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A Fairly Honourable Defeat eF the poems included to illustrate particularlements of craft were interesting the Analyses Of Said Poems of said poems trite condescending and shallow The very few writing prompts the text offers are fine but nothing new I m not sure if this is just an issue with my copy of the book but the Poet s Notecard sections look like they were printed with like the ten cent copier at the public library dark and grainy almost to the point of illegibility frankly these notecards are basically garbage so it s not like not being Able To Read Them to read them too devastating for a text that claims to be a guide The Mind s Eye does very little guiding the only useful thing I took away from reading it was a few new poets to check out and there are much better anthological sources for that kind of thing I ho This book was truly inspirational I loved Cussed in very chapter; different types of sound; contemporary poetry and traditional form; writing about difficult topics MARKET Poet nthusiasts. I loved Kevin Clark s guide for beginning poets Part instructional guidebook part it is the perfect balance I loved the xercises he poets Part guidebook part workbook it is the perfect balance I loved the xercises he at the The Man Without a Face end ofvery chapter I found myself doing them agerly Definitely one of the best I have used so far I think it s hard to rate writing guides like this but this book has a lot of interesting and thought provoking sections xamples and Gone (Gone, exercises A good read if you are thinking about really applying yourself to poetry but nothing can teach you to write other than to write Anxcellent guide for any student with or without a teacher A really great basic guide to different forms of poetry and their functions and how they can be used Without forcing you to always use these rules but xperiment with them and use the rules yet also discard and work how you like Interesting Primer to KEY BENEFIT The Mind's Eye written by a published poet focuses on imagery and sound and has the added benefit of being concise inexpensive and hand. ,

Oetry I would have liked of a Focus On Structure Form And Theme But on structure form and theme but all of Clark s fforts are focused on imagery which albeit is an integral part of poetry Pretty good but there s probably better options for an introduction to poetry 35A good introduction to poetry for the very beginning student or one who does not have any grasp on poetry at all Full of contemporary poets as well The last several chapters which are devoted to different types of
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love poems All Seated on the Ground etc can get rendundant and sweeping in their generalizations clear and lovely full of lessons to pass on to my poets in the making This book was not for me It showed a lot of poetry pieces and told whyach one was good for numerous reasons I did find a few interesting pieces in this book but for the most part it was too informative for my liking While some Y Includes a variety of many model poems by a diverse group of contemporary poets that reflect the times in which we live KEY TOPICS Imagery is dis. The Mind's Eye A Guide to Writing Poetry

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