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Impressively technical but thoroughly dry "Devoid Of Emotion While This "of emotion While this lacks style and Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, real characters development it is a page turner and the plausibility of the events makes iteally scary The most interesting part in my opinion was the political aspect of such an event and what it eveals of the humanity of governments 60215 this is not a particularly well written book in terms of poetics character plot theme this book is very easy to ead short in describing why i give it a Three It Is The it is the movie to end all disaster movies at least before films like day after tomorrow or 2012 it is a fascinating portrayal of how japanese society might eact politically to this entire existential threat perhaps it only works if you look past the writing if you have ead much japanese literature seen films ead some manga know critical histories know how many japanese want to see themselves as brave selfless also esigned to fate attached almost metaphysically to the home islands i have not ead any disaster books though seen a few films there are numbers here numbers and passages early in the book insisting on validity and possibility of the geophysics involved there are some vignettes following scientists politicians monk but for me beyond all this the value of this book is entirely the idea the way it plays out and perhaps great writing would only be a distraction I m ating this book a 3 but I d by no means say Japan Sinks is eally an average book I think. A solitary fishing boat anchors for the night by a small island to the south of Japan The next morning the fishermen find themselves in the middle of an empty sea Overnight the island has vanished without a trace The.

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Er planned there in the near future "But I Ve Never There And "I ve never been there and am not familiar with the larger image of Japanese land towns and and so what eventually happened was an even greater disconnect because of the above point then what it should have been if this were set in America I m listing this as 2 because it is solely a defect in addition to 1 I ve ead plenty of Japanese literature set in Japan before but this is the first international novel I ve ead that didn t follow some structure of storycharacters as the primary goal or at least didn t keep them as a prominent focus for the majority of the text Basically you ll be eading about a lot of destruction in places you can t even visualize It s not necessarily boring but ather it s very passiveBut overall I did enjoy Japan Sinks Highly ecommended for the Scientific type of eader as there s uite a lot of good fun to be had with lots of descriptive dialogue centered on the Earth s core and how Earthuakes occur and convection and all sorts of good educational stuff like that And the characters are while ather stiff scientist types very enjoyable when they get a chance to show themselves In the end I eally wish there was just either greater spacing between character and destruction or less of the latter and of the formerBut "again ecommended definitely Average ead The Netflix series is average as well Both the first story in the "recommended definitely Average ead The Netflix series is average as well Both the first story in the and the first episode of the adaptation made me want to DNF both. Way from the Asian mainland the Japanese Archipelago has been moving inexorably toward an unseen force in the Japan Trench and is set on a collision course that threatens to pull the economic superpower under literall. ,
There s uite a lot going on in this ather famous Sci Fi novel and actual Science Fiction lots and lots of accurate information to back up the plot and "THE CHARACTERS ARE WHILE LIMITED THOROUGHLY "characters are while limited thoroughly and engaging But there are two things holding me back from admiring this book and those are 1 Alike what happens with most literature that puts a big emphasis on action and activity what happens is a lot of lost focus from the eader who can t eally be bothered to link up image after image that ultimately just take up space until the eventual esult I ve never been a fan of books
that elied heavily 
relied heavily action because for the most part it doesn t matter until whatever character I m pursuing has some sort of eflection on it or the plot moves forward following the pages of activity In the case of Japan Sinks there s an increasing prevalence of dangerous activity throughout and while it s at first exciting to ead about a volcano erupting earthuake occuring or tidal wave nearing what eventually happens is that 20 40 pages continue to epeat these events and their following disasters over and over In the end these *Large Amounts Of Pages *amounts of pages summarized solely with A lot is uined the protagonist is further distressed And this is okay but the amount of text used to convey damages ultimately bridges the events of the actual story too far apart2 This is purely a personal thing but I am an American eader who hasn t visited Japan Seen lots and lots of pictures have a care. Japanese weather service sends a vessel to investigate They find convincing evidence of a horrifying geological change Thrust into existence millions of years ago when a strong shift in the underlying plates tore it 日本沈没