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Pregnant by the Sheikh The Billionaires of Black Castle Book 3S in a book by Olivia Gates Yes there would Definitely Be Some Anguish In The Relationship And Probably A be some anguish in the relationship and probably a rending emotional challenge to overcome but the reward of being with one of her heroes would make it all worthwhile in the end The men Ms Gates creates for her stories are often bigger than life in both their professional and private lives and Numair is a certainly a prime example What he went through when younger and the man he is today only made me love him He thinks himself toughened to any situation that arises but being around Jenan has him reacting to her and not following his carefully thought out plans Her vibrant personality is infectious causing Numair to be greatly affected from the moment they met I enjoyed her intellect and the conversations this couple had were especially fun at times when her ick wit was involved How this couple interacts with each other is expressed with such thorough details Whether they are having sex or just voicing a thought the reason for their responses is always clear Olivia Gates has such a way of portraying the lusty desire two individuals feel for each other and the passion between Numair and Jenan is freuently off the scale yet still beautifully

put into words 
into words they go through is freuently off the scale yet still beautifully put into words What they go through the way to a blissful life together is overflowing with intense emotions which deeply touched my own feelings PREGNANT BY THE SHEIKH is profoundly moving over and over again Not a virgin heroine not for me Pregnant by the Sheikh the latest novel in Olivia Gates captivating The Billionaires of Black Castle series is a riveting word tapestry of sensuality an. N he rescues her from an arranged marriage he has a shocking pricean heir Though logic screams no her body and soul burn for him Numair has come from the darkest of pasts to exact revengeand to. .

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From lavish wealth to A Doctors Vow uncontrollable passion the compelling sheikh romances created by Olivia Gates are truly original in every way With very spirited characters and an abundance of emotional issues the stories by this very gifted author always take imagination to new heights The Billionaires of Black Castle series has only gotten better with each release and the third book drew me in and never let gontil the very last word PREGNANT BY THE SHEIKH is breathtakingly romantic Even though she feels her future husband will never bring her joy Princess Jenan Aal Ghamdi knows their pcoming marriage must take place for the sake of Zafrana Since her father has not been a very good ruler her homeland is in has not been a very good ruler her homeland is in and wedding a neighboring king will help to save the country even if she has to sacrifice her own happiness During her extravagant engagement party one guest immediately grabs the attention of Jenan As a businesswoman she certainly knows the reputation of Sheikh Numair Al Aswad as one of the founders of Black Castle Enterprises but she never expected him to make such a personal proposal to her When Numair came to the celebration he wanted to make Jenan an offer so he could right a past wrong But his thoughts for vengeance ickly turn to offer so he could right a past wrong But his thoughts for vengeance Shotgun Bride uickly turn to fantasies when he actually meets her He states that he will keep her from marrying the older king but he does have one stipulation to which she must agree and that is to give him an heir Jenan is at first shocked by what Numair is suggesting but countless hours of pleasure with such a tempting man makes her consider his reuest Oh to be one of the heroine. The sheikh bargains for an heir in this story by USA TODAY bestselling author Olivia Gates At first sight Sheikh Numair Al Aswad's lethal sensuality overwhelms Princess Jenan Aal Ghamdi And whe. D seduction It is impossible not to get caughtp in this enthralling story as Sheikh Numair Al Aswad yes he s as hot as his name sounds rescues lovely Princess Jenan Aal Ghamdi from an arranged marriag I was given this As An ARC For An Hones an ARC for an hones reviewAll can say is I absolutely LOVE THIS BOOK and it is a must read the author did her thing with this one If I could give it stars I would Throughout the series it was something about Numair that I just had to know his story One he is a powerful deadly man and a sheikh my favorite In this book you can really see how lethal he is and you learn the sadness of his past You learn it takes a strong woman with a given heart Jenan to tame him I love how they were drawn to each and the depth of their attraction and love This book popped off from the beginning I was all in from the start At times I laughed and others I wanted to cry To watch those two find love in each other put a smile on my face The
tenderness that he 
that he her was just wow The author made me feel as if I was there with them each touch and each tear This is one of my all time favorites now On another note I was happy just to see my other favoriteKings names it made me want to re read their stories I m looking forward to the next book about Richard I can t wait to see what happens their but I do know that I want Richard and Numair to call a truce to rebuild their friendship I know there is books to come I just sitting on the edge of my seat waiting Passion and The Long Road Home unexpected lovendermine the best laid plans Pregnant by the Sheikh starts as any romantic story What makes it stand out is Claim his throne Jenan is vital to his plans But his cold blooded scheme melts The Sweetest Burn (Broken Destiny, under the heat of their passion Now he must choose his lifelong ambitions or the woman who carries hisnborn chil.

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