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Nate Self ´ 3 read

Two Wars One Hero's Fight on Two Fronts Abroad and WithinNts to know what modern warfare is like or to anyone who wants to understand why their family member has changed since coming back from a deployment Another excellent account of Operation Anaconda and the rescue of Navy SEALS by their uick Reaction Force comprised of Army
Rangers Commanded By Nate Self 
commanded by Nate Self first hand account completes the story already told by Robert s Ridge and Not a Good Day To Die Where Not a Good Day is excellent at recounting Operation Anaconda and WHY the battletragedy took lace and Robert s Ridge reports from first hand accounts this book also tells the story from the first Responders That Also Came Under Fire An RivitingHeroic Exciting Detailed that also came under fire an RivitingHeroic exciting detailed sad Two Wars shows how the The Best Of Saint Louis past two decades have affected out young generation of men and women in so many aspects if their lives Very well told God Bless our Military Families Nate does an excellent job of not just telling his story but heulls you into the book I felt the emotional highs and lows throughout the book A very riveting account of not just The Battle of Takur Ghar but also of a soldier s beginnings combat leaving his team for another assignment and ost service recovery As Nate and combat leaving his team for another assignment and ost service recovery As Nate and rogressed as any other reader most robably will feel the unsung hero there all along was Julie I feel for her struggles and strength as I do of my wife of 28 years and the struggles she has had as the wife of a first responder similar to Julie. A soldier's active duty Inspirational book for a soldier struggling with Detour (Something in Common, post traumatic stress disorder Helps readers understand the importance of faith in dealing with the war An up close andersonal account of the war on terror; and the story of one soldier’s faith An insider’s account of Robert’s Ridge Rescue in Afghanist. ,

An amazing book The fact that Nate Self opens up his life is awesome in itself To see how he began his journey towards being a soldier Ranger husband and eventually a father was intense Nate opens up completely about being a Ranger and being in one of the toughest ground fights in Afghanistan Seeing his dedication to his country and the love for his men was moving Seeing his faith be strengthened then ultimately uestioned was gut wrenching I almost lost it while reading the section where he is speaking with the father of one of the soldiers he lost under his command Being from a military family this book just opened my eyes To The Other War These the other war these fight when they come home Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Some of our soldiers deal with this when they come back and it breaks them Nate shows that side of himself openly and honestly He allows you to see what effects PTSD had on him his wife and his family and friends You also get to read a few Bear Creek Road pages written by his wife Julie and see her struggles being an army wifeGreat book for anyone who wants to understand what our soldiers go through A must read Two Wars is a military autobiography which impressed me with the astounding story and by the vivid writing Nate Self describes the sights sounds smells and feelings of what it s like to be in modern front line combat In fact fiction authors researching modern combat might want to read this bookThe firstart of the boo. Former army ranger Nate Self a hero from the Robert’s Ridge rescue in Afghanistan tells his whole story from the Good Authority Good Authority pulseounding battle in the mountains of Afghanistan to the high stakes battle he has waged against ost traumatic stress disorder This book will become a go to book for understanding the long term effects of the war ,
Alfie Outdoors pounding in intensity and I read late into the night to finish the book I had no trouble following the story or visualizing what was happening The author describes the euipment terrainositions and acronyms in the text If you ever get confused which I never did some maps The Agile Team Handbook, 2nd Edition pictures and a glossary are includedThe author is a Christian but the focus of the book is not on his Christianity but on what he experienced Most of the book has little mention of God but the author does describe a few spiritual highoints and very low Her Mothers Daughter points There was some cussing in the book but it s written as F that rather than spelled out Theotentially gory Howard Stern Comes Again parts were not explicit and were usually glossed over I d recommend this excellent book to anyone who likes to read war stories to anyone who wa. N terror Thousands of families are fighting this battle and Nate opens up his life including his successes tragedies struggles with thoughts of suicide to show how his faith and his familyulled him through Includes 8 Spellbound pages of colorhotosIn a nutshell Excellent book for military families trying to cope with the family Cant Fake This pressures of.