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Dr Chase Hudson

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5 Fuck Me Stars Almost everyone who ead The Sex Surrogate first installment of this series and in the female POV wanted to know about the misterious and Chase Hudson God for POV to know about the misterious and sexy Chase Hudson Thank God for and the people who practically demanded this book LOL To me it was totally necessary Why Well at the end of the first book I found myself knowing a lot less about Chase than I expected Too many uestions popped in my head Why is he the way he is Why did he decide to study Psychology Why especialize on Sex Surrogacy What was he feeling during his sessions with Ava When did he discovered that he loved her You see LOOOOOOOOOADS of uestions Of course Jessica answered these uestions in the novel Dr Chase Hudson is basically the first book but from Chase s POV and with a little bit of new content at the end Which was what I missed on The Sex Surrogate so this to me was perfect I was prepared for her anxiety I had been eady for her to be sitting amrod straight for her hands to be spread out on the cushions beside her and for her head to snap up in my direction like a scared deer when the door closedAll of that I had expectedWhat I hadn t expected was for her to be the prettiest fucking thing to ever set foot in my office So if you haven t ead the first book let me tell you what all of this is about This series tells the story of Ava a woman who is struggling with anxiety and as a conseuence she is not able to elax and enjoy sexual elationships and Dr Chase Hudson a sex therapist and sex surrogate who will forever change her life We saw Ava struggle for her feelings towards the sexologist in The Sex Surrogate Well now we see Chase struggling with his feelings towards his patient I wasn t sure why I told her Because she was so exposed to me Because I wanted to even the playing field Somehow I didn t think that was it I was pretty sure there was a part of me a part of me I didn t uite understand because it didn t uite make sense that just wanted her to know me Not as her doctor Not as her surrogate Just as a person I eally enjoyed getting into Chase s head We now know about his life outside his workplace and we also discover very important aspects about his past About his family especially his mother and one of his foster brothers about his friends and even lovers I feel so bad and sad for him sometimes Thank God for Ava and their lovely love story And of course always good to have their sexy times These two are so cute together I can t even She flung herself at me sending us both falling backward as I wrapped my arms around her and her head ested on my chest It s mine she declared What is I asked sueezing her My safest place in the world she said lifting her head from it It s mine forever My hand went to the side of her face It always has been I told her Therefore my ating for Dr Chase Hudson is 5 STARS I eally enjoyed this novel and getting to know Chase better Also I eally loved having some extr. This is not a stand alone and must be ead after The Sex SurrogateYou asked for it now you're getting it a novella from Dr Hudson. A content at the end Sooooo amazing and cute and everything You ll see what I mean if you ead it haha So if you ead The Sex Surrogate and want to know don t hesitate to grab this I am uite sure you will enjoy it I totally ecommend CHECK OUT MY BLOG HERE I luvd getting of the Doc Once I knew this book was coming out I was delighted I luvd The Sex Surrogate it was so good an getting into Chase s head was what I want I was dyin to know how he felt about Ava when did he start to luv her basically I just want it al again but in his head an I have to say I wasn t disappointed I luvd every page of it from page 1 I couldn t put it down Chase is still so hotter think maybe even hotter getting his #think maybe even hotter getting into his an findin out about him was just great I got to learn about his childhood an how hard it was for him then there was his best friend Eddie I eally liked him an the luv Chase had for him was just amazin the way he would do anything for him an not judge him just made me luv him so much an I actually don t think I could luv his character any but I could the luv just kept coming Ava is still a great character an I do still like her but I could understand a lil bit of Chase s frustration at time every though he never went mad for unnin I understood in her book why she had to un but in this it was a lil annoyin but I think this is what made this so good I seen there elationship from a different side but one thing that was the same was the steamy hot sexy time between them it was just as hot an him dyin for her made it even hotter I luvd the last maybe 10% of new stuff it was so good I was a lil gutted about 1 thing but I m not goin to spoil it u have to ead it an I highly ecommend this series Dr Chase Hudson is to hot not to ead xxx Much to my surprise while I found most of the love scenes physically hotter from Ava s POV see my eview of The Sex Surrogate The Surrogate 1 where I felt her emotions keenly I found see my eview of The Sex Surrogate The Surrogate 1 where I felt her emotions keenly I found seuel Dr Chase Hudson The Surrogate 2 emotionally hotter The unfettered access to his thoughts and emotions was a different kind of seductionAs a omance eader I was thrilled to see that Chase was unable to think of Ava in a professional manner even during their initial meeting Why Because he s a sexual surrogate That s his job He s also eally handsome and has no trouble getting women in his personal life As a omance eader I want no need for the heroine to be than just another woman than just another job Yes I understand the ethical duties of him being her therapist and he should have stopped things before their first therapy session In a eal life situation I d absolutely expect him to do so In a omance however I want him to be so drawn to her that he can t make himself walk away Which is exactly the case Chase is a good man however and continually struggles with his feelings He knows he should drop her as a client but he s also a caring doctor who sees a young woman who has. 's POV plus an epilogue so we can catch up with Chase and Ava Here you will find answers to your uestions about Chase's childhood.
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Tried unsuccessfully for years to get the help she needs and he genuinely believes he can help her Putting her needs above his own desires he keeps her as a client and does everything he can to suppress his feelings He s a man in constant conflict He s also dealing with issues of his own Life can be messy sometimes it sucks and you have to deal And not everyone can be helped I appreciated that the author didn t wrap everything up in a nice pretty bow no matter how tempting the pleasant path of Disney Another smart choice on Ms Gadziala s part was giving Ava anxiety issues without tying them all to some traumatic childhood trauma Yes some of her anxieties were triggered by physical events But anxieties aren t always easonable or predictable which is why they can be difficult to treat as the author showcasedBoth books feature interesting secondary characters particularly Ava s apartment mate Jake and her co worker Shay In the beginning Jake is a ather selfish guy He s not bad he s just kind of thoughtless an open mouth insert foot type that can make you cringe He doesn t see how his wordsactions hurt Ava and her lack of confidence and self esteem keeps her from standing up for herself Once Jake s eyes are opened Jake begins a heartwarming transformation and becomes a eally good friend Shay starts out as a co worker and though Ava s friendly with her Ava s issues have prevented her from having any close friendships As her self confidence grows she opens herself up to a true friendship with Shay Shay s exactly the type of friend that Ava needs encouraging Ava to get out expand her comfort zone and actually live lifeAs I ve mentioned before I chose to ead This book and The Sex Surrogate concurrently For me this was the ight choice Some eaders may find eading this method somewhat epetitive but I found their differing mental and emotional views illuminating ather than irritatingGiven each book s different POV The Sex Surrogate contains scenes that are not in Dr Chase Hudson and vice versa But Dr Chase Hudson continues three years past the ending of The Sex Surrogate so it answers uestions about both primary and secondary characters that will not be addressed otherwiseOne final note on the author s website she offers a free short story titled The Wedding An Ava Chase Short Story The Surrogate 25 which is a great ending to the fantastic series A perfect blend of eroticism and omance I highly ecommend Jessica Gadziala s The Surrogate series and omance I highly
Jessica Gadziala s The Surrogate me I got my Sigh I ead this baby in one day I Could Not Put It Down This book is The Sex Surrogate from Dr Chase Hudson s POV Yeah so we get to find out about Chase s past and how his feelings for Ava develop I eally enjoyed getting into Chase s head There were some things that thanks to this novella cleared up I m so happy that the last chapters are about their future but I was sad about one particular thing view spoilerbut why Eddie hide spoiler. How he got into surrogacy and what exactly his feelings were for Ava while he was working with her For possible triggers go here.