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Anything for BillyDamn Billy is one frustrating son of bitch his Own Worst Enemy And Still worst enemy and still in the kindest and highest regards by those close to him After everything The book was wonderfully written like all McMurtrys western yarns but dern It ll either make you or break you Enjoy it You ll never read it for the first time again I expected a interesting read from the author of Lonesome Dove It s not a typical western and it Autumn Brides paints an oddicture of the life of Billy the Kid Sure I m in a wild west hase It Billy the Kid Sure I m in a wild west hase It easing my slow withdrawal from my own desert life as a wilderness guideAnything For Billy is good literature Read it flying through the air over the sagey deserts east of Phoenix Look down between The Beauty of Believing pages and think about what it was like to bump along over the gullys of New Mexico on a sweaty horse swatting flys No 5 dollar snack boxes just the occasional stringy jackrabbit or feathers in your teeth Prairie Chicken and they were ecstatic for it Joy joy Think about what ascetics these range riders were giving up everything else just to wake up in a wildlace under the moon or sun with the imminence of weather and animal McMurty understands the difference between what we like about the legends of these adventurers and what they loved about their own wild livesOh can I have that wonder again Anything For Billy is a fictional account of the final months in the life of Billy The Kid ie it is not true historical fiction but then it never claims to be The story is told by a well to do Philadelphian Benjamin Sippy in very short chapters a la James Patterson Sippy after becoming obsessed with. The first time I saw Billy he came walking out of a cloudWelcome to the wild hot blooded adventures of Billy the Kid the American West's most legendary outlaw Larry McMurtry takes us on a hell for leather journey with Billy and. .

Wild West dime novels becomes the very successful author of such books and one day bored with his life and wife heads out West meets up with The Kid and begins traveling with him So begins our story and at least initially has the otential to be A Good One Unfortunately The Book Falls Flat With A good one Unfortunately the book falls flat with a about 100 or so ages inThe set up to this story is an engaging one Sippy the Greenhorn joining up with one of the West s most infamous outlaws with our narrator learning the ropes of being a true cowboy And through Sippy the reader meets up with a fascinating cast of characters all intertwined through ancestry revenge and romance There are also some laugh out loud moments including Sippy s 10 day stagecoach journey and his comedic attempts at robbing trainsBut then once this stage is set the story line falters at least for this reader badly Sippy s city mouse wide eyed erspective of the Wild West becomes repetitive Billy s brash behavior at first unpredictable uickly becomes just the opposite The impending confrontations once they finally do occur are anti climactic It almost seemed as if the author was deliberately taking the wild out of the Wild West The violence and gun lay is here but none of the adrenalineAnything For of the Wild West The violence and gun lay is here but none of the adrenalineAnything For has an interesting Christianity premise with interesting characters that loses its way in the telling Ah not so good in my mind Lots of action explained with dialogue I hate that The cover alone is sick Ill as fuck I am the 15 book reviewer Billy the Kid is brought to life here and all legit fans of Billy the Kid will enjoy this account a wandering boy one step His friends as they ride drink love fight shoot and escape their way into the shining memories of Western myth Surrounded by a splendid cast of characters that only Larry McMurtry could create Billy charges headlong toward his