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Spinal Trauma eWere tons of fun witty banter and great sexual tension filled the pages I reallynjoyed this cute read Ducklingswanwho caresWith the right guy it s all happily Shadow (New Species, ever after ARC kindly provided by Netgalley in return for an honest review 45 ROMANTIC SWEET Stars It s Live US UK I very muchnjoyed this New Adult friends to lovers story richly themed in the true beauty lying within our souls It gave me the full on sweet book butterflies and here s my reasons whyMichael St Claire and his sexilicious six pack are metaphorically damaged by his heartbreaking past so he goes to Texas for the summer in search of redemption Michael has an ulterior plan a plan to use people to get to someone who doesn t 細味人生100篇 even know hexists What he doesn t figure in is 4 StarsI m not going to lie I was really surprised I liked this one Especially because it had almost ZERO sex ZERO people Not to mention it took the hero and heroine the whole book to get together The story reminded me a lot of The Do Over by MK Schiller Two sisters one s curvy and one is a stick Curvy is in love with Stick s boyfriend Enter Michael who wants Stick but not for the reasons you might think Michael is going to help Curvy get her man which will only benefit Michael Anyone want to guess what happens Anyone Curvy aka Chloe was a fantastic heroine Really She was so sarcastic and self deprecating And just plain awesome I wanted to hug her and at the same time I wanted to be her best friend With a plot like this a lot of things could have gone wrong but gah for the most part they were great I was sucked right in from the get go curious to see how The Gathering (Darkness Rising, everything would all play out YeahStick aka Kristen is a total bitch Not a shocker And yeah I ve read this story line beforebut this one was fun It made me laugh a lot And it gave me the feels which is hard to do BUTyep there s a but I didn t love thend I didn t like view spoilerthe big reunion with all of the other series characters It was just silly to me hide spoiler 45 starsLauren Layne is fast becoming an auto buy author for me This is the second book from her that I ve loved After Michael St Claire learned of the devastating truth about his parentage he runs to Dallas to find his father For those who have read the previous books in the series you all know about Michael s feelings for Olivia and the MongoDB eventual fallout he had not only with Olivia but with Ethan as well Not only that he just found out a monumental family secret that had him uestioning his identity It upended his life Everything he knew about himself were nothing but lies In other words Michael s life was a messChloe Bellamy is the opposite ofverything Michael wants in a woman She s mouthy Chastity extroverted and unrefined unlike her sister Kristin who was of Micheal s type Chloe has been in love with her sister s boyfriend for yearsven though he never really noticed her When Micheal found out about Chloe s feelings for his half brother he offered to help His motives were not pure though Aside from wanting Kristin he also wants to get to know his biological father But the time Chloe and Michael spend together the they realize how much alike they are how much they need Experiential Learning each other and how much they are attracted toach other Their progression from nemies to friends and then to lovers was simply delightful to read Their banter their camaraderie that later on became little flirtations then to lovers was simply delightful to read Their banter their camaraderie that later on became little flirtations me turning the pages and I didn t stop until I reached the nd This is the kind of book you can read in one sitting Once I started I couldn t put it in I was thoroughly ngaged I loved the chemistry between Chloe and Michael And despite Michael s issues and hang ups I truly saw him fell for Chloe I understood why he didn t aggressively pursued her He s been there and done that and got burned All he knew was Chloe was hell bent on getti Nobody ver falls in love with me image rror 4 Ugly Duckling Stars Michael did some mistakes on the past and now he s trying to let go He switches his charmed life in NY for cowboy boots in the country There he meets Chloe the sweet girl that is often underestimated because she s a little chubby Chloe is in love with his best friend since forever the same who is currently dating her sister And her sister recently caught Michael s attention so they decide to make a deal sister And her sister recently caught Michael s attention so they decide to make a deal to date to catch their attention But as their friendship grows other feelings starts to appear but how can one guy that doesn t believe who will ver be chosen first and a girl who doesn t believe she ll Abortion, Choice, and Contemporary Fiction ever be chosen at all let go of their fears and be happy together Asver this was a very well written and heartwarming story that will leave you wanting for It was romantic sweet and with some sexy moments It was too slow in the beginning #but once it picked up it was a great book If you like #once it picked up it was a great book If you like you should really try this series They are refreshing and get away from the traditional clich s which is great And this book had an pilogue If you know me you know that my only bone with Lauren Layne is the fact that she rarely writes pilogues and I m a sucker for them And although this FRITZI auf Sylt - ÖLMALEREI - Kunst in Fotobrillant-Druck epilogue was small if it symbolizes the beginning of anpilogue Big Little Man era for Lauren I ll be a very happy girl Rating 4 Ugly Characters Development The amount of push pull was too much for me in the beginning which meant that both of the MC s annoyed me at the beginning As the story progressed Inded up really liking them both They wised up The Man from Beijing especially Chloe Kristen her sister was a bitch Devon was a clueless idiot I loved how all of characters from the three books got together in thend definitely best part of the book Steam Some heated moments Sensible Subjects view spoiler Ugh dysfunctional families hide spoiler FIVE CRUSHING ON YOU STARSIs love worth the riskFrom the hilariously relatable heroine to the gloriously romantic Creating Lasting Value ending this book hit the jackpot invery single way for my reading tastes When a book makes your heart thump ridiculously fast and your toes curl in delight then you know with Understanding Markets and Strategy every certainty that you have read a book that s worth talking about Lauren Layne is my number one contemporary author she has the Midas touch on al. Grove Texas Once in the Lone Star State Michael meets Kristin Bellamy who isxuisitely refined and Montana Dreams everything Michael always thought he wanted in a woman The only problem is that Kristin is dating Michael’s new half brother Devon   Kristin’s mouthy curvy sister Chloe has always been in love with Devon Patterson So when Michael offers to help Chloe break up. This series and characters keep getting better and better When I finished this one I was really debating on which couple is my favorite and so far I am at a loss However I can say without a doubt Chloe is my favorite heroine Chloe Bellamy is different And I mean that in an I could strangle her way not I m intrigued If you have been following the series Chloe is a new character and we meet her when Michael moves to Texas to get information regarding his dad Michael has given up his family s money and is in Texas on his own In need of a job he begins working at the local Country Club He is working as a personal trainer and tennis pro that s how Chloe and Michael meetThis isn t your typical boy meets girl and they fall in love story No Michael is actually 45 Stars I don t think it s about who loves you first It s about who loves you best There s a reason that Lauren Layne has become one of my favorite New Adult authors There s just something about her writing and her characters that never fails to reel me in and keep me glued to the pages It also never fails to give me that warm and fuzzy feelings right in my tummy that I ve come to adore about New Adult There s no insta anything and her characters are far from perfect and watching that progress and develop through the story is the best feeling in the world I have to admit that I wasn t too keen on Michael after first meeting him in Isn t She Lovely But then right around Broken that changed My heart hurt for him and I couldn t wait for the guy that fell in love with his best friend s girlfriend only to be devastatingly rejected by her in thend to get his HEA Michael s world changed forever right around the time his heart was shattered into a million pieces First he gets rejected by the girl he s been in love with for years A girl that just so happened to be his best friend s girlfriend at that he cheated with So in the span of one kiss he lost the girl AND his best friend Then his world gets rocked when he finds out that his whole life has been a lie and his father isn t his father In the hopes to get to know the man that is his true father he moves to Texas but he s no longer the boy that he was He s broody he s disenchanted and jaded He no longer believes in love but working as a tennis pro for the rich and the bored he has no problem being the boy toy to the spoiled housewives But he has ulterior motives to working there He has his Immerwelt - Der Pakt eye on a girl that happens to be his half brother s girlfriend A half brother that has no idea hexists And while Michael has his Modern South Asia eye on Kristin the gorgeous and spoiled rich girl her frumpy sister is in love with Devon On a good day I m curvy On a bad one I m plumpMost of the days are bad ones Chloe is honestly what truly made this book for me Her ability to laugh at herself and this lighthearted presence she had to her was a breath of fresh air She s so fun and uirky and just this girl next door that could be anyone s best friend Being the frumpy sister to the perfect skinny one is noasy feat It s also twice as hard being in love with her boyfriend for as long as she remembers But Chloe knows she has no chance So when Michael offers her a chance to make Devon notice her she may be hesitant at first but she takes it What nsues is an unwilling friendship that slowly begins to turn into much Michael might be sick of being second choice But the rejected woman part of meSHE S tired of being the platonic sidekick These two were polar opposites but yet made perfect sense together And the banter between them Absolute perfection So what s the problem he asksI justit s never like it is in the moviesMichael makes a strangled noise and turns toward my NIGHTSTAND OPENING A DRAWERWHAT ARE YOU DOING I ASKLOOKING opening a drawerWhat are you doing I askLooking a gun he mutters before shutting it again Are you fucking kidding me You re one of those girls waiting for the movie kissI scrunch my nose at his disbelieving face They do xist But then somewhere between the personal training and just hanging out together their plans shift and it begins to turn into something much With Chloe it s Ancestral Voices easy to forget that I m nobody Because she makes me feel like somebody I loved the slow burnlement to the story It s truly brilliant when the reader discovers things right along with the characters Chloe and Michael didn lust for ach other at first sight reader discovers things right along with the characters and Michael didn t lust for ach other at first sight that was Aristotle Detective (Aristotle evident But somewhere along the way their feelings shift and you get toxperience that with themIt was perfectionIt s not often that this self proclaimed smut slut Bones, Clones, and Biomes enjoyed a story that basically has zero sex this much But to be honest anything would have been plain filler The one and only scene is filled with so much feeling that it s satisfying all on it s own Immensely so Did I also happen to mention the fantastic banter at the lesson the other day she wasforwardFORWARD I swear to God Beefcakevery now and then you slip in a word that makes me think you re a nineteenth century butlerYeah You like What if I slip a British accent in thereDon t you dare I ll swoon I mean it I adored this book My only uibble was the somewhat cheesy ish reunion at the very Bringing the Empire Home end but then at the same time I was hoping for one so I can t complain much If you re a fan of New Adult that has a witty heroine a broody hero a slow burn romance and incredible writing this book is simply a must read ARC courtesy of publisher via Netgalley inxchange for an honest reviewFor reviews visit Crushed is Michael St Claire and Chloe Bellamy s story Michael is broody and a little lost while Chloe is the witty chubby girl who has lived most of her life in her gorgeous sister Kristen s shadow Fat yet clever girl patiently waits for the guy of her dreams to realize that he d rather have a lifetime of laughter and conversation than a lifetime of great sex with a who doesn t appreciate him Michael is in Texas for one reason and while trying how to handle the secrets he recently discovered he and Chloe become friends He is interested in Kristen and Chloe is crushing on her sisters boyfriend Devon Friendship grows into something a little complicated and Michael and Chloe struggle with how to deal with their feelingsThese two. Lauren Layne’s latest novel about the healing power of redemption tells the story of a crush gone wickedly wrong proving that what you want isn’t always what you need   Growing up in New York Michael St Claire never xpected to spend his twenties wearing cowboy boots But that was before he learned about his real father a total stranger with a family in Cedar.

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L she puts her hand to and I don t mind one bit that I gush and get a little ridiculous over my love for verything about this gorgeous authors writing Crushed is yet another book that I can add to my love you forever and Building the Cold War ever shelf and it s only given itself as proof that I ll never be getting over my own Lauren Layne girl crushWhat s it all aboutChloe has been living under the shadow of her perfect sister for as long as she can remember The girl has it all perfect hair fabulous body and most of all the boyfriend that Chloe has wanted since the first time she met him Under no illusions that she willver be able to catch the one she loves Chloe has unhappily resigned herself to the friend zone corner But friendship and love can creep up unawares and now she has a new distraction in her life the handsome but annoying Michael St Clair But secrets and heartbreak are just around the corner and Chloe and Michael have to get over what s holding them back and realise that love can appear when you least Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) expect Crushed is a fabulous tale of unreuited hilariously perfect loveWhat did I loveI ve asked myself a slightly ridiculous uestion here as I loved just aboutverything but just so I can put some reviewing thoughts together I ll answer Without uestion I cherished Counter-Amores every little thing about this contemporary novel The whole kit and caboodle screamed love me Lisa and I can admit that I was thoroughly lost in the book and the story of Chloe and Michael Crushed had all thelements that I love about reading romance bundled into one book You want the ugly duckling theme this book has got it You love a friends to lovers story it s here You can never resist a perfect happy Dancing at Armageddon ending then you will be than gratified Yet again in perfect Lauren Layne style this author has wow d me with her gorgeous story telling and provided the perfect book toscape with what can a romance addict ask for You won t find a sweeter romance story in my opinion and predictably so I was sold lock stock and barrel by this heart sueeze of a novel Final thoughts There was zero I can tell you about this book that I didn t love adore and want to gush about with my book friends I ve read all there is to read from this author so far and I can guarantee I won t be missing any future releases from my favourite Crushed is a hilariously wonderful tale of finding love when you least Double Jeopardy expected it and it whole heartedly deserves to be loved and read by all romance fans A huge five star read for me bring on the next release Enjoy Kisses ARC generously provided by Random House publishing via netgalley inxchange for an honest review 45 STARSARC Provided by Random House Publishing Group Loveswept via Netgalley in Exchange for an Honest ReviewBR with Dee and Mel I don t think it s about who loves you first It s about who loves you best And that s me I love you best More than I love anyone More than you ve Composition and Literature ever been loved Chloe I m a really huge fan of Lauren Layne s works I ve read just about all her books and am lucky in that I usually get approved on Netgalley for her ARCs Sometimes her stories can be just okay but when she gets it right she knocks it out of the park Well she s definitely done that with CRUSHEDUsually I fall in love with the main male character in the story and while that did happen here with Michael I was also HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE with Chloe She was just so unexpected I never thought that Michael would fall for a woman like her I mean he was madly in love with Olivia and she was walking perfection Chloe was a REAL woman with curves and crazy curly out of control hair AND this girl had the most FABULOUS sense of humorver I lost count on how many times I laughed out loud reading this one When I read the first book in this series titled Isn t She Lovely I thought that was Ms Layne s masterpiece but this one definitely rivals itMichael moves to Dallas after having his world turned upside down when he finds out the man he has called Father his Cezanne and Provence entire life actually is not his biological father His mother had an affair with a man who currently lives in Texas and has a wife and son Michaelnds up working as a tennis instructor and personal trainer at the country club that his real father is a member of He comes up with a plan to get close to the Bellamy sisters who have close relationships with his half brother DevonHe sets his sights on the pretty sister Kristin but soon meets the delightful brother DevonHe sets his sights on the pretty sister Kristin but soon meets the delightful slightly chubby Chloe He uickly deduces that Chloe has a major crush on Devon who happens to be dating her sister Michael offers to help Chloe get her man During their time spent together both start to realize they are developing feelings for Dark Voices each other I really loved that Michael was attracted to Chloe with all her curves and wild hair When she starts losing weight and tries to change her hair to look like her sister s Michael is the first to declare that he prefers her normal look and that she shouldn t change a thingxcept for maybe her wardrobe Since she was always wearing really bulky clothes in order to hide her bodyI was going insane just waiting for these two to get together Michael was the stubborn one who kept pushing Chloe away He believed that she was crazy in love with Devon and that he was just her second choice He was already in a situation like that and it didn t Contested Reproduction end well for him so Michael is than a bit gun shy of putting himself out there againEventually and I mean you have to wait until you get almost 75% through the story they finally give in to their physical attraction toach other and I d give the scene a PG 13 rating The author normally doesn t get too descriptive with her sexy time scenes but I think it had just Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) enough spiceMy only issue was with Michael being so stubborn and sometimes stupid towards thend of the story I wish that he had realized sooner that Chloe was worth the risk But I guess that s the angst part of the story that we usually need in a good romanceI loved how it all comes we usually need in a good romanceI loved how it all comes in the Creating Country Music end It had to in order for Michael to truly heal from his past I kind of wish thepilogue gave us a deeper look into Chloe and Michael s future but it was still a sweet nding. Devon and Kristin Chloe agrees to a deal that seems too good to be true Before long Chloe finally gets her man only to make a startling discovery She no longer wants the guy she had to fight for she wants the one who stood by her side   After all he and Chloe have been through Michael swears he’s damaged goods Can Chloe convince him that love is worth the ris. Crushed author Lauren Layne
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