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Time Romance MoreOfficial Review Coffee Time Romance More Ms Ireland you have done it once again Just as I had done with Stripped Down I devoured this tear jerker of a story It was such an motional up and down roller coaster for Justin and Grace I didn t know where it would turn next I rooted for both to find the way out of their situations and into the arms of the person that could heal them mentally and Her First Mother (Conveniently Wed, emotionally And they did albeit under heart stopping circumstances But in thend I was happy with the way it turned out and applauded the couple that fought their own ways out of their personal darkness and into the light Welcome Home, Cowboy (Wed In The West, each other Grace was an awesome character She was sarcastic tough independent sweet and sassy She had her uphill battlesspecially where Justin was concerned But in the nd she was willing to take the risks to live and love Justin the drool worthy hottie that he was was so gentle and so persistent to show Grace who he currently is and not the violent angry man he once was who was given a second chance to correct his life I love Justin s character and how he changed throughout the book Although the dance scene at the beginning was sizzling hot lol So would I recommend this book to others Hell yeah The whole series is phenomenal and I m anxiously awaiting Levi s story 5 STARS There was only one thing to do Starting now he was going to seduce Grace Not seduce her with suggestive dances or passionate kisses that would allow her to claim she d only been caught up in the moment No he was going to offer small things little words of kindness gestures of comfort whatever it took to get her to realize that he was a better man realize that he was a better man he d shown himself to be and that he hadn t meant what he d saidJustin Maxwell is working his last regular night as a stripper at Beaux Hommes He has just obtained his PhD in psychology When he scans the crowd he is shocked to see Grace Cooper a student he s known for three years through the psychology classes he d TAed Now freed from the confines of thei. Eeks so why not allow herself one mind meltingly hot night with Justin But no pleasure comes without cost And indulging in their insatiable desire for ach other could cost both of them their future.

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F the book where he kept pushing and she kept saying no and I really just wanted Justin to walk away and let Grace come back to him on her own Additionally Justin goes from accusing Grace of ruining His Life Because Of The Fact They life because of the fact they be working together to making out with her whilst they re on the clock at work Seriously 2 Justin and Grace s angsty backstories I wanted to feel for them both I really did given what they had been through but to be honest I just grew tired of hearing about Graceher Mum3 The rush through to I love yous and marriage proposals I get that JustinGrace knew ach other for a couple of year prior to getting together but only in a professional TAstudent capacity but then all of a sudden when they sleep together they have this instant love connection and that s that I didn t buy it4 The move away from the focus of the stripper world Apart from the Meet cute at the beginning we don t nd up seeing Justin in his old job which was what first drew me to this series Can t really decide what to star rate this one I read it for my Adult Popular Literature class and while I didn t hate it it s not one I would go back to again and again Likely because Harleuin books aren t made to live up to re reads Regardless I njoyed the forbidden romance trope and I loved Justin s family and how Grace interacted with them It felt a bit rushed at the nd but again that s probably a
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of the category romance and the length than anything All in all not terrible but not something I d recommend Loved it I can t wait for Levi s turn in book 3 Laying out a life plan and following it to the letter is what brings Justin and Grace to this intersection For a short moment in time they burn hot and hard yet the flames are doused just as uickly Seeing if they can find a way back without destroying ach other s dreams is what holds you captive to their story There is so much feeling and honesty to these characters you cannot help but want verything to go right for themLototyReviewer for Coffee. Ars but as his student she'd been off limits Now Justin has only one goal sweet irresistible seduction Grace is through skirting around her fierce attraction to Justin She's leaving Seattle in two
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