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Ith words He does a great job of creating very uniue voices for his characters and making them ncredibly memorable By the end of the book Marlene felt Stadium Chase incrediblyntimate to me and this book only whetted my appetite to read about her Dangerous Love in the future The descriptions are a true treat for my fellow historical fiction fans Beware this book does not cover Marlene Dietrich s entire life She was bornn 1901 and died The Tide in 1992 The book starts with her school years It abruptly ends after the Second World War It just stops I was so surprised I went back and checkedf I had downloaded the whole book Is there a follow up planned I do think readers should be warned You are left hanging without clear The Winter of the Lions information for example of her sister s fate After the war Marlene searched for her sister She was thought to ben Berlin She wasn t She demanded help from Marlene She and her husband had run the canteen and films at Bergen Belsen Collaborators or just one of the many doing what they were told to do So too abrupt an ending and readers are not told the book only covers half of Marlene s life Her acting her singing the movies she made her relationships with famed co stars directors and authors The Bestseller Code its all here Her love life Nothing Lasts Forever (Battle Born MC Book 2) is coveredn detail There The One Minute Millionaire: The Enlightened Way to Wealth is a lot of sex andt Daisy is explicit She grew upn Berlin of the 20s The cabarets were home to her and to transvestites lesbians and men homosexually The Asylum inclined Marlene s bisexual appetites expounded Marlene tells us her own story How she felt about sex and how she used sex s a central theme Because she had so many relationships with so many men and women well each relationship kind of loses ts force Just another n the stack of the many Yet we do come to understand Marlene or at least how she probably viewed her own life The acting profession s one of selling oneself The reader has to be prepared for that I felt the atmosphere of the cabaret life of Berlin Their Virgin Secretary (Masters of Ménage, in the 20s was well conveyed I found the details of each of her productions a bit tedious but understood they had to be thereThe chapters about Marlene s engagementn war efforts her singing and entertaining of the Allied troops were one of the best parts of the book She made two extended tours for the United Service Organization traveling to Algiers Italy and Belgium I was pulled The River in She had found a cause to fight for a causemportant than herself She gave herself wholeheartedly without reservation Looking at how she behaved and how other Germans behaved and viewed themselves On a Cold Road isnterestingly explored There Taming Your Outer Child: Overcoming Self-Sabotage and Healing from Abandonment is no author s note at leastn the audio version You are not told f the author has altered known facts This s disappointing I assume the author has stuck to the known facts and simply Darkstalker (Wings of Fire: Legends, invented conversations The audiobooks narrated by Bernadette Dune It The Fairytale Hairdresser and Father Christmas is easy to follow and she uses different voices for characters of different nationalities Her American accents best German The Twenty-Third Man (Mrs. Bradley, is OK and French bad Mutti sounded like Moody I was totally stumped until I figured out Marlene was speaking of her mom Heck you do understand so the narrations not bad 35 stars f I could but rounded up to 4I can t say that I ve ever seen any of her movies BUT THAT DIDN T DIMINISH AT ALL MY INTEREST that didn t diminish at all my nterest reading this biographical novel of Marlene Dietrich I do remember seeing clips seeing how beautiful she was and hearing that sultry voice The first person narration gives this novel an almost genuine autobiographical feel Yet when I read a fictionalized account of a famous person I always have that uestion lurking The Racehorse Who Wouldn’t Gallop in my mind how does the author know that thiss what the person would have thought or said Then I think about how wonderfully creative the author was by taking the facts of about how wonderfully creative the author was by taking the facts of s life and Sweet Liberty imagining what she was like and bringing her to life on these pagesIntroduced to the cinematographe by a teacher little did she know at the time where she would ultimately be Raised by her strict widowed mother who attempts to shape Marlene s life by forcing her to study as a violinist Its during this time as a music student that Marlene begins her journey to become her own person She has an affair with music teacher goes to theatersbars and halls The focus then s on her relationships with men and women a free style unconventional life for the times and trying to establish herself as an actress I wanted the first half to move a little faster at times while her career was revving up and couldn t wait to get to when she comes to Hollywood But so fascinating to watch as her career develops from singer to actress from stage to films Finally halfway through the book she sets sail for Hollywood The big names Gary Cooper David O Selznick Claudette Colbert and Cary Grant my favorite and t was then that the glamour and excitement of the era came to life as well as the toughness and cut throat aspects of the film Night of the Living Dead Christian industry and the control that the studios had over the actors The war and her personal life her love affairs as well as her successn film are the focus of the second half It s a fascinating life story for sure and while I m definitely not a prude the explicit sex scenes The New World Order in my view really weren t necessary to relate Dietrich s relationships For me the best part of the storys how she stood up to the Nazis and entertained Allied troops displaying a strength of character that I have to admit I uestioned earlier While the book ends King Solomons Carpet in the mid 1940 s after the war and we don t see the rest of her life Gortner has definitely accomplished what he set out to do as notedn the Afterword I can only hope my admiration for her shines through and that Halflings (Halflings, in a small way I ve done her spirit justice Thanks to William MorrowHarperCollins and Edelweiss. Ling promises Marlenenstead chooses to become an American citizen and after her new nation The Big Snuggle-Up is forcednto World War II tours with the USO performing for thousands of Allied troops Too Close for Comfort (Jo Birmingham in Europe and Africa But one day she will return to Germany Escorted by General George Patton himself Marlenes heartbroken by the war’s devastation and the evil legacy of the Third Reich that has transformed her homeland and the family she loved An enthralling and Trauma insightful account of this extraordinary legend Marlene reveals thenner life of a woman of grit glamour and ambition who defied convention seduced the world and forged her own path on her own ter. Marlene By C.W. Gortner

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Marlene Dietrich Even her name seemed to perfectly typify her And she went through a number of stages the upper class girl violinist turned rowdy German cabaret singer n the 20s To the tuxedo tragedienne Speech-making and Presentation Made Easy in the series of dramatically lit set piecesn the 1930sCrusader against Nazism Happiness the Mindful Way in the 40s renouncing Hitler s offer and entertaining troops on the front lines And 50s60s her comeback with a number of great films A Foreign Affair Witness for the Prosecution Judgment at Nuremberg and her discovery of Burt Bacharach and stage showss perhaps my fave Dietrich period She s always been an Gorilla, Monkey Ape interesting mix of contradictions her movies were generally foreign adventuress who must Marlene Dietrich wasn t ancon for me until I saw her A First Book of Jewish Bible Stories in Destry Rides Again and then I wanted to see all her movies I knew that she first had successn Weimar Germany My concept of Weimar Germany s based on The Berlin Stories The Last of Mr NorrisGoodbye to Berlin a short story collection by Christopher Isherwood which s best known for The Bully its musical adaptation Cabaret Imagined Marlene Dietrich within that environment which was so unconventional and so free This was the Marlene Dietrich that I expected to see The Regiment in Marlene by C W Gortner and he met my expectationsn spades I received my copy of Marlene from Edelweiss The Kingdom (Fargo Adventure, in return for this honest reviewAs I read CW Gortner s vision of Marlene Dietrich I felt that she represented Weimar Germany s zeitgeist a German word that means the spirit of the time and she never really became part of Hollywood Hollywood studios tried to dictate what sort of life she led but she carved out an existence for herself that wasndependent of Hollywood expectations She always looked for ways to get around rules Johnny Came Home in order to do as she pleased Readers who are uncomfortable with a protagonist who has a great deal of sex with both genders should not read this book Neither should readers who are upset by adultery Marlene was bisexual and had unconventional views about relationshipsI found this novel very entertaining and I would definitely read another book by CW Gortner For my complete review see I ve been a fan of CW Gortner s books long before I met and befriended him at a conference and Marlene Dietrichs perhaps my favorite of his heroines She comes to life on the page a swearing smoking bisexual goddess of sin From her early days as schoolgirl violinist to her sashay through the Berlin cabarets of the 30s all the way to her meteoric rise through golden age Hollywood she fascinates honest enough to say she doesn t really have much n the way of acting talent determined enough to succeed anyway a self made beauty whose remarkable charisma collected numberless admirers Famous men and women parade n and out of Marlene s bed and life she The Complete Idiots Guide to Raising Chickens is refreshingly directn her enjoyment of sex and Gortner never slut shames he shows Marlene s tremendous gift for friendship as she remains friends with her ex lovers and never stints to help when they are The Complete Idiots Guide to Finance for Small Business in trouble Her unflinching stand against Nazism and her final triumph as darling of the USO tours and the American GIss mesmerizing and her final page stays with me poignant and triumphant Marlene
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is larger than here and yet also very very human Marlene by CW Gortner His Guarded Heart is a 2016 William Morrow publication I will admit up front that I did not realize this was a work of fiction at first I was a little disappointed since I was hoping for a traditional biography butt was my own fault for not reading the synopsis carefully I had not experienced this type of biographical fiction until recently but I found The Woman Who Walked Into the Sea it to be anntriguing way of telling a person s life story This one though was not a factual as I would have liked with some suggestions being so The Goodness of Dogs incredible I had to do a Google search to seef Everybody Matters it was true Thenformation wasn t necessarily outright false since there The Slaughter is no way to disprove or validatet so I suppose Three Mothers, Three Daughters it s up to the reader to decide what they want to believe or not I do understand thiss a novel and liberties were taken I just wish I knew what was fact and what was fictionYet Three by Atiq Rahimi its obvious the author did his research and not only does he know his subject but he obviously admired her and was true to her legacy Despite my misunderstanding of the book s format I still found myself mesmerized by the story Marlene was uite the character and certainly lived life on her own terms as Much As She Could as she could first person narrative Magical Garden 2018 Calendar: Coloring Meditations Inspired by Nature is often amusing and I thinkt did capture the woman s essence The Pages in some ways She was bold promiscuous forthright yet manipulative at times loved to shock and offend play games with people and live large But she lived for herselft seems and only herself even though she had a husband and daughter she rarely saw or had much of a relationship with Her feelings never seemed to run too deeply Hija de la fortuna in my opinion Yet she was refreshingn that what you see The Black Widower is what you get way and of course she absolutely defined glamour She was a trendsetter and gender bender and was well ahead of her time She was adored by male and female fans alike Marlene Dietrichs a legend and her willingness to push the envelope puts her n a class all by herself well almost No biographical accounting of Marlene s life would be complete without mentioning the famed rivalry between Marlene and Greta Garbo which was explained and played up here just as the press did at the height of their popularity and fame I think both actresses deserved credit both were special and ahead of their time but to me Marlene was much edgier and seemed to enjoy being that way Her teasing and daring literally jumps out at you from the screen and leaves a lasting mpression The novel. A lush dramatic biographical novel of one of the most glamorous and alluring legends of Hollywood’s golden age Marlene Dietrich from the gender bending cabarets of Weimar Berlin to the lush film studios of Hollywood a sweeping story of passion glamour ambition art and war from the author of Mademoiselle ChanelRaised The Night Listener in genteel poverty after the first World War Maria Magdalena Dietrich dreams of a life on the stage When a budding career as a violinists cut short the willful teenager vows to become a singer trading her family’s proper middle class society for the free spirited louche world of Weimar Berlin’s cabarets and drag balls Wi. Ends without exploring the latter years of her life where she experienced very hard times as well as enjoying many bright spots before she became totally reclusive struggling with addiction and ll health While the book just stops n a jarringly abrupt and awkward way I felt the author s focus on her early life was probably a good In the Electric Eden idea especially sincet captures the atmosphere surrounding the second world war so well and Marlene s staunch stand against the Nazi s and Hitler While she was often untouched by what was going on due to her work schedule she did become attune and shunned Berlin most of her life Another pivitol part of her life were her years with director von Sternberg and The Iron Daughter (The Iron Fey it was only fitting that some time was spent examining this relationship and the obviousmpact The Reckoning (Maeve Kerrigan, it had on Marlene s rise to superstar status as well as examining the ultimate downfall of the collaboration which also sent Marlene onto a different path career wise sot was all very fascinating There were many critical Wiggins, Sherlock et le Mysterious Poison - collection Tip Tongue - A1 dcouverte - ds 10 ans insightsnto Marlene s life and how she chose to live The Enchanted Wood (The Faraway Tree, it Shes even now a controversial figure but one that The Soul Stylists is remembered as one of the best actresses of all time I would like to find a comprehensive biography which will tell the wh DNF not becauset was not a good book because Point of Redemption (Nordic Lords MC, it was and the writing was fantastic but simply because of the subject matter I thought I would be fascinated by this amazing lady but not enough to put this book ahead of some other books I ve been waiting to read during the summer Because I love this author and hes a personal friend of mine I will go back and read this book once I m caught up with my highly anticipated thrillers and no doubt absolutely love The Virgin Soldiers it At that point a review will follow I won this book through Goodreads giveaway and thank you very muchBut very much a so so read A lot of tell vs show and dialogue that often says too much People don t often speak the obvious not to close friends family members etc Anyhow when I read the dialogue aloudt sounded artificial Dungeons and Dragons Art and Arcana: A Visual History in places soAs for the noveltself Game On (Aces Hockey, it purports to take the major events of Marlene Dietrich s life and expand on them I d rather read a biography and I think when I entered the contest that s what I believed this was A good solid bio Though the words A Novel should have been a major clue right Hey I m getting oldButt s as The Empress if someone took a timeline and wrote the significant events of Dietrich s life ont then tried to connect them by writing out various scenarios to fill the spaces between Anyhow not The Celestial Necklace impressed though with all the four and five star reviews maybe I m missing somethingNo don t think so When I was a young girl my sister and I spent many weekends with my maternal grandparents As the only grandchildren they spoileds with a great deal of attention and love On Saturday evening we watched old movies my grandfather loved the golden days of Hollywood and as a German loved Marlene Dietrich He always said she was a hell of a women who had lived nine livesThe book starts when Marlene Part-Time Gods (DFZ is a school girln Berlin living with her younger sister Liesel and her mother Her grandmother shows and tells Marlene how beautiful she s and how this will open doors for her She grew nto a very determined woman did things her own way became a success n Hollywood grew nto a very determined woman did things her own way became a success Secret Alpha (A is for Alpha Male, in Hollywood hadndiscriminate love affairs with both men and women Although married with one child Marlene generally lived life the way she wanted Although married a marriage that would last both partners had other relations often the others love nterest lived with them and was accepted by both spouses So strange but true nonetheless But she was extremely loyal supported all till the end always aware of her responsibilitiesGolden days of Hollywood one of my favorite parts all the leading players and notaries of the day John Wayne Bette Davis Gary Cooper Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth as well as Hemingway and Remarue Then of course Hitler and the war afraid for mother and sister left n Germany She would do than her part n the war going on a USO tour with Danny Thomas and what she sees will forever USO tour with Danny Thomas and what she sees will forever her outlook her character Gortner does a wonderful job showing s just how complex this woman was how much The Pregnancy Encyclopedia inner strength she possessed how much of a survivor By books end she had earned my admiration as had the author The author note details what happenedn her life after the end of the book and explains why he ended the book where he did A wonderful book about an amazing womanARC from publisher Prior to reading this book I basically knew that Marlene Dietrich was an Old Hollywood star with absolutely stunning bone structure who was originally from Germany not much at all In this book CW Gortner breathes life Heartland into this woman and shows why shes still so well remembered by so many She Todo Mafalda is a fascinating person andt easy to see why she makes such a great subject for this historical fiction The book Hands-On Reinforcement Learning with Python: Master reinforcement and deep reinforcement learning using OpenAI Gym and TensorFlow is told from the perspective of Marlene I absolutely loved being able to really stepnto her shoes through this book and see what she saw Marlene does a lot of living particularly Simple Cake in the earlier years of her life andt was great to see t through her eyes and to hear her explain what she was going through and what she was thinking The book starts during her very early life as a schoolgirl n Germany so we get to know her well before she became a Hollywood siren I loved how Gortner shows her progression from a rather shy young girl to someone who Captain Marvel Little Golden Book isn t afraid to put herself out there Shendulges What Is the Story of Scooby-Doo? in many pleasures throughout her young life Her rise to Hollywood was also wonderful to read aboutI ve read several of Gortner s books before and I love his way Th her sultry beauty smoky voice seductive silk cocktail dresses and androgynous tailored suits Marlene performs to packed houses and becomes entangledn a series of stormy love affairs that push the boundaries of social convention For the beautiful desirous Lili Marlene neither fame nor marriage and motherhood can cure her wanderlust As Hitler and the Nazis rise to power she sets sail for America Rivaling the success of another European mport Greta Garbo Marlene uickly becomes one of Hollywood’s leading ladies starring with legends such as Gary Cooper John Wayne and Cary Grant Desperate for her return Hitler tries to lure her with dazz.
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