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Of the Jews f Alexandria Funny sophisticated and knowing as it is the book is full f the sad consciousness f a dying way f life and a future far from AlexandriaThe Hamdi Alis Joseph and Emilie and their two sons David And Victor Come From Cairo To Spend Victor come from Cairo to spend summer in Alexandria with Robby his parents and his sister Anabella Robby is soon enticed by Victor into sexual games while David pursues the unresponsive Anabella hardly able to comprehend that she isn t interested in such an Adonis as he knows himself to be In Anabella Goren beautifully captures the ecstatic irresponsibility f being In Anabella Goren beautifully captures the ecstatic irresponsibility Satire of being and uncommitted But under its apparently meandering surface the story is building towards a confrontation it s the racing season and David a prize winning jockey is up against the local hero Al Taloni he David the Jew against the dark desert man Handsome and sought after as he is David already carries the seeds Deflower the Boss of failure within him it s no stretchf the imagination to imagine him in ten years Hebrew magic amulets or so the fair hair thinning the waist spreading the unrealistic dreams evaporated This is as good as it will get the heightsf the summer season and the brief heroism f the racetrack And weighed against this insubstantial young man is the tragic figure f his father Joseph who gave up his Muslim faith and family for love Being There of a Jewish woman and is now realising the price he paid For him the uestionf whether David will win هذه بلادنا: الجواء or lose against Al Taloni becomes an existential Buddha's Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom one that goes to his essence his fleshbeyond winningr losing a race at the Alexandria Sporting ClubMeanwhile the sheltered powerless women play endless card games gossiping and matchmaking in a lazy mix f French Ladino Arabic Turkish and English the Arab servants play a pragmatic game f give and take with their Jewish employers and the Copts Jews Muslims Catholics and Greek Orthodox as Andre Aciman says in his introduction jostled each ther without scruplethe tussling was amicable enough and never deadly But no ne was fooled for longDifferent as it is in style and scope there are echoes Witness to the Martyrdom: John Taylor's Personal Account of the Last Days of the Prophet Joseph Smith of the doomed glamourf Death in Venice I was reminded too f Naguib Mahfouz s Cairo trilogy and f Orhan Pahmuk s The Museum f Innocence both f which present a similarly rich and loving picture f the writer s home city and its cultural life and f the intimacies bonds and unspoken laws The War at Home: One Family's Fight Against PTSD of family nestled within itAlexandrian Summer was first published in Hebrew in 1978 It. Handsome elder son a promising horse jockey can't afford sexual frustration as it leads him tovereat and imperil his career but the woman he lusts after won't let him get beyond undoing a few buttons Victor the younger son takes his pleasure with ther boys But the true heroine f the story richly evoked in a pungent upstairsdownstairs mix is the raucous seductive city f Alexandria itself Published in Hebrew in 1978 Alexandrian Summer appears now in translation for the first timeYitzhak Gormezano This story is beautiful and the words are too evoking strong feelings and imagery Very well written and translated Spoilers In reading the first few chapters I thought I wasn t going to love the book too much after all I thought the boys explorations into homosexual sex was pretty unrealistic Would boys do that Yes I guess could believe that although awkward fumblings with hands and mouth would be believable Did they not feel pain But would all 5 boys And no ne had any reservations at all I don t know Maybe Victor had charisma and ability to INFLUENCE PEOPLE THAN ANYBODY REALISED AS people than anybody realised As read n I was able to put that aside because the ther characters started to come alive The character WHO REALLY TOUCHED ME WAS JOSEPHYUSEF really touched me was JosephYusef was a tragic story The Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle: A History of the American Cowboy in Song, Story and Verse other characters are all beautiful in theirwn ways Emile was kind grandma was compassionate and Interesting time and place Alexandria Egypt Set Theory, Logic and Their Limitations of the early 1950sKindf the lull before the very big storm The many varied residents f the City actually got along in a sort f way but the lower class Arabs were just waiting to explode and ver turn a rather decadent way f life to be replaced by even worse trouble Lots The Stringbean Murders of portentf what was to come without being too preachy about who was right and wrong In the early 1950 s Alexandria was a multicultural city with a thriving Jewish community This story is a look into life in that community through two families Their life أساطير شعبية من قلب جزيرة العرب: الجزء الرابع of horse racing night clubs restaurants is facing rising Egyptian nationalism and the uestionf whether to emigrate to Israel In a few years the military coup would install Gamal Nasser I used to be Robert too Twenty years ago I m coming from twenty years away I won t interrupt I just want to watch I won t interfere God forbid I just want to tell the story Stricken (Asphalt Cowboys, ofne summer a Mediterranean summer an Alexandrian summerSo Alexandrian Summer starts and finishes with the writer returning to see his The Sporty Game own ten yearld self Robby American Yakuza II on the balconyf the Inventions That Changed the World: Working Wonders old apartment taking down car licence numberplates And at the endf the story rain begins to fall Love Onboard: Cupid's Caribbean Cruise on Robby and he leaves his notebook discardedn the balconyThe summer was washed Vertical Mind: Psychological Approaches for Optimal Rock Climbing off the streets Winter came to AlexandriaIn between is a story as flexible as a silken rope moving with the slightly drugged hedonistic easef summer days in cosmopolitan Alexandria at the height Blood Love of the season But we ren the cusp f the Officer s Revolution that ended the leisured settled life. Alexandrian Summer is the story f two Jewish families living their frenzied last days in the doomed cosmopolitan social whirl f Alexandria just before fleeing Egypt for Israel in 1951 The conventions f the Egyptian upper middle class are laid bare in this dazzling novel which exposes startling sexual hypocrisies and portrays a now vanished polyglot world f horse racing seaside promenades and elegant night clubs Hamdi Ali senior is an ld time patriarch with than a dash f strong Turkish blood His. S a classic f diaspora literature New Vessel Press has done us a great favour in bringing ut this English version From the introduction The co existence f so many creeds and English version From the introduction The peaceful co DIY, Dammit!: A Practical Guide to Curse-Free Crafting of so many creeds and may have been asking too muchf mankind and in the end was too good to be true It never lasts it never did This author deftly handles extremely serious social issues through this story primarily about horse racing and the jockeys involved There isn t a wasted word here in this very dense story and I loved the final sentence and I m not giving anything away by uoting it here Winter came to ALEXANDRIA SIMPLE AND WITH MULTIPLE MEANINGS THAT S THE Simple and with multiple meanings that s the to end a novel Every detail Yitzhak described in the story brings me back to the Alexandria I know from 2017 even though the book was published in 1978 based in the 1950s Back then Alexandria was diversed with religions languages and race It gave me a context f the history f Alex It was vibrant with international citizens compared to the Alex I stayed for nearly a month in 2017 When I first visited Alexandria in 2017 I was amazed by the Mediterranean like city in an Arabian country definately not in my conceptions f Egypt would look like I was so amazed by the ld European like buildings that exists in such beautiful coast lines Civil rights, tool of communist deception of Alex I fell in love with the people and the city right away It is my home faraway from home A city like Alex definately has its stories The writer did a fantastic job bringing theld city alive to its younger peak era The story was told in a interesting manner I learnt a lot about the Alexandrians back then Some contexts also reminded me f the dear Alexandrians I know now It was a pleasure reading this book I am there among them growing into the woman I was meant to be free spirited worldly uick Review Glad to finally have an English translation available This novel provides a fascinating look at a summer season in 1951 Egypt the cosmopolitan atmosphere is fraught with ethnic religious and class tensions n the eve Cutthroat of King Farouk sverthrow Treated with unsentimental language readers are presented with nostalgia and its unmitigated irony thus preventing a nosedive into clich s etc Yet readers do come away with probing insights into the characters their psychological motivations and inner lives 25 stars I won this book as a Goodreads Giveaway In the English translation An Eastern Orthodox Response to Evangelical Claims of Alexandrian Summer Goren is enchanting and wistful a powerful combinatio. Oren was born in Alexandria Egypt in 1941 and immigrated to Israel as a child A playwright and novelist Goren studied English and French literature at the Hebrew Universityf Jerusalem and Tel Aviv University In 1982 he cofounded the Bimat Kedem Theater“Helps show why postwar Alexandria inspires nostalgia and avidity in seemingly everyone who knew it The result is what summer reading should be fast carefree visceral and incipiently lubricious” The New Yorker“Luminous One f the great triumphs.

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