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Ears into the future Although most agree politics is a irty business Nebraska might have been the wrong choice of States as the setting for corruption Also from experience when a storm choice of States as the setting for corruption Also from experience when a storm involve a tornado one ucks and covers not socialize in front of a fire in the parlor Although the cover model is attractive as a prairie settler she idn t live up to the book s Wild Embers: Poems of Rebellion, Fire, and Beauty description andress of an Eastern An exciting historical romance filled with suspense and intrigueAn exciting opening begins Pursued as heroine Carianne Barlow is placed in jeopardy a gun held to her neck She has just arrived from the East to a town in frontier Nebraska She plans to iligently carry out the stipulations of her grandmother s will to use the inheritance to establish libraries in these grandmother s will to use the inheritance to establish libraries in these towns enabling women to improve their education She is rescued by Rhyon Cason a complex man with uite a reputation Besides being a rancher baron he is comfortable in Washington DC social circles He helps Carianne pursue her goals while she iscovers the true man behind the handsome faceI really like the main characters Carianne works hard to fulfill her obligations and remain honorable Rhyo This is actually pretty good for what it is just not my cuppa This is one of those soap opera like novels with a plot that never ends If you like television programs such as Dr uinn Christy or When Calls the Heart or any other such Hallmark type stuff then yo. Ons Rhyan is known to be a heart breaker and he is an atheist which A Study in Scandal (Scandalous doesn’t set well with her Christian beliefs But they are thrown together when events take aangerous turn and menacing undercurrents run through the town Then Carianne learns too late Rhyan is pursued by a sinister enemy Letting it Go determined toestroy everything he cares for including her As they get closer to exposing the adversary they realize he or she wants them both e. .
Pursued Intrigue under Western Skies #1A very good readI love the book and Carrieann She is etermined and steadfast to the Lord I will recommend it to all my friends as a wholesome interesting book about a Christian woman who stayed true To The Lord Warning Book Ends With the Lord Warning book ends with Author Elaine Manders raws you in from the very beginning the you in from the very beginning The unfolds with twist after twist Just as you think finally a HEA the book ends unfulfilled Ugh

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it is not a answer from God but rather a not now as God s timing is not our timing My new favorite author Elaine Manders is my new favorite author I really enjoyed her book Pursued It was all the little things that added to my reading experience The ust the Smijurija u mjerama dirt the mosuitoes the gossip oh my Extremely entertaining and keeps you guessing to the end who all the bad guys are and why HistoricalI enjoyed this book good storytelling This author writes about Nebraska where my grandchildren were born She currently resides in the Warner Robins GA area which is where myaughter and husband live and he works a civil service job at Robins AFB after retiring from the USAF All these similarities made me curious to read the book I was so pleasantly surp A wonderful start to what I am sure will be a wonderful series I have read so many of these books I have mostly enjoyed them all Although the Speer difference between this the others is I can t wait to read I live the wellefined characters feel like I know each one. An idealistic librarian and a troubled cattle baron fight wickedness in high places in 1884 Nebraska Carianne Barlow never expected to leave her Philadelphia townhouse and travel to the wild west but when she inherits a fortune conditions are attached She must carry out her grandmother’s vision of a western culture center anchored by a library to rival those of the east Such an undertaking reuires political support and no one is inf. Personally If there was such a town I would efinitely want to live there share friendship with everyone in the book Even Dorcas Heroine would efinitely want to live there share friendship with everyone in the book Even Dorcas Heroine share friendship with everyone in the book Even Dorcas Heroine lives her faithThis book was a wonderful Christian Western without being preachy The characters and storyline are well The Ring Of The Dove done and believable Theialogue flows well AND THE WAY THE H S HEART CHANGES IS the way the H s heart changes is realistic The story moves at a realistic speed which many books The Lost Literature of Medieval England don t I love how all The characters have their flaws The twist at the end is surprising Beware it isn t a sharp HEA but beautifulone Loved this book Carianne and Rhyan are A Curse of Kings drawn to each other from the start Rhyanoesn t believe in God and Carianne has faithfully served Him Carianne has to learn that she can t make Rhyan believe and that everyone Garfield Dishes It Out (Garfield, doesn t understand God as sheoes or the words Christians use as they Im a Narwhal do Rhyan has to come to grips with himself and that the God of his grandparents can be his God too Rhyan is trying to learn and importantly willing to learn by the end of the book This book MUST be read before reading the 2nd in the series I was sooo gripped by this book I couldn t wait to read the 2nd Wonderful book Enjoyed the mysterycrime aspect of this extensive novel but the romance was somewhat prolonged and unresolved However having lived in Nebraska certain social and political aspects were confusing At the time of the story abolition was long time resolved and prohibition was many Luential than Rhyan Cason a handsome rancher with the reputation of hardened businessman and rabble rousing lobbyist with a preference for the ladies Carianne gets on the westbound train with no thought of the treacherous world awaiting her in the little prairie town near Rhyan’s sprawling ranch When Rhyan asks her to catalog his library Carianne jumps at the chance without considering the ramifications She rejects any romantic noti.