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Had a love that was deep and meaningful but when pride and unsaid words are left in the air two hearts are left hurt and broken Call it fate or whatever when Palmer and Brady are eunited can they finally get it ight this second time around Will they finally utter those unspoken words that needed to be said In my opinion Unspoken by Brenda Rothert is one of the best books that she has written so far This book was emotional heartfelt aw and captivating It truly showcases the power of love sacrifices family friendship life death forgiveness and second chances This was no ordinary love story because it was not only a love Story Between Two Lovers But between two lovers but a story of family and how precious life is One of the greatest gift in life is to experience love whether it be between two lovers friends or family members The beauty of love is that it heals and forgives In this case Palmer and Brady s love is a testament that love must be fought Love must be spoken In love pride must be left at the door And in this case it is so true when they say when you love someone you have to let them go and if they come back to you then you know its true love Well in this case time and distance proved that Palmer and Brady s love could survive the odds Unspoken will steal your heart It will tug and pull on all the heartstrings The emotions are aw The writing and storytelling will capture your attention And this book will leave you a beautiful mess Though this book dealt with an aspect that I could elate to and left me in tears the pain and experience was worth it This book was cleansing in some way because it eminds us all that love is worth the sacrifice And I highly ecommend you to go ead this book and have tissues on standby Brenda Rothert 1 STAR I m going to leave this here It sums up the story perfectlyYou know how people can t seem to look away when there s an accident down the oad They don t want to look but can t help themselves and watch anywayI didn t know I was one of those peopleLet me just tell you about one watch anywayI didn t know I was one of those peopleLet me just tell you about one in this book One scene that made me face palm in the metro looking like a crazy person Oh below are spoilers Not that it matters in this story anyway So the heroine s mother is dying from cancer home cared by her daughter Heroine and her. Woman break him againPalmer is barely holding it together when she and Brady are unexpectedly paired on a project after a year apart The pull between them is stronger than ever but the fallout from their econnection leaves them both wondering if maybe some things are better left unsaid. Romance I just couldn t get into it Brady was a HUGE ASS He over eacted to everything Palmer asks to postpone their wedding a while because she just got word her mom is dying and he blew up and broke up with her then accused her of cheating Selfish asshole move My DNF point was AFTER THEY GET TOGETHER ON A PROJECT THEY HAVE they get together on a project they have He then tells her that is the ONE YEAR they were apart he fucked 12 other women Ummmm no Then she just falls into his lap again He basically treated her like another whore he had banged I m just gonna uit and be done He can t be edeemed ARC provided by author in exchange of honest eview 5 Beautiful Unspoken Stars Unspoken by Brenda Rothert can be summed up as breathtakingly emotional and beautiful This book captured my heart and had me tearing up It endered me speechless on how personal and close to home this book hit leaving me a beautiful mess Ms Rothert will take her eaders on an emotional journey that circles on life lovesacrifices friendship family and second chances This was a journey that everyone should experience The aw emotional connection of the hero and heroine was a bond that survived all odds and separation In times of unspoken words sometimes the bonds of love doesn t need to be said It is felt And so Ms Rothert will make you feel as two lovers chronicle their love as they fight and claw their way to get it ight the second time around Unspoken WordsThose unspoken words can be the hardest words To Say Because There Is A Reason say because there is a eason they are unspoken Sometimes the words we leave unspoken are the most important ones that should have been said especially when it comes to LOVE It seems broken hearts are often caused by the words left unspoken And so begins the coulda woulda and shoulda So when true love and fate is on the line can those unspoken words be finally said Or will they continued to be left unspoken Second Chances is one of the greatest gifts in life It allows us to start over and get it ight the second time around This gift allows us to say the I love you s and I m sorry s So when two lovers are separated because of unspoken words will they finally get their second chance to get it ight For Brady and Palmer the coulda woulda shoulda comes into play There was no doubt that these two people. Anything but beautiful – it’s slowly pulling her underBrady a contractor is swiftly building his business into an empire Work is a faithful companion that never lets him down like Palmer did When he sees women now it’s on his terms And his terms are simple just sex He won’t let 45 star eview coming soonUnspoken by Brenda Rothert a portion of elease week sales benefit Keith Milano Memorial Fund isupportmentalhealthawarenesshttptco4tAi58V14GExclusive Bonus Scene for Unspoken by Brenda Rothert signedpaperbackgiveaway I eceived an ARC via the author in exchange for an honest eview #Thank you Before I go into my actual eview while eading this book I came across two #you Before I go into my actual eview while eading this book I came across two uotes that held a lot of meaning to me and that I felt eally embodied the title and essence of the book Unspoken I ve always believed that if you are precise in your thoughts it s not the lines you say that are important it s what exists between the lines What I m compelled by most is that transparency of thought what is left unspoken Vera Farmiga Lack of communication has a way of clipping our wings which keeps us from flying When things are left unspoken we forget that everyone is destined to share the sky together Shannon L AlderI m sure these uotes are pretty self explanatory and that many of you can catch my drift of what I m entailing but for those of you Who Do End Up do end up to pick up and ead Unspoken think closely to what you personally feel what the story signifies to you It might just change your outlook on things That said Unspoken told the tale of love family sacrifice and second chancesFrom estranged lovers to co working on a business project together we journey With Palmer And Brady Palmer and Brady they learn how to forgive forget and move on towards their future whether it is separately or togetherTheir ekindling is not an easy as their eality is faced with a lot of tough lessons misunderstandings hurt feelings and learning to e trust in one another Not to mention lots and lots of lost time and make up sex to make up for wink winkAuthor Brenda Rothert writes with astounding beauty and conviction so much so that the eader will feel the pain the loss the triumphs and beauty that both Palmer and Brady esonate and their ever existing pull that neither could sever no matter how hard they try to deny or ignore itAn absolutely breathtaking spin on highlighting the defining moments of life and to take what you are given not for granted GREAT JOB BRENDA DNF at 55% Some spoilers ahead I was hoping this was going to be a good second chance. Palmer Sinclair was on the edge of happily ever after when she broke off her engagement to Brady Grant The end of their elationship marked the beginning of a painful solitary journey for her Though she makes places beautiful with her work as an interior designer the est of her life is.