s a fair selection of merits and other things to make the character stand out and be special I m sure supplements will add of that sort of thing Combat was fairly well explained It somehow feels a bit simpler than in a lot of other systems as there seem to be a smaller amount of rules but I think that s probably a good thing Special powers are lacking but that s what the different games about playing supernatural creatures are for The storyteller focused chapter had some nice albeit basic advice and I really like the format for presenting NPCs It makes me at least somewhat interested in getting the monster book for reading rather than just having foes to use I was a little disappointed that the only supernatural thing there was ghosts They re well done but I m not that interested in them and I would have liked an example werewolf vampire and mage since I imagine any mortal chronicles are far likely to revolve around those Overall though this seems like a fairly good system and a good introduction to the setting since it s definitely gotten me interested in reading of the books and running a game at some pointUpon rereading I largely agree with what I had to say four years ago I do like ghosts a little since I can see some story potential for them but I still feel that the antagonist selection is weak Also I don t really care for the way Morality is done here for a variety of reasons especially given how losing morality can give your character various mental illnesses I do think the second edition has a new version of Morality though I might ignore the mechanic altogether I m not sure On the plus side I really like the little vignettes in the attribute and skill descriptions and in general rereading this really makes me want to dive into of the blue books and run a mortals game I m still interested in the supernatural game lines but mortals seem like they have some good potential for stories We live our days completely ignorant of the true terrors lurking around us Only rarely do our experiences draw back the veil of shadows and reveal the horror in our midst These glimpses into the supernatural can cause us to retreat into comforting lies 'Ther. ,

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Oo which is nice I m hoping to run for some friends soon and I think I ll definitely have a lot of fun After all as the book itself says it s easy to ignore the rules I don t like for the sake of the story utter garbage a system that doesn t utter garbage a system that doesn t does not offer procedures on how to use it when do we roll Why do we roll Who decides what happens in the shared imaginary space Answer the GM at his whim ignoring rules when he pleases as they re expected to get in the way of fun anyways hence the golden rule and the most ridiculous guidelines on how to be a GM make this steaming pile of manure a shining example of how to not create a game any game Of all the things the New World of Darkness got right I think this shines as an achievement Rather than spend each corebook rehashing common stats that precious page space can go to importantuniue material It s a shame you have to pay for basic info of course but even this book alone tries to make it possible to role play a decent engaging game I just see it as White Wolf trying to avoid clutter and over saturation with redundancies and it is a great indicator of how sexy and sleek the WoD is now for new blood and old fans An interest source book introducing the mechanics of the New or Chronicles or Darkness However it rather dry of setting that must come in other source books It looks are the nuts and bolts of game But worth the read if you re into this books It looks are the nuts and bolts of game But worth the read if you re into this addition to the WOD universe retold slower intensely I ve owned this rule book for over ten years and have dipped into it before but not in any great depth I recently played a game run by the London Darkness Roleplaying Club and thoroughly enjoyed it I also picked up a mini iPad at the Same time so I thought I d read the whole book cover to cover I haven t done that since Call of Cthulhu 4th Edition came outI admit that I m a big fan on the old classic World of Darkness games and I m not too een on the re imagined books of the new series However I have to admit that this is a very good rule book and these rules are much neater than the old games It s a shame that they didn t think to bring out classic WoD modules to accompany it I still can t see myself playing the new Vampire Werewolf Mage or Changeling but this book covers playing mortals something the original series didn t doAll in all I think I ll try these rules out with my group and see if they like them I think there are a number of things to balance in RPG rulebooksToo little fiction leaves the novice gamer stranded and even the experienced gamer has to work to get the world feel intended Too much gets in the way of the nuts and bolts and delays the good part creating a character or. E are no such things as monsters' or stir our morbid curiosity Only a few however can overcome their fear and dare to look deeperThe World of Darkness Rulebook introduces a version of our contemporary world where the supernatural is real Players join to tell.
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The World of Darkness Main Rulebook

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