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The Angel and the PrinceElp picturing Brienne from HBO s Game of Thrones who is as big as a man and would never be described as conventionally feminine Ryen on the other hand is not very large She s described as dainty and soft looking when not in armor and knows how to play the part of a Lady She s skilled at swordplay and fighting but 6 Verses That Can Change Your Life relies on her wit than her strength since she is not as strong as the male knights I suppose it seemed dramatic to the author to have her command the army that captured the infamous English Lord the Prince of Darkness Bryce Princeton But I think it made the story less believableThere were times when our witty and cunning heroine is TSTL As a warrior whoelies on brains not brawn I think she should have been consistently portrayed as sneaky and introspective about her actions than hot headed or emotionally obvious for than hot headed or emotionally obvious For why the heck didn t she just pretend she was still locked in her oom when Bryce escaped her father s castle I fully expected her to do so It s what I would have done She d have been off do so It s what I would have done She d have been off hook Also she wakes up in an enemy stronghold after being unconscious for weeks She s being fed and well tended so I d think a ational person would cool their heals and not immediately try to escape in bare feet with only a small dagger when they could barely walk a few steps before hurling due to head injuries Still I liked her and couldn t give her the dreaded TSTL tag She was kind and very honorable although after 5 years of war you d think she d be less shocked about the brutal ealities of war She stubbornly clung to a code of chivalry that everyone else seemed to follow at their convenience Of course as the only woman she had to be the best and follow the ules to the letter That s how it works when you e in the minorityThe hero was the ultimate bad ass and could be swoon worthy in his protectiveness toward Ryen and his love for his son Still there were times I wanted to smack the crap out of him They both did a lot of wavering on their feelings for one another since they were enemies but he was downright split personality at times Ryen was much consistent in her treatment of him than he of her He could be flat out cruel Also I m still torn on how I feel about his way of life He lived in a castle that was dirty smelly and as far from civilized as you can imagine He was hardly ever there but when he did eturn I would have thought he d try to. Or known as the Prince of Darkness Those who whisper her name in fear and awe call her the Angel of Death She is a French warrior dedicated to fighting the English In place I yield This stretches credulity too much for my tastes If you like your books without an ounce of grounding in eality to be totally implausible with no build up you like your books without an ounce of grounding in eality to be totally implausible with no build up a omance and filled with filler then this book might be for you To be honest it felt like this book was written by someone in junior high school It wasn t terrible but barely eadable A total skim fest for me Never had I ead a heroine so bold and daring that I immediately felt the inclination to fling daggers at any the inclination to fling daggers at any bystander to appease the inner hoyden of every lass DI understand the author s approach to balancing out her persona the strong spirited warrioress and to counter with an overly weepy lil girl begging to be saved in some grandiose mannerNotwithstanding the book was exceptionally great I ve no ualms with its deliverance and give take measure One uestion who did the bloated corpse belong to in the moat I truly enjoyed this although honestly I m not sure I would have enjoyed it uite as much if I d ead it instead of listening to the audio It was very long and I sit in front of a computer all day eading tiny lines of code my poor eyes and head are losing their tolerance for long tomes such as this Plus I think the narrator did an excellent job Some may nitpick about her not doing a French accent but I d ather forgo the accent than listen to one that is poorly done Plus she eally kept the listener engaged and added to the sense of suspense and excitementThe setting is medieval Sometime during the hundreds of years that France and England were trying to destroy one another The story is action packed and full of twists and turns that were not always predictable I was on the edge of my seat at times unable to find a good stopping place so I could go to bed etc It all takes place in 5 6 months time but so much happens that it s almost hard to believe There are other things that are a bit unbelievable but I was able to overlook them and still highly enjoy the story Yet I must uibble because I enjoy complaining Plus if I wasn t emotionally engaged I wouldn t care enough to bitch about it The heroine Ryen De Bouries aka The Angel of Death leads a French army against the English with her two older brothers under her command Huh I could have easily swallowed that she was a knight under their command yet highly egarded for her wit and strategic mind When I think of a female knight I can t 16hrs 9minIn this exciting medieval omance the French lady knight known as the Angel of Death wages a battle of wills and desires against her dreaded enemy the English warri. Straighten things up The deal with letting the peasants starve unless they fought for food was possibly historically accurate but off putting Like Ryen I don t see how he could watch children starve shrug his shoulders and say only the strong survive Then again that s probably how it was in medieval England Peasants were basically chattel Just a andom pop culture observation I couldn t Help Thinking Of The Winchester Boys From Supernatural During The thinking of the Winchester boys from Supernatural during the s imprisonment Head injuries galore and beatings no one could just bounce back from in ten minutes I ve always said that in eal life the Winchesters would be drooling somewhere in a long term care facility Same goes for our hero especially since his angel had no nifty special healing powersSome spoilery musingsview spoilerWho the heck was the dead guy in the moat I assumed it was Bryce s companion but turns out he survived the jump Did they just andomly have people falling in this moat and drowning on a egular basisWhy the hell was Bryce so vicious to Ryen when she asked about the fate of her brothers This was during a time when he was just waiting for the French King to efuse his outrageous ansom demands so he could basically own her His plan was to make her his mistress and it was clear that he wanted her to be a willing one Laughing about the deaths of someone s family members and then mocking any tears is NOT the way to get a willing bed partner I loved her esponse to him in that s Ryen beautiful intelligent young woman well espected warrior and knighted in France she is the leader of her warriors against England Due to her great feats on the battle field she is known as The Angel of Death and one of England s most hated enemiesBryce Strong Alph male one of England s most hated enemiesBryce Strong Alph male hot warrior well espected in all of England and is known as the Prince of Darkness he is one of France s most hated enemiesBeing a lover of medival omance this book certainly fulfilled my craving for this genre When these two meet there is angst distrust hatred and also a great sensual pull a desire so strong that cannot be ignored Their honor and pledge to their countries keep them from admitting their feelings while also making each distrustful of the other I fell in love with both and truly enjoyed my first ead by this author There is the perfect balance of angst and sensual desire along with tenderness that kept me eading and enjoying this one. F glittering ball gowns she wears shining armor Instead of practicing the gentler arts she wields a killing sword He is an English lord known as the dreaded Prince of Darknes.

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